Chapter 519 – The Feelings of Huang’er

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Chapter 519: The Feelings of Huang’er

Afterward, elders Feng and Yun led Jian Chen down to the villas of the Huang family without any obstructions. There were many people who recognized the two elders on the way and bowed in respect to them. Clearly, the two of them held quite high positions in the Huang family.

The villas of the Huang family were quite large. The three of them walked side by side with a smile on their faces as well. This sight caused everyone who saw the youth to be quite curious, and they began to guess at Jian Chen’s identity.

After walking with the two elders through a villa, the three of them finally reached their destination where a two-story pavilion could be seen.

“Fourth master, this is the chamber of our young miss. She has stipulated that should the fourth master arrive, walking in directly would be fine.” Elder Feng gave a meaningful stare and smile while elder Yun stood on the other side with a similar expression.

Jian Chen stared at the pavilion in front of him without paying attention to the expressions on both elders faces. After a slight moment of hesitation, he finally stepped toward the door. Pushing it open, Jian Chen then walked into the building.

The first floor of the pavilion was a very expansive lounge. Despite it being spotlessly clean, it was vacant and devoid of any single person, but at the end of the lounge was a wooden staircase that led to the second floor.

Hesitating again, Jian Chen slowly stepped toward the staircase and up to the second floor. Upon his arrival, a sweet-smelling scent wafted into his nose. Breathing in, he suddenly felt like he was intoxicated and had his mind stripped away from him. This was a scent that would make you indulge yourself without restraint.

Jian Chen took in a deep breath of the fragrant air, and after taking it in, he couldn’t help but sigh, “What an enchanting scent!”

Jian Chen had not spoken out loud, but in this quiet pavilion, it may as well be a clap of thunder that no one would be able to ignore.

Jian Chen studied his environment only to find that this room had been decorated with comfort in mind. The interior wasn’t grand in appearance, but there were several things that a woman would own and plenty of beautiful decorations in the room. It was enough for anyone that had come here for the first time to be able to make an accurate guess that the owner of this room was a female.

In the center of the room, there was a neat and tidy bed. This bed was quite small and was only capable of holding one person on it to sleep on. On the yellow bed was a yellow blanket that had been folded several times with all sorts of marks left behind. It was clear to see that this bed had not been touched for some time.

To the side of the bed was a single window. At this moment, there was a woman whose back quietly faced Jian Chen as she stared out the window. As if spellbound, this woman stared at the scenery outside the window. She wore a black dress with her black hair drooped down. This combination of clothes and appearance had harmonized with each other perfectly, inducing a feeling of grace. Although her face could not be seen, her beautiful stature was more than enough for anyone to guess that the face of the owner would be beautiful as well.

Jian Chen’s eyes fixed themselves onto the back of this woman. Although he wasn’t able to see her face, the figure was quite familiar to him, and his mind had already seemed to have made a verdict on who this woman was — it was Huang Luan, who he hadn’t seen in a very long time.

Staring quietly at Huang Luan’s back, Jian Chen’s lips couldn’t help but curl into a smile. That was because he had suddenly thought about the first time he and Huang Luan had met.

“Miss Huang Luan, it has been a long time since we last saw each other. Compared to then, you have more grace now it seems.” Jian Chen spoke with a smile still on his face.

Hearing this, Huang Luan’s black dress wearing figure began to tremble. Her teeth began to nibble at her lower lip in hesitation before seemingly coming to a conclusion. Finally, she turned around slowly. She looked to Jian Chen’s handsome face with a complex look of happiness.

It had been more than half a year since they had last met, and Huang Luan’s beauty had indeed grown since then. Her beauty now was still capable of befalling a kingdom and left no room for argument. Even the fish and the birds would be captivated by her, and the moon would hide itself behind the clouds in shame.

Huang Luan’s limpid autumn eyes stared at Jian Chen as if lost in thought. Her mouth slowly opened as she asked, “Should I be calling you Jian Chen or Changyang Xiangtian?”

Smiling confidently, Jian Chen replied, “Just call me Jian Chen. I rather like that name. The name ‘Changyang Xiangtian’ is something only my family uses. Besides my family, I am Jian Chen!”

Huang Luan took several light steps toward Jian Chen at her leisure. At an extremely close range, her eyes were still full of complexity. Even now, in her mind, Huang Luan was unable to even think back to when she and Jian Chen had first met or when they had met again in the empty space during the Gathering of the Mercenaries.

This was the very first time Jian Chen had ever seen Huang Luan have such a look in her eyes. Sensing that something was off, he gave an awkward smile, “Miss Huang Luan, are you alright!?”

As soon as Jian Chen had finished speaking, Huang Luan had abruptly spread open her arms to hug Jian Chen. Her entire body stuck close to him. Her slender but exceptionally powerful arms had already pulled Jian Chen close to her.

This sudden development had startled Jian Chen so much that he became mute with shock. For a half-moment, Jian Chen hadn’t responded to her. As far as he knew, even though he and Huang Luan had gone through a period of trouble together, the relationship between the two had never reached such a close and intimate level like this.

When Jian Chen had finally recollected himself, he could feel the lovely but tightly-clenched arms of Huang Luan still wrapped around his body. His thoughts had instantly descended into chaos — with Huang Luan suddenly hugging him like this, the mentally unprepared Jian Chen was at a loss for what to do or what would happen next.

“Miss Huang Luan… th-this…” Jian Chen swallowed. Even though he wanted to say something, he suddenly found himself unable to say anything. It was the two soft but firm sensations he felt pressed against his chest that made Jian Chen’s heart beat with an unprecedented level of violetness.

“Jian Chen, I wanted to hug you, so let me hug you for a while, okay?” Huang Luan’s voice could be heard right next to his ears. Like the soft hum of a mosquito, her sweet-sounding voice gently blew by Jian Chen’s ear, allowing him to feel his ear go both numb and ticklish.

Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath in an attempt to forcibly calm down. Gathering his thoughts, he finally managed to ask, “Miss Huang Luan. Just… what is the meaning of this?”

This time, there was no response from Huang Luan, who instead chose to continue hugging Jian Chen tightly. Her entire body seemed as if it was stuck to him; her head was next to Jian Chen’s shoulder, and both of her eyes were closed shut. Her entire state of mind had descended into a wondrous sensation she had never experienced before. Quietly enjoying this sensation of the mind and soul, her mind was filled with joy.

Right now, in her mind, Huang Luan was replaying the scene from when she had first met Jian Chen.

She remembered, that time the two of them had once shared…

“You scoundrel, to think that you would peek at me taking a bath, I will definitely kill you!”

“Hold on, miss! This was just a misunderstanding, I had no intentions of peeking on the miss taking a bath…”


She remembered, that time in the empty space during the Gathering of the Mercenaries…

“Bastard, if you’re a man, don’t even think about running away…”

“I don’t wish to stand around to be your live shooting target, I’m not that foolish…”


She remembered, that time when they fought against Shi Xiangran…

“Scoundrel! If you help me deal with them, I’ll write off our differences!”


She remembered, that time when Jian Chen had been crushed by Shi Xiangran’s Seal of Treasure Mountain.

“You scoundrel, how could you be this stupid? I told you to run, but you stood there like an idiot. An idiot’s death! That’s what you deserve…”


She remembered, that time when they were about to go on their own separate ways…

“Did you not want to know my name?”

“You never told me, how would I know it?”

“Did it not occur to you to ask?”

Even now, she could clearly remember these memories. Her own heart felt as if she had lost something when she had first parted from Jian Chen. At the same time, she had felt happy when Jian Chen had been with her.

At that time, Huang Luan remembered how she had first felt about this person. Truly, she hated him to the bone. She wanted nothing more than to scalp his skin, tear his muscles, drink his blood, and eat his flesh. At that time, her body had been seen by this man, a man that was both very weak and a stranger. Huang Luan had been left with a very deep impression of Jian Chen for that reason. It was only when she returned to the villa that she had brooded over her feelings and tried to forget that it had ever happened. However, the feelings she had for Jian Chen had only made her feel even more hurt.

Later, when she participated in the Gathering of the Mercenaries, she had came across Jian Chen once again in the empty space by chance. Although Jian Chen’s sudden explosion of strength had startled her, she still felt some animosity for him. This animosity had permeated her entire body down to her bones; it hadn’t been alleviated since her first meeting with him, that was why the two of them had started to fight.

However, when Shi Xiangran had attacked her, she had fallen into a predicament. At that moment, she had no other choice but to cry for help to Jian Chen for the sake of protecting her Ruler Armament. Though she didn’t believe that Jian Chen would help her from her problem, and escape was hopeless for her since there had been many experts aligned with Shi Xiangran. With no other option to choose from, she could only resign herself to feeding the dead horse some medicine.

However, despite the injuries Jian Chen had, his fighting strength had been overwhelming and far beyond her expectations. Not only did he defend himself, he was able to kill the Earth Saint Masters with Shi Xiangran and reduce the pressure on her. Then, they had even managed to escape from that predicament with the two of them uniting to defend themselves from Shi Xiangran.

After these series of events, Huang Luan’s perspective of Jian Chen had begun to change bit by bit. The two of them had no other choice but to stay with one another until the tournament had ended after they scraped together their strength to fight Shi Xiangran,.

In this period of contact with Jian Chen, Huang Luan’s understanding of him had grown deeper and deeper. Whether it was his influence, his appearance, or even his moral character, she was not too picky to find fault in any of them. He was even strong as well. His good attributes slowly had Huang Luan changing her mind about Jian Chen, and she gradually threw away the hatred she felt for him. Especially since that first awkward meeting was really just a coincidence.

Jian Chen possessed a handsome charm that could sway any woman under the heavens. Combined with confident and free nature of his, his supertalent, the amount of power he was endowed with, that made him brave, and his intelligence in the face of any enemy strike, all of these superior qualities of his gave him an unbelievable allure. He could even be said to be the shining white knight of any woman on the continent.

When she had thrown away the prejudice she felt toward Jian Chen, she discovered all of his strong points when they were traveling together. Unbeknownst to her, Jian Chen had left a deep imprint in her mind.

It was during that time that Huang Luan had felt something murky in her mind. From then to the time where she had split with Jian Chen after the Gathering of the Mercenaries, this murky sensation had gradually grown clear in her mind. When she had returned to the villa this particular feeling had grown extremely fierce. In the end, this line of thought had seized control of her thinking had begun to replay memories of when she was with Jian Chen frequently.

This feeling hadn’t been lost even after she had split ways with Jian Chen. Instead, it had been like a poison that spread through her body. It reached deeper and became even more serious to the point where she could no longer free herself from her thoughts.

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