Chapter 556: Arriving at Fengyang City

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Chapter 556: Arriving at Fengyang City

The amount of power that the small tiger cub had revealed was simply astounding. Ming Dong, Dugu Feng, and You Yue could only stare dumbfounded at the cub. Not a single one of them had expected to see a tiger, roughly the size of a small cat, contain so much power. Enough power that it was able to kill a Class 4 Magical Beast as easily as blowing off dust. A sight like this was simply too much to take in, so everyone found it rather hard to believe.

“Jian Chen! T-th-this tiger cub, why is it so strong?” Ming Dong’s eyes were glued to the corpse of the black bear as he stuttered.

Jian Chen laughed, “I’ve told you before. Don’t underestimate the little cub, its strength is far beyond what you can imagine.”

Staring at the little cub with eyes that contained a little fear, but a renewed amount of adoration. You Yue said, “How strange to see it be so strong. If I didn’t see it for myself, I would never have believed that a cub this small would be able to easily kill a Class 4 Magical Beast. Jian Chen, what’s its name, and what does it normally like to eat?”

Taking the cub from his shoulder and hugging it to his chest, Jian Chen leisurely scratched at its head. The tiger cub did not resistance Jian Chen’s actions, and instead closed its eyes bliss, quietly enjoying the sensations.

“I don’t know what its name is either. I’ve always called it the little white tiger. What’s its favorite food? Hm, it likes to eat any heavenly resources. It also likes roast meat as well.” Jian Chen chuckled. The princess seemed as if she was planning to use food to get the cub to like her.

“Heavenly resources and roasted meat, wait until we get to the city, I’ll find some there.” The princess eagerly replied. She began to anxiously await their arrival at the city.

“Ah, then. If the cub doesn’t have a name, why not give it one? Constantly calling it tiger cub or little white tiger can be tiring to hear.” You Yue stared expectantly at Jian Chen.

Jian Chen had felt that this was a rather reasonable suggestion and nodded. “Very well then, but what name shall I give it?”

You Yue was quiet for a moment, “The cub has a pair of wings on its back, that much cannot be ignored. Even with its small body, it is extremely brave like a god. Yes, we should give it a name like that.” You Yue’s eyes sparkled, “I have it! We should call him the Winged Tiger God! It’s is not only a powerful name, but it fits the tiger’s full might. If it can kill a Class 4 Magical Beast with ease, then being a tiger god would be apt.”

Jian Chen couldn’t help but feel startled at the name You Yue picked. On a whim, she had managed to guess the actual name of the race of the tiger. This was the identity of the tiger. Even if very few people knew the backstory of the Winged Tiger God, there would most likely be trouble in the case that news of one made its way to one of the hidden experts in the world.

“No-no-no, I refuse. That name isn’t good to hear, let’s change it.” Jian Chen hurriedly shot down You Yue’s suggestion. No matter what, the name the Winged Tiger God could definitely not be used. Right now, Jian Chen was doing his best to hide the identity of the tiger cub. He was afraid that if news were to reach the Gilligan clan, then things would be disastrous. Although You Yue had only given this name on a single whim, this name was no ordinary name. It determined whether a life would be saved or destroyed.

“I thought the name was pleasant to the ears, why not?” You Yue was confused about Jian Chen adamant refusal. It was only a name, there was no need to react as Jian Chen did.

“It’s not a nice name. Let me choose, we should call it Xiao Bai from now on.” Jian Chen hurriedly replied.

Unable to laugh nor cry, You Yue stared at Jian Chen, “Xiao Bai!? That name is far too simple. It doesn’t show how strong the cub is at all. It sounds even worse than mine!”

“I don’t feel that it’s a bad name. The cub has fur as white as snow and is small. Xiao Bai suits it rather well.” Jian Chen looked at the cub in his robes and asked, “From now on I’ll be calling you Xiao Bai, do you like that name?”

“Mrrowrrr~~” The cub nodded its head in excitement and stamped its short four paws against Jian Chen’s chest repeatedly as if it favored the name.

Somewhat satisfied, Jian Chen glanced at You Yue, “Look, Xiao Bai likes that name.”

The road forward was long and slow. They would often spend their time traveling without seeing anyone else, but sometimes, several groups of merchants or mercenaries crossed their path. However, Jian Chen and the group continued on their mounts without stopping. They headed to Fengyang City chatting and laughing the entire way.

Although the group was short Yun Zheng and Senior An, it did not impact them much. Jian Chen had wanted the Flame Mercenaries to leave Wake City for the Magical Beast Mountain Range, so he had the two protect them in secret. Otherwise, he would never feel at ease.

The group was currently holding onto the Human-Tier and Earth-Tier Battle Skills. Furthermore, Kai Er was still holding onto the Golden Fur Tiger King’s cub to raise with the other three.

In the past, it was because of the Golden Fur Tiger King that the Flame Mercenaries were almost wiped out. So for the past few days before his departure, Jian Chen had been vexed on whether to execute the beast or not. He had planned on it at first, but when he thought back to how the cub was like a very young child that did not know the ways of the world, especially during the time when the Flame Mercenaries were killed, he reluctantly decided to spare it.

Although some blame still had to be assigned to the greed of the group. If the group had not seeked out the cub, then they would not have incurred the wrath of its mother and fallen to such a disastrous position.

The senior figure Duo Kang had been killed because of the Golden Fur Tiger King’s cub as well. However, the Flame Mercenaries had exhausted far too much sweat and blood for it now. If he were to execute the beast, then the Flame Mercenaries efforts would have amounted to nothing. Therefore, Jian Chen gave it even more thought and decided that Kai Er would be given the cub to tame. It would also serve as compensation and proof that their efforts were not in vain.

Fengyang City was roughly one thousand five hundred kilometers away from Wake City, and with Jian Chen’s groups slow speed, it would take an entire day and a half to reach the city.

Fengyang City was a Second Class city and was consequently far more accomplished and fancy-looking than Wake City by far. As they approached, large groups of travelers could be seen on the main roads walking to and fro. As far as the eye could see, merchants and mercenaries could be seen sharing the roads.

At the gates, several soldiers could be seen standing in a line. They were there to make sure every single merchant paid an entrance toll before entry. After paying that entrance toll, entry to the city would be given without trouble. Otherwise, there would be a forceful inspection of the goods being brought in.

Slowly, Jian Chen and his group drew closer and closer to Fengyang City. Unlike Wake City, Fengyang city would rarely see Class 3 Magical Beast mounts instead of never. Some of the stronger mercenaries would even use those mounts, so not much attention was given to Jian Chen’s group.

The soldiers of Fengyang City were the type who loved to bully, but couldn’t stand to be bullied in return. Knowing that anyone who rode such beasts would not be of ordinary stature, the soldiers didn’t dare trouble them. Hence, Jian Chen’s group was easily able to enter the city without any hindrance.

Entering the city, Jian Chen looked around the place with observing eyes. In his mind, the visions of the past events that happened in this city appeared in his mind like an animation.

Two years had already passed since his last visit, but Jian Chen was still able to remember the events that happened. In the past, he had brought two Class 5 Magical Beast carcasses into the auction house, causing a stir. The greedy hearts of the families and clans caused them to try to steal the carcasses from him. It was only after a valiant effort that he was able to escape, but an Earth Saint Master had managed to chase after him and force him down a cliff.

Arriving at a rather decent inn within the city, Jian Chen had everyone book a room and tidy up their affairs. After all that was done he turned to Dugu Feng, “Dugu Feng, there is a Heavenly Phoenix Auction House within this city. Take these two Class 5 Monster Cores and auction them off. Remember not to reveal your strength. However you wish to do it is up to you.”

“Jian Chen, you’re not exactly short on money, why are you auctioning off two Class 5 Monster Cores?” Ming Dong asked in confusion. Even Dugu Feng and You Yue were rather confused by the actions of Jian Chen.

Jian Chen gave a secretive smile, “I have my reasons for what I do. Don’t ask for now, it’ll become apparent to you soon enough.”

“Very well, I know what to do!” Dugu Feng replied as he took the two monster cores from Jian Chen.

“One more thing. Don’t let the auctioneers learn of our identities. I know you are capable of this. It shouldn’t be difficult for you at all.” Jian Chen complimented.

Dugu Feng gave a nod of his head, “Understood!” With that, Dugu Feng left the inn with the monster cores.

After Dugu Feng left, Jian Chen decided not to stay in their rooms. “Let’s go eat something. Then we’ll go on a walk to see if there are any heavenly resources available.”

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