Chapter 559: Prosperous Auction (One)

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Chapter 559: Prosperous Auction (One)

Realizing that Jian Chen was prepared to pay thirty thousand purple coins to buy the piece of wood, the shopkeeper was sent into a daze. In the scope of Fengyang City, very few people could shell out such a sum for something like this; anyone who could would never use it to purchase a piece of wood that would only serve as a piece of decoration in their homes. At the very least, this piece of wood had lain within the store for many years, and had attracted the eyes of just as many people. However, when they heard the price, every single person had been intimidated by it and retreated.

Thirty thousand purple coins was not a small sum by any means. A sum like this could raise the status of an entire clan as well as their power by a tremendous amount. Using so much money to pay for a useless block of wood was of no use to those clans.

In disbelief, the shopkeeper looked at Jian Chen before asking with a quavering voice, “My lord, do you really wish to purchase this block of wood? It costs thirty thousand purple coins!” The shopkeeper was afraid that Jian Chen had heard wrong and made sure that he stressed the price again.

Taking out a purple card from his Space Ring, Jian Chen said, “Here is my payment. Take this. From now on, this block of wood is mine.”

The shopkeeper’s eyes remained glued to the Space Ring Jian Chen had used to take the purple card from in wide-open shock. “Sp-space Ring!” He cried out in shock. The light he saw Jian Chen from was completely different than before. A Space Ring was an extremely precious storage item that was far better than a Space Belt, and it was also far more rare than one. Only the strongest and most illustrious figures would have the right to wear an accessory like that. At least in Fengyang City, only a meager four people were able to wear a Space Ring. Each one of these people were extremely important and influential — the first was the lord of Fengyang City, and the other three were the lords of their own clans.

Before, the shopkeeper had only thought Jian Chen to be a young master of the city with plenty of wealth to spare. When he saw the Space Ring on Jian Chen’s finger, that thought had been thrown out the window. From this ring, the shopkeeper could guess that this was not a youth he had seen before. This youth held an identity that was far beyond what he could possibly imagine.

A Space Ring was far more reliable way to establish one’s identity than a purple card. A person who possessed a Space Ring was a person that could not be looked down on.

In a single moment, the shopkeeper’s treatment of these shoppers changed to an extremely respectful manner. Smiling wide, his face reflected the ideal shopkeeper’s face when talking to a customer.

The thirty thousand purple coins were quickly traded to the shop. Handing the card back to Jian Chen, the old man smiled, “Esteemed lord, here is your card. This piece of wood is yours now.”

Receiving the purple card emotionlessly, Jian Chen took the block of wood and stored it in his Space Ring along with the card.

“Jian Chen… you-you really bought a piece of wood for thirty thousand purple coins!?” Tie Ta stared at him in shock. His heart felt as if it was about to collapse on itself. Thirty thousand purple coins was a tremendous amount of wealth; and Jian Chen had used it to purchase a block of wood!

The materials he had for the Azulet Swords had increased by one more with the Draconix Wood in hand. Knowing that he was one step closer to the swords, Jian Chen was elated. “This piece of wood is something I desperately need; its value to me is beyond what you could imagine!” He smiled. Jian Chen hadn’t bothered to hide the fact that the Draconix Wood was beyond ordinary since it was as good as safe in his hands. There was no need to fear anyone that had their eyes on it now.

“Esteemed lord, this old man recognizes that you are a knowledgeable person and you seem to know the history behind this piece of wood. I am quite curious of its nature now, would it be possible for my lord to explain to this old man a thing or two about its uses? I would like to further my realm of knowledge.” The man inquired with a pleading tone.

Laughing, Jian Chen replied, “Shopkeeper, did you not say before that this piece of wood was retrieved from a wild zone? You already know then. What use is there to ask more?”

“That… I… I…” The shopkeeper sputtered. When he had said that the wood was from a mysterious place, it had been a fabrication he knew nothing of. It was only meant to raise the mystique and price of the wood. What he didn’t expect was that he would meet someone more knowledgeable about it than him.

With a hollow laugh, the man hurriedly changed the subject, “Esteemed lord, there are still many more excellent sculptures within our Thousand Hand Workshop. Why not take a walk around and peruse them? Perhaps my lord will find something of interest.”

Humming, Jian Chen began to communicate with the azure and violet Sword Spirits. “Ziying, Qingsuo, is there anything else of value here?”

“Master, only the Draconix Wood is of value. Neither of us thought that the Tian Yuan Continent would have it. Could they have brought it here?” Ziying thought.

Now knowing that the Draconix Wood was the only valuable object here, Jian Chen couldn’t help but feel disappointed. Losing all motivation to stay here any longer, Jian Chen and the others left the store; much to the disappointment of the shopkeeper.

“Jian Chen, I am fully aware that you wouldn’t buy such an expensive piece of wood without reason. Just what in the world is different about this piece? I can’t wrap my head around it at all.” As soon as they left the store, Ming Dong immediately piped up with his question.

“This piece of wood is called the Draconix Wood. I don’t know its history, but it is an item with value beyond belief. To me, it is an indispensable item needed to forge a weapon.”

“What? Forge a weapon?” Ming Dong was flabbergasted. As if unclear, he asked again for clarification, “Jian Chen, what did you just say? Forge a weapon? With your strength, do you really need materials for a weapon?”

At this, You Yue and Tie Ta looked curiously at Jian Chen as well. Forging a weapon was extremely rare on the Tian Yuan Continent.

“As of now, I have no way of responding to that question in earnest. Let’s not discuss this for now and continue on our stroll to see if we can find Xiao Bai any heavenly resources.”


One of the three strongest clans, the Heiming clan, sat in the southside of Fengyang City. As of that moment, the entire place was quite lively with noise.

Within the luxuriously decorated rooms, a white-faced youth could be seen lying on top of a bed. His entire forehead was drenched in sweat, and his face was contorted in pain.

A white-robed middle-aged man slowly withdrew his palm from the youth. With exhaustion, the man stared at the other middle-aged man who stood gravely nearby, “Lord Heiming, the wounds of your second son are quite severe. With my capabilities as a Radiant Saint Master, I am unable to fully cure his wounds in a single attempt. I will require several attempts.”

This grave-faced man was in fact the head of the Heiming clan.

The man nodded his head, “Esteemed master Zha Ke, please rest.”

After Zha Ke left, the man strode to the bed and grimly asked, “Jian’er, who did this to you?”

“Father, you must take revenge for me…” The youth began to recount the events that happened with even more details added to the fire like oil, so he shifted the blame completely onto Jian Chen.

Listening to his son, the head of the Heiming clan narrowed his eyes before sighing. “The Heavenly Phoenix Auction is currently selling two Class 5 Monster Cores. The auction has sent the entire city into an uproar. For now, let’s set aside this issue until this matter with the monster cores has been fully resolved. Several experts have gathered in the city as of late, you’d best keep quiet for now and avoid trouble.”

“Father, are we going to let that bastard get away with this so easily? I was humiliated in front of the eyes of many people; if our Heiming clan sits by the side and does nothing, then how will the people of Fengyang City see us? What face would we have to continue to call ourselves one of the three strongest clans of the city?” The youth sputtered in indignation.

“That’s enough. I will make the preparations, but now is not quite the time for it. Acting rashly will only create a new knot in the tree. Stay here and continue to recuperate.” With that, the man left the room.

Within a large courtyard in another part of the city, a red-skirt-wearing woman sat next to a window with a troubled expression. “Who would have known that the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House would suddenly sell two Class 5 Monster Cores at this time? What a ruckus that’ll create — what a battle it’ll cause. The Yun family doesn’t have time for this, but that only means it is a chance for my mother’s blood debt to be fulfilled.”

The woman thought back to the spectacle that happened back at the inn, “I wonder who those people were,” She muttered. “Even their personalities were out of the ordinary. They must be men from a major clan with high positions. Their clan must be very strong if they don’t fear the Heiming clan.” As she spoke, a sudden gleam appeared in her eyes without disappearing.

After a long time, the woman finally whispered another line, “Perhaps, if possible, I could borrow their strength to destroy the Yun family…”

Jian Chen and the others continued to stroll around the city a while longer before finally returning to the inn they were staying at. They had traveled to many different streets and stores today. Aside from the Draconix Wood, they had found nothing to show for their efforts. Not even a five hundred year old heavenly resource could be found in the city, let alone a thousand year old one.

that night, Jian Chen sat on his bed in a meditational position. However, he was not using the energy from the monster cores to refine into Chaotic Force. He was instead trying to understand the energy of the world. Understanding this primal energy was the road one had to follow to become a Saint Ruler. There were no shortcuts for this path. It was only with full comprehension of the utmost degree would one be able to understand the mysteries of the world.

Since the cub had no heavenly resources to digest, it did not fall into a deep sleep this night. Instead, it rolled around with a bored expression on the bed. Its sharp claws tore the blankets to shreds in its attempt to alleviate its boredom.

The cub suddenly halted playing. Both of its eyes began to shine brightly toward the window like two candles in the dark room.

Without a sound, the windows began to open before a single figure darted into the room. It landed silently on the ground.

“Mrrrr…” It let out a discontent growl. As if it had lost interest in the shadow, the tiger resumed rolling around on the bed.

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