Chapter 562: Prosperous Auction (Four)

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Chapter 562: Prosperous Auction (Four)

With this sudden new bid, the entire auction house was alarmed. Not even the smallest of peeps could be heard after the Harido clan had given their astonishingly low bid. Everyone understood just how strong the Harido clan was, so no one was willing to bid against their price.

When someone had given an offer higher than the Harido clan, it basically meant they gave no face to the Harido clan. Such an audacious person like this basically meant they did not fear the Harido clan’s strength.

The auction house had been sent onto a flutter of discussions at this new price. This new speaker didn’t announce what family or power he represented, so no one had any idea just where this person was from or what family could possibly be strong enough to act in such a manner toward the Harido clan.

Even those sitting within the other VIP booths could only stare in shock and curiosity at the one that had spoken. Within the Blue Wind Kingdom, the Harido clan were known as one of the stronger clans with only a few daring to ever go against them. Each one of them were very curious about the identity of this mysterious person who would go against the Harido clan. The greatly desired to learn the answer.

Within the booth of the Harido clan, Kaizer and the other man looked rather cross.

“Just who is this person that would dare oppose our Harido clan?” The elder asked with a growl as he sank into an unhappy mood. Originally he had been very happy to pay such a low price for a Class 5 Monster Core. What he didn’t imagine was that there would actually be someone else that would try to interfere.

Kaizer had quickly calmed back down with a careless smile. “Ankhs, don’t you worry. Buying a Class 5 Monster Core for eleven thousand purple coins would make everyone feel quite unsettled in their hearts. Perhaps these people only wish for our Harido clan to offer a bit more money?”

Hearing this, the elder known as Ankhs saw the reasoning behind it. With a hollow smile, he replied, “Right. Eleven thousand purple coins is simply a very low price for a Class 5 Monster Core. If one were to be sold within a First Class city, I’m afraid that they would go no lower than a hundred or two hundred thousand purple coins. If we were to really buy one for such a low price, then those who invested such a large sum would boil over in anger. Forget it, our clan isn’t short on money. Why don’t we sweeten the pot then?” With that, Ankhs thought for a moment before calling out an even larger price. “Fifty thousand purple coins!”

Whomever this second bidder was, Yulian had been extremely delighted to hear them increase the bid. She had been very unwilling to let the priceless Class 5 Monster Core be taken away for such an outrageous sum. The two Class 5 Monster Cores had a service fee attached to them, meaning that the more it was sold for, the more the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House would earn. Although the entrance fee for this event alone had made the auction house a wealthy sum of money, it would not fill the money pouch they had on their waists.

Yulian gave an appreciative glance at the booth where the twenty thousand purple coin bidder was. Although the price was now a mere forty thousand purple coins more than before, it was far better than a measly eleven thousand purple coins.

“The Harido clan has offered fifty thousand purple coins, is there anyone that wishes to go higher?” Yulian asked in a loud voice. Her eyes were not looking at the booth housing the Harido clan. Instead, she gave an expectant glance at the booth of the second bidder. Right now, in the entire auction house, this booth contained the only people that would dare to stand up against the Harido clan.

“Sixty thousand purple coins.” Not failing to disappoint Yulian, the booth had once again called out a price ten thousand more than the Harido clan’s offer. This price made the previously eleven thousand purple coins pale in comparison.

“Sixty thousand purple coins, is there anyone else that wishes to go even higher?” Yulian excitedly spoke as she announced the new bid to the entire room.

Right now, the eyes of everyone within the auction house had gathered upon the booth that was going into a price war with the Harido clan. Everyone was absolutely dying to see just who the room contained.

The eyebrows of Ankhs and Kaizer had furrowed together once more. As soon as they announced another price of fifty thousand, the opposing side had again announced an even higher price of sixty thousand, and the tone of the other bidder had conveyed a message that gave a bad feeling to the other two.

Growing silent for a moment, Ankhs called out another price, “Eighty thousand purple coins!”

No sooner did Ankhs finish speaking when the other booth had called out an even higher price, “A hundred thousand purple coins!”

“A hundred thousand purple coins! A hundred thousand purple coins, are there any other bids?” Yulian cried out in excitement. The previously anxious face of Yulian had become extremely delighted after hearing the price raise almost instantaneously.

Within the booth of the Harido clan, Ankhs and Kaizer’s face had grown dark.

“It seems that this matter is not as simple as we thought. There is someone that seems keen on going against our clan.” Kaizer growled.

Ankhs did not answer him and snorted before calling out another price, “One hundred and ten thousand!” This price was already going far beyond what he expected, but for a Class 5 Monster Core, it was not a loss.

“One hundred and twenty.” Came the next bid.

“One hundred and thirty.” Ankhs growled.

“One hundred and forty.” Before anyone else could even think about what was happening, Ankhs had already been outbidded.

Squeezing tighter and tighter, Ankhs’ hand gave several cracking sounds as his anger reached a boiling point. The murderous killing intent flowed unrestrained in his eyes.

“Just who is this man for him to compete against us in an unrelenting manner?” Ankhs growled.

Kaizer’s eyes had become frosty as well. “Our Harido clan is not lacking in money. If he wishes to do battle, then a battle we shall give him — one hundred and fifty!”

“One hundred and sixty…”

“One hundred and seventy…”

“One hundred and eighty…”

Soon, both bidders had engaged in a battle of prices within the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House. With each bid, the next bid upped the price by ten thousand. As wealthy as they sounded, neither side looked as if they treated money for what it was. In a flash, the insignificant sum of eleven thousand had almost transformed into a mighty sum of two hundred thousand purple coins. The heart of Yulian had nearly exploded with joy, and she could not express her appreciation for the figure even if her life depended upon it now.

As soon as two hundred thousand had been reached as the price, Kaizer could handle it no longer. With a strong voice that reverberated across the auction house, he said, “Friend, if you are affiliated with no faction or clan, why must you make things difficult for my Harido clan? This is quite the aggressive assault on us.” Kaizer’s voice appeared calm without any apparent irritation. The Harido clan wasn’t too influential in the Gesun Kingdom and did not have a good amount of knowledge on the powers there. He didn’t speak too rudely since he was afraid of angering someone he shouldn’t anger.

“In an auction house, everything goes to the highest bidder. Since when have we making life difficult for the Harido clan? We are only playing by the rules of the auction house, that’s all.” This time, the voice of a woman could be heard. She was melodious in her speech and rather pleasant to hear.

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