Chapter 566: A Full Display of Might (One)

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Chapter 566: A Full Display of Might (One)

Upon hearing that Jian Chen was the one in the eighth booth that stole the Class 5 Monster Core, Kaizer’s eyes grew even darker. With clenched teeth, he spat, “So even now you refuse to stand down from my Harido Clan. Hmph, yet another sin to add onto your unforgivable crimes.” Turning to the head of the Heiming clan, Kaizer cupped his hands together, “My apologies, but this is a matter that my Harido clan must take care of. I hope that you will turn this matter over to me. Rest assured, my Harido clan will definitely take vengeance for your clan.”

A white-robed man with an unordinary air to him walked out from the crowd with a smile, “Kaizer, this one is rather skeptical and hopes that you will provide an explanation about why you hold such a deep hatred for this person. Even if it is what happened with the auction, your hatred for such a person shouldn’t be as deep as this.”

This middle-aged man was a figure that even Ankhs and Kaizer would not offend on a whim. He was the head of the Feng family, another major party of the Blue Wind Kingdom that rivaled the Harido clan in power.

Ankhs looked to Kaizer, for only he could answer that question. Hesitating for a moment, Kaizer replied, “Master Feng, this matter involves an event from many years ago that involved the interest of my clan. Please forgive me for not finding this an appropriate place to explain my hatred.”

“What could it possibly be for you to not say it here? Kaizer, I, Ying Changkong feel quite curious on this matter as well. Just what in the world did this brother do to offend you for you to hate him to the death?” Another voice could be heard from behind as the Spirithawk Mercenaries walked out of the auction house with their captain leading the group.

Kaizer’s face darkened, but he said nothing in response.

The head of the Feng family looked to Dugu Feng with a small smile. “I believe everyone here saw you mistake this brother here for Wu Yun from two years ago. Furthermore, you even charged at him and demanded for him to hand over his battle skill. Perhaps Wu Yun has a battle skill that your Harido clan has taken a liking to?”

The words of the head of the Feng family caused Kaizer’s face to twitch. “Master Feng, without concrete evidence, please do not make random accusations.” Kaizer knew that if a Saint Master was capable of slaughtering several Great Saint Masters, then the battle skill would have to be an Earth Tier one at the very least. If news of that were to escape, then practically every single expert within the Blue Wind Kingdom would be in an uproar and fight for such a battle skill. If a faction with a Heaven Saint Master were to interfere, then the Harido clan would have to sit idly on the side.

Within the scope of the Blue Wind Kingdom, an Earth Tier Battle Skill was something that every powerful faction would deem highly important. Even the Heaven Saint Masters within the kingdom would have an Earth Tier Battle Skill as their strongest skill.

Laughing, the head of the Feng family looked to Jian Chen, “My brother, was what I said true or not?”

Jian Chen displayed a rather meaningful smile on his face as he replied, “Correct, two years ago Yan Kaizer of the Harido clan saw that I had a battle skill, and set out to kill me in order to obtain it for his own clan.”

Jian Chen’s words caused Kaizer’s face to grow even darker. It was now that he knew that this matter with the battle skill was no longer as secretive as he would like. With so many people from so many powerful factions gathered here, even he wouldn’t be able to kill them all to maintain the secret even if he wanted to.

“Little brother, I don’t know what battle skill it is that you have, but if it can make even the Harido clan drool at the mouth for it, it can’t be a low one at all.” Ying Changkong spoke with a serious expression as if concerned.

Everyone there could already imagine that such a battle skill enough for the Harido clan to covet it surely had to be a very qualitative one. Such a realization had been enough to ignite the burning greed within everyone’s heart as they began to covet it as well.

Seeing the avaricious glint in everyone’s eyes, Jian Chen gave a disdainful sneer as he wrapped his hands in front of his chest. “My battle skill is a High Earth Tier Battle Skill.”

As if a bombshell had gone off, everyone was startled to hear that it was a High Earth Tier Battle Skill. Shortly after that news was revealed, the breathing of everyone there had grown progressively more coarse as they stared at Jian Chen with drool practically leaking from their mouths. A battle skill like that would be considered as one of the strongest within the Blue Wind Kingdom.

The expression on Kaizer’s face drastically changed almost like he was filled with regret. If he had known that Jian Chen possessed a High Earth Tier Battle Skill, then he would have done his best to ensure that Jian Chen wouldn’t have been able to say a word. Now that news had made its way out, there was no way that the strongest of the kingdom would remain uninvolved.

“Kaizer, why didn’t you tell me about such an important thing earlier, you bastard! Now look what you’ve done, you leaked your own secret!” Ankhs howled furiously at Kaizer.

With the situation quickly spiraling out of his expectations, Kaizer was already filled with regret at his own impulsiveness. He shouldn’t have mentioned the battle skill at all when Wu Yun had appeared.

“How unexpected that you possess a High Earth Tier Battle Skill, brother. I would never have suspected such an event like this. In our Blue Wind Kingdom, I’m afraid less than ten of those exist.” Ying Changkong boomed with laughter. There was a bright and warm look in his eyes; a High Earth Tier Battle Skill was enough to tempt any person.

Slowly schooling his emotions, the head of the Feng family spoke with sparkling eyes, “Brother, having such a battle skill like that would be a burden to you. It would be undoubtedly dangerous to continue on in such a manner, but I have a particularly problem-free method of solving that. My Feng family has a decent relationship with the strongest sect within the Blue Wind Kingdom, the Ziji sect. Why not sell it to them? They will guarantee your wellbeing. In the case that you have the Ziji sect supporting you, then no one within the Blue Wind Kingdom would dare try to cause trouble for you. Give it some thought.”

“The master is correct. Young brother, the Ziji sect is very strong and has a Heaven Saint Master presiding over it. Within the Blue Wind Kingdom, they are most likely the strongest group. If they are behind you, then none of the other smaller factions would dare cause trouble with you. This is something that you wouldn’t even have to worry about being taken advantage of.” An elder that had been standing right next to the head of the Feng family spoke. His voice seemed meaningful and sincere as if completely worried about Jian Chen’s wellbeing.

Kaizer’s and Ankhs’ faces turned to the color of pigskin in their anger and gloom. The Ziji sect was one of the strongest factions within the kingdom, and were connected with the royal family themselves. Such a power was not one that the Harido clan could easily scale up against. Even if the Harido clan’s ancestor managed to breakthrough to become a Heaven Saint Master, they would still not be able to stand up to the Ziji sect.

Not only was the Ziji sect far more powerful and richer than the Harido clan, but the Heaven Saint Master was an established individual with plenty of power.

Everyone else had been startled to hear mention of the Ziji sect as well. Each one of them sighed as they realized that if Jian Chen were to seek asylum with the Ziji sect, then they would lose this chance of earning such a strong battle skill.

Jian Chen smiled, “I thank you for your kind intentions, but the High Earth Tier Battle Skill doesn’t require any protections. There is no need for lord Feng to worry.”

The expression on the man’s face grew taut as he replied in concern, “Young brother, you must think this through carefully. An Earth Tier Battle Skill is extremely precious. Without the Ziji sect to safeguard you, a multitude of troubles will surely come your way. Your life could very well be at stake here.” The head of the Feng family had wished that this person would allow himself to hand over the battle skill to the Ziji sect. If that were to be done, then the Ziji sect would undoubtedly see the Feng family in a better light, and this matter would help serve to bridge the gap between the two factions.

Without hesitation, Jian Chen shook his head, “This is a problem that doesn’t require your concern. Whatever small problems come my way will be dealt with by my people.”

Seeing Jian Chen decline the offer to be protected by the Ziji sect, was met with the sparkling eyes of everyone around him. Each one of them felt their hopes reignite within their hearts as they realized that this was yet another chance to take the battle skill. If they were the ones to hand over the battle skill to the powerful factions, then they would gain benefits as well as being able to copy down the battle skill for themselves first.

“Wu Yun, you killed many men from my Youlan clan two years ago. How do you plan to explain that?” The head of the Youlan clan accused. Thinking back to their previous grievances, he was prepared to fight for the battle skill.

“You’ve killed plenty of men from my Heiming clan as well as harming my dear son grievously. I will not allow my clan to stand idly by the side and watch.” The head of the Heiming clan spoke.

“There is also my Yang sect. Two years ago, my sect fell prey to your hands. Today, this debt of ours will be wiped clean with your blood.”

“There is also my Tianmu clan…”

Two factions that had been involved with Jian Chen had begun to announce their own grievances with him one after another. With everyone taking advantage of the situation to advance their own agendas, they were planning to use what had transpired two years ago in order to try and obtain the Earth Tier Battle Skill.

As for the ones who had traveled to the city from far away, they only stood by the sidelines in silence as they observed the situation unfold in front of them.

With everyone throwing their lot with the people who held grievances, Kaizer knew that there was no time to waste. Otherwise, something else might possibly happen to alter the situation once more. With no time to spare, he clutched his hammer and flew at Jian Chen with a cry, “Wu Yun, we may as well settle our debts here and now.”

The same time Kaizer had moved, Dugu Feng had moved into action as well. With a bright-red sword of fire, he moved without hesitation to slash down onto Kaizer.

Sensing the strangeness of the situation behind him, Kaizer’s face darkened as he whirled around, and used his hammer to block the incoming sword strike.

With the two Saint Weapons making contact, there was a tremendous surge of Saint Force. It rippled and destroyed the streets as the energy washed over the ground. A single strike later, Kaizer was sent flying back three steps worth of distance while Dugu Feng stood in his original position without shaking at all.

The one at a disadvantage was already clear to see. 

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