Chapter 576: Carrying the Coffin Into the City

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Chapter 576: Carrying the Coffin Into the City

Bi Yuntian knelt down by Bi Yunhai’s grave and tenderly touched the ice-cold gravestone. Droplets of tears flowed from her eyes as she revealed a sorrowful expression. In her mind, she couldn’t help but think back twenty years ago when she was with her younger sister Bi Yunhai. Everyday with her had been a day of joy and happiness. They were practically inseparable. They would play with one another, eat with one another, and never were they ever apart.

“Sister Yunhai, everything was your sister’s fault. I was unable to do anything. If I had known that you had escaped as well, I would never have allowed you to fall to such a state. Sister Yunhai, you suffered plenty those years. Even in your death your grave is a simple one. Blame your older sister for being inconsiderable.” Bi Yuntian wailed in grief.

“Mother, your daughter will soon take revenge for you. Your daughter will personally kill the beast that claimed your life. Please, mother, rest in peace.” Bi Lian knelt beside the grave and wailed alongside Bi Yuntian.

Seeing the pained look on their faces, Jian Chen felt a wave of grief in him well up from where he stood to the side, but he did not speak. Right by his side, Ming Dong, You Yue, and Tie Ta were all flabbergasted by the strange sight in front of them. Not a single one of them knew what was happening, nor did they understand the sudden a relationship between Bi Lian’s mother and Bi Yuntian.

Unable to hold her silence after a short while, You Yue finally whispered to Jian Chen, “Jian Chen, what is going on here? How did this situation happen?”

Sighing, Jian Chen explained, “Yun Lian’s mother and my mother were sisters. She no longer goes by the name Yun Lian. Now she goes by Bi Lian. By rights, she is my cousin.”

Ming Dong and You Yue’s mouth dropped wide open at this piece of information from the shock they received.

“What? The young daughter of the Yun family is your younger cousin!” You Yue exclaimed in shock.

“That’s utterly unbelievable!” Ming Dong cried out as well before looking back to Bi Lian who was crying by the grave. He never imagined that the golden daughter that had barged into their room two days ago would actually be Jian Chen’s cousin.

Jian Chen watched his mother cry in grief for a small moment longer before finally walking up to console her, “Mother, please don’t feel sad. The dead cannot come back to life, and aunty Yunhai passed away years ago.”

Wiping her tears away, Bi Yuntian gave a small sob, “Sister Yunhai, you must have felt alone resting in this place by yourself for so many years. Worry not my sister. Now that I have finally found you, there is no way I won’t bring you back to Changyang Manor. I will be with you daily. You won’t be lonely anymore.” Moving to the back of the gravestone, Bi Yuntian gently hugged the stone, and let her tears drop onto the tough earth below.

After years and years of weathering the wind, rain, and harsh sunlight, the soil had grown dry and rigid. After several attempts to dig out the soil with her tender fingers, Bi Yuntian’s fingers had chafed up and started to bleed.

However, she did not seemed to notice nor care. The pain that she felt in her fingers was incomparable to the pain she felt in her heart, so with all of her energy, she dug at the gravestone. With thoughts of bringing the grave of her sister away from here.

Such a sight hurt Jian Chen tremendously. Hurriedly grabbing hold of his mother’s arm, he pleaded with her, “Mother, don’t be like this, stop. Let your son do this, please rest for now.”

Bi Yuntian shook her head, “No. I must save my sister myself. I will take my sister Yunhai back to Changyang Manor with my own two hands.” Digging with all her might, her previously jade-like fingers were covered with both dirt and blood. The ground had become stained with her blood.

“Mother, please let your son help you.” If he could not stop her, then Jian Chen would have to follow his mother’s plan and take part himself. Moving to dig out the grave half as tall as he was, Jian Chen tried his best to alleviate his mother’s pains as much as possible.

Bi Lian quickly joined the two of them next to the grave. Together, the three dug at the grave with only their hands. “Mother, your daughter has done you wrong by letting you rest alone in this desolate wasteland for so many years. Mom, you’ll have a new home and family soon. Your daughter will follow you there. You won’t be alone anymore.”

“Allow me to help you aunty.” You Yue was moved by such a display. Holding back her tears, she knelt in front of the grave and began to use her tender, white hands to dig at the dirt.

Ming Dong displayed a complicated look on his face as he watched. Without a word, he followed You Yue’s example to kneel by the grave, and used his own fingers to dig into the dirt to excavate the tomb underneath. In the end, even Tie Ta joined their attempt.

Under the orderly movements of everyone, the grave was quickly excavated. Just two meters beneath the earth was a single dark coffin.

“Mother!” Seeing this coffin, Bi Lian’s sorrows and pains exploded all at once in the form of a single pain-filled howl. If not for Jian Chen stopping her, she would have most likely jumped down to hold the coffin.

Jian Chen’s heart was full of sorrow at the sight of this muddy coffin. Letting out a mental sigh to himself, he slowly levitated the coffin out of the ground by using the energy of the world. He carefully set it down on the open ground.

Nearing the coffin, Bi Yuntian’s bloody hands gently wiped off the dirt on the coffin as if she was carefully polishing a priceless jewel.

“Sister Yunhai, twenty years have past by so fast. Do you still recognize me? It’s me, your older sister Yuntian.” Bi Yuntian muttered. “Yunhai, come home with your sister. I’ll be by your side daily. You won’t be lonely anymore, okay?”

Bi Lian half collapsed onto the coffin with tears flowing from her eyes in an endless stream. So heavy were her tears that her eyes had already grown red from crying too much.

“Mother, Bi Lian, we should hurry the coffin back to the city. After spending so many years buried in this wasteland, I am sure aunty is fed up with this place.” Jian Chen consoled them.

This time, there was no opposition from Bi Yuntian and Bi Lian. They both agreed with Jian Chen’s suggestion. Under Jian Chen’s actions, he carried the coffin and left the area.

Holding the coffin, Jian Chen reentered Fengyang City under the eyes of countless of bystanders. They stared at him in complete flummox at this queer sight.

“Do you think that guy has an illness or something? Look at all that dirt, I bet he just dug it from the ground. Is he planning on entering the city with that? Doesn’t he know that it’s forbidden to do that?”

“He doesn’t know the rules at all I bet. Let’s watch and see if the guards stop him.”

Countless of soldiers and mercenaries pointed and jeered in Jian Chen’s direction as they ridiculed him.

With the coffin on his shoulder, Jian Chen quickly strode forward to enter the city.

One of the soldiers immediately came up to stop Jian Chen. Seeing that Jian Chen was carrying a coffin, the soldier took him to be a vagabond that couldn’t possibly have any money, and decided that there would be no need to be civil with him. With a high and mighty voice, he said, “Stop right there! Our Fengyang City has disallowed any coffin from entering the city. If you wish to enter the city…”

“Get lost!” Before he could even finish speaking, Jian Chen had already let out a loud command before kicking the soldier square in the chest to send the soldier flying.

“There’s a troublemaker! Arrest him!”

As if a nest of a hornet had been poked, a multitude of soldiers came flying out with their weapons raised. On top of the city walls, several soldiers had prepared their crossbows to fire at Jian Chen.

Jian Chen’s mood had been soured by today’s events, and with the annoying buzz of the soldiers, he felt his killing intent rise. With so many soldiers charging at him, Jian Chen’s eyes let out an icy glare before his killing intent billowed out from his body, dropping the surrounding temperature down several degrees. Anyone close to him immediately felt as if they had been plunged into icy-cold water, stopping them dead in their tracks.

On the city walls, the captain of the city guards muttered to himself, “Deary me. With the heads of the three major clans dead, our Fengyang City has lost a terrible amount of military might. Our city lord is the only Earth Saint Master left as a result from those obscenely strong youngsters back at the auction house. In age, they are younger than me, but in power, they are incomparably stronger than me. One of them is even a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master; they will become a Heaven Saint Master any day now. How inconceivable. How very inconceivable. I wonder which family they belong to.” The commander’s eyes reflected an envious look.

At the same time, the killing intent coming from Jian Chen had immediately shaken the commander from his thoughts.

Sensing the tremendous amount of killing intent, the commander turned pale with fright. Bolting up from his chair, he cried out, “What killing intent! Where is that coming from?” Before he had even finished his sentence, the commander was already running out from the building he was in.

When the commander saw the soldiers surrounding Jian Chen down below, his eyes immediately dilated and his face drained of any remaining color. In a frantic hurry, he cried out, “Stay your hand! Every soldier, stand down at once!” As he cried out, the commander thought back to the sight he had witnessed back at the Heavenly Phoenix Auction House. It had been deeply ingrained in his mind that this new group of people were not people they could offend at any costs.

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