Chapter 588: A Battle That Entrances the Entire City

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Chapter 588: A Battle That Entrances the Entire City

Above the skies of the Cloud Capital, the two Heaven Saint Masters from the Blue Wind Kingdom towered over the ground like two gods watching over the mortal realm.

And on the streets below, countless of bystanders craned their necks to look up. For these two Heaven Saint Masters, everyone could only look at them with expressions of admiration and uncontained worship.

The realms of Heaven Saint Masters was a realm that mercenaries could only look at in yearning. Talks of reaching this realm was merely just talk. Out of the millions of people in the Blue Wind Kingdom, not even ten of them were Heaven Saint Masters.

Suddenly, an azure streak of light zipped into the skies. In the blink of an eye, the light had already risen five hundred meters to near the two Heaven Saint Masters. The speed of this light had been so fast that the bystanders on the streets hadn’t even seen it clearly or where it had even come from.

“Everyone, look! Another Heaven Saint Master has appeared, do you think he’s the captain of the Flame Mercenaries?”

“He has to be. But I didn’t think that there’d be another Heaven Saint Master here.”

“What speed that captain has! I didn’t even see where it was coming from, he has to be a very powerful one!”

“Hmph, this time there’s two Heaven Saint Masters from our kingdom to greet him. No matter how strong this captain is, there’s no way he’ll be a match for two Heaven Saint Masters.”

Right now, the eyes of everyone in the city had been glued to the sight in the skies. No matter what it was they were doing, everyone could only stare at this splendid sight for them and discuss to one another furiously. No matter where one went in the city, the streets were jam-packed with people that stood transfixed.

Inside his mansion still, the lord of the Cloud Capital concentrated his eyes onto the third Heaven Saint Master. “So, the Flame Mercenaries had a Heaven Saint Master as a captain!” He muttered.

The leaders of every single faction within the city had stood entranced at the sight as well. Staring at the three ant-like objects in the sky, each and every single one of them had found a sudden desire to see what type of battle the three Heaven Saint Masters would perform for them.

Up in the skies above, Jian Chen and the two Heaven Saint Masters stood twenty meters apart from one another.

“I am the captain of the Flame Mercenaries. Was there something you wished to know?” Jian Chen sneered with narrowed eyes.

Rooted to where they were in the skies, the two Heaven Saint Masters from the Blue Wind Kingdom could only stare with rigid wide eyes at the dreadfully familiar face of Jian Chen. Already had their faces gone slightly awry–between the two sides was already a pre-existing grudge.

“The captain of the Flame Mercenaries was you?” One of the Heaven Saint Masters spoke, the expression he had before had disappeared without a trace.

Jian Chen laughed coldly, “Correct. It is this one. Since you were so adamant on calling me out, was there something you wished to tell me?” The eyes on Jian Chen’s face suddenly gained a spark of killing intent in them.

Sensing the killing intent from Jian Chen’s eyes, the two Heaven Saint Master felt their hearts tense up in vigilance. They had first seen each other in the battle with the Gesun Kingdom, and it was there that they saw this youngster kill the Heaven Saint Masters from the Qiangan and the Blue Wind Kingdom himself. In the end, only four out of the eight Heaven Saint Masters from the Blue Wind Kingdom had escaped with their lives.

Despite the tender age of this youth, these two heaven Saint Masters knew better than to belittle him for his age. There was absolutely no way possible that they could win against this man.

“This is an unfavorable situation, we’re leaving!” The two heaven Saint Masters had immediately resolved to leave the area when they sensed the killing intent from Jian Chen grew heavier and heavier. It went without a doubt that should they stay here, the skies above the Blue Wind Kingdom would become a battlefield sooner or later. And under no circumstances did either of the two wish to partake in a battle with a man who could kill Heaven Saint Master after Heaven Saint Master consecutively.

“Leaving? What makes you think that you can do that so easily?” Jian Chen laughed; he had no plans on allowing these two to leave so easily. Clenching both of his palms, two swords made of fire suddenly materialized out of thin air and shot towards the two escapees.

Detecting the abnormality behind them, the two Heaven Saint Masters thought to themselves, “It seems that a battle is unavoidable.”

The two of them had reacted quickly to the attack and so with a thought, a wave of earth and water suddenly gathered in their hands. WIthin a mere second, a dragon made of earth and water had formed between the two men.

Seeing that the two men were seemingly competing with him in a battle of elements, Jian Chen let loose a sneer on his face. “Fire is the strongest of the six elements in strength; even the light and dark elements would be unable to compare. If you wish to fight me with the elements, you will surely be the ones to eat the loss.”

The Heaven Saint Master controlling the earth dragon had not said a word and instead pushed out his hands. With that action, the earth dragon flew out with a roar to charge towards Jian Chen.

“Fire is indeed the strongest element of the six, but my water will put out your fire nonetheless!” The other Heaven Saint Master barked out. The aquatic dragon let out a roar of its own before flying towards the blades of fire to devour it.


The earthen dragon made contact with one of the flame swords with an explosive bang. In an instant, the dragon had been reduced to dust before fading away in the skies while the sword had continued onwards albeit being smaller than before. Before the impact, the sword had been five meters long, and now, it had been reduced to a single meter.

Another explosion rang out through the skies shortly afterwards as the second flame sword collided with the water dragon. In a brilliant display, the water dragon exploded apart to turn into a spherical ball of water to try and drown out the flame sword within it.


Water and fire were in nature contrasting elements. So when the two elements intertwined with one another, a sizzling sound could be heard while vapor rose up from the sphere to cover the visibility of the three combatants with the smoke. From either side of the battlefield, neither person could see the other.

The Cloud Capital had been a cacophony of sounds that erupted this way and throughout the city. But now, the city had transformed into a ghost city without a single bit of life to be seen. Not a single person had said a word as they watched the spectacle above them. Even the rooftops of the buildings had people standing on top of it, but not a single of them had dared let out a breath of air as they watched the battle.

Ming Dong, Dugu Feng and the others stood on top of the roof of the inn to look up at the battle. Not a single one of them had looked worried for Jian Chen however, they did not need to worry about any danger that might befall Jian Chen as they were all confident in his strength. Two Heaven Saint Masters weren’t nearly enough to harm him, and even if that number were to be multiplied, Jian Chen would not be harmed still.

Only Bi Lian had been nervous about Jian Chen since she did not know his full strength. She knew that her older cousin was a Heaven Saint Master as well, but the fact that he was going up against two other Heaven Saint Masters worried her greatly about Jian Chen’s life.

Just like Bi Lian, Tie Ta had worried for Jian Chen too.


A muffled explosion rippled through the airs once more as the Saint Weapon of the controller of the earth dragon smashed against the flame sword. This time, the sword had disappeared into wisps of fire before disappearing from the world itself/

At the same time, the battle between fire and water had ended as well. The steam from the struggle had grown fainter and fainter, but no sizzling sounds could be heard anymore. Finally, the three Heaven Saint Masters could see that the water dragon had disappeared without even a drop of water to be seen while the flame sword had decreased by half its size.

“What a flame!” The Heaven Saint Master had cried out. But even before he could finish his speech, the flame sword had shot straight at him with a velocity that was even faster than before.

Not daring to taking any careless risks anymore, the Heaven Saint Master took his Saint Weapon out and smashed apart the flame sword with narrowed eyes. “If sire wishes to be as aggressive as you are, then do not blame us two for being impolite! Ku Yun, let us use our battle skills together!”

Nodding grimly, Ku Yun knew that the battle today was undoubtedly a battle where they had to fight to the best of their abilities in order to survive.

And now that the two of them were on the same page, neither of the two hesitated to begin to use their battle skills. As Heaven Saint Masters, using an Earth Tier Battle Skill could be done with ease and did not need any additional time to charge up the power for it.

“Earth Tier Battle Skill–Hammer of the Earth God!”

“Earth Tier Battle Skill–Dimensional Sword Qi!”

As the two of them finished casting their battle skills, a tremendous sledgehammer ten meters long made completely from the earth element formed above Ku Yun. With a single movement of his hands, the hammer slammed downwards onto Jian Chen. By his side, the other man had exuded a tremendous fog of Sword Qi that shot forth the envelope Jian Chen within it.

From Jian Chen’s eyes did two bright lights of azure and violet form. As they gleamed and twinkled, the two lights seemed as if they were two dancing will-o’-the-wisps made from the powers of a different world.

Suddenly, all sorts of stones, bricks, tiles, and even steel had begun to levitate up into the skies. From each object that flew up, a faint glow of azure and violet could be seen radiating from it.

At the same time, the Origin energy of the azure and violet sword spirits had formed into a single sword. Wielding it in his right hand, Jian Chen had seemingly transformed into a whole different person. With a sword in his hand, the aura around him had turned as sharp as his weapon.

Following a flash of azure and violet, a series of mirror images followed Jian Chen’s figure as he streaked through the skies. Wielding the Origin energy, Jian Chen waved his sword and immediately sliced through the giant hammer as if it were made of tofu rather than earth. And so in a single stroke, the hammer had been split in two.

With the hammer destroyed, Ku Yun’s battle skill had been broken up as well meaning that the earth element that had been materialized for it had disappeared back into the world.

“N-no! That’s not possible!” Ku Yun cried out in fright and dismay–how had his Earth Tier Battle Skill be so easily defeated like this? But Jian Chen had continued to wield his Origin energy sword with blinding speed towards the man without pause. With an explosive power that was no less inferior to his Saint Force in the past, the azure and violet Origin energy had stabbed itself deeply into Ku Yun’s chest and then out from it.

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