Chapter 604: The Battle Outside the City

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Chapter 604: The Battle Outside the City

Jian Chen laughed. Without fear for his own life, he charged straight for the elder as well. With a thrust of his right arm, the Origin energy, that was surging forth, arced straight toward the elder’s chest in a brilliant gleam of light

The elder, covered by his earthen armor, was startled by Jian Chen’s course of action. He had no idea that Jian Chen would be that fast.

Up until now, the few individuals of the Shi family had figured that Jian Chen was still an Earth Saint Master. It had been outside of their expectations to learn that Jian Chen had gone from a Second Cycle Earth Saint Master to a Heaven Saint Master in such a short amount of time. The speed at which Jian Chen struck out with his sword had been far faster than what an Earth Saint Master with a wind attribute would even be capable of. Shocked by this, the elders were now reevaluating Jian Chen as an even bigger threat.

Despite the speed of his stab being outside of his expectations, the elder wearing the earthen armor had been equally fast in his reaction. In a flash, his giant sword exploded forth with a yellow light that originated from his body. The light on the sword expanded to match the amount of energy being fed to it before it finally smashed against the Origin energy Jian Chen wielded.

“Boom!” With the collision between Jian Chen’s Origin energy and the elder’s Saint Weapon, a tremendous amount of Saint Force was expelled from the clash and blanketed the earth below. With dust pervading the air from the blast, the area between Jian Chen and the elder was completely blocked by dust, making visibility almost impossible.

The other four elders from the Shi family used a thin layer of Saint Force to protect themselves from the incoming dust. They continued to intently stare through it with stunned expressions.

“Third elder, is Jian Chen truly a Second Cycle Earth Saint Master?” One elder asked in disbelief.

The third elder gave a small hum as he tried to think. “One year ago, when I fought him, he was only an Earth Saint Master, but barely a year after that time, his strength has basically toppled the heavens to make a tremendous change. What’s startling is the fact that he isn’t a cripple even after his Saint Weapon was destroyed. His strength should be extremely low and not what it is now.”

“Every man is destined for fortune after surviving a great disaster. I suppose that saying is true because of cases like this.” Another elder sighed.

Within this moment, a single person came flying straight out of the dust toward the third elder.

The elder narrowed his eyes for a moment before letting out a grim laugh, “Unharmed? It seems elder Ma didn’t even leave a single scratch on you! Jian Chen, you really did grow even stronger than before.” Surrounding his body with the wind element, the elder shot fifty meters into the sky without a second to spare.

Jian Chen’s figure flew straight into the sky as well. Aided by the wind element permeating the world, Jian Chen chased after the third elder without reprieve.

“What? He’s a Heaven Saint Master too!?” The other three elders were astonished. Not a single one of them had expected, or ever thought, that someone who had only been a Second Cycle Earth Saint Master a year ago would become a Heaven Saint Master capable of such speed now. This speed left the three Heaven Saint Masters tongue-tied.

Seeing Jian Chen fly through the air had caused no small amount of shock to the third elder as well. Stupefied, the elder couldn’t help but remark, “But how!? Just a year ago, you were merely an Earth Saint Master before you had your Saint Weapon destroyed. How did you become a Heaven Saint Master instead of becoming a cripple!?” The third elder was no longer as calm as before. His face was filled with abject disbelief, and in his heart, waves of shock surged everywhere with great power.

Unable to stop himself from sneering after seeing the look on the elder’s face, Jian Chen laughed, “Third elder, I should really pay you back for that debt from one year ago. Don’t even think that you’ll leave here alive today.” With the final word spoken, Jian Chen closed in on the third elder, and pointed his Origin energy sword straight at the throat of the other man.

The third elder was already aware of just how devastating the Origin energy was and knew better than to cross swords with it. Borrowing the speed boost his wind affinity gave him, the third elder tried his best to gain some distance. Then, with his Saint Force pulsating into his sword, the elder shouted out loud, “Earth Tier Battle Skill — Cloud Piercer!” The wind attributed Saint Force that had been around the third elder immediately condensed into a thicker wave of energy that helped propel his body toward Jian Chen. Moving at the speed of an arrow shot from a bow, the elder attempt to spear Jian Chen straight through.

Jian Chen coldly laughed once more when he saw the third elder decide to approach him instead of retreating. With the Origin energy, Jian Chen moved to stab the elder when, all of a sudden, something behind him prompted him to turn around and stab at empty space.


A crisp sound could be heard, and a single figure was levitating in what was once empty space — that figure was the third elder. The third elder that had been approaching him from the other side had been nothing more than a mirror image that disappeared as soon as Jian Chen looked at it.

“What a strange battle skill.” Jian Chen praised with some astonishment. The Cloud Piercer that the third elder had used was nothing more than a diversion. The first body had been a mirror image that moved as he pleased while his actual body used some sort of strange method to hide itself. It had been a silent and strategic course of action that allowed the elder to traverse behind Jian Chen in an attempt at a fatal strike. If not for the presence that Jian Chen had spread out, then the third elder would have most likely delivered a fatal blow.

“Pfft!” A mouthful of blood escaped from the third elder’s lips as his face paled due to the loss of blood. Glancing at his Saint Weapon, there was now a new jagged chip to its edge.

“Elder Hunyuan! Elder Hunyuan is dead! Third elder, Jian Chen has killed elder Hunyuan!” A cry came from down below where the dust was finally beginning to recede. The first Heaven Saint Master that had fought with Jian Chen could be seen on the ground. A single hole, between his eyebrows, was leaking blood.

“What! Elder Hunyuan is dead?” The third elder cried out. Turning to look down, his body grew rigid with shock when he saw the sight for himself.

Taking advantage of the elder’s period of shock, Jian Chen charged forward with the Origin energy to pierce through the elder’s eyebrows. In the blink of an eye, the distance between the two had closed to less than a meter.

Letting out a startled yelp, the elder swung his head as if his life was hanging by a thread. Despite just barely dodging the strike by a hair’s breadth, a single gash was visible on his forehead.

“Whoosh!” The second delivery of Jian Chen’s sword was just as fast as the first, and followed the elder’s movements without leaving him time to breathe.

The elder was dreadfully terrified of the Origin energy and wanted nothing more than to distance himself from it. With no other choice but to rely on his own speed, he retreated to widen the distance. Unfortunately for him, Jian Chen harbored no desire to allow him such a course of action. Encasing himself with the wind from the world, he dashed toward the third elder in order to pressure him into a situation where he couldn’t even retaliate.

“Assist the third elder!” The other three elders snapped out of their shock and immediately shot into the sky to help the elder.

“Don’t bother helping me, just use your Heaven Tier Battle Skills! Only those can hurt this bastard. Who would have thought that a single year was enough to cause such a drastic change in his power?” The elder cried out in anger. His heart had been thrown into disarray with today’s events; this was a first in his three hundred years of living. A single youth not even fifty years old was giving him a thrashing that not only affected his physical self but also his pride.

Without delay, the three Heaven Saint Masters immediately split into three separate directions and began to charge their Heaven Tier Battle Skills.

The usage of a Heaven Tier Battle Skill by three Heaven Saint Masters was more than enough to cause a tremendous influx of energy. The clouds in the sky above started to swirl around the area and the dirt on the ground was thrown about due to the fierce wind blowing around. As if an angry dragon was about to wake up, the power that was beginning to unfold here started to spread so much that even the inhabitants of Mercenary City could feel the change in weather.

“This is a Heaven Tier Battle Skill! Only those can cause such a tremendous amount of pressure; a Heaven Saint Master must be doing battle somewhere!”

“There’s people outside the city fighting! Looks like they’re about to use a Heaven Tier Battle Skill — two or three of them I’d wager. That’s something that’s extremely hard to come by, let’s go watch!”

Mercenary City was instantly in an uproar with many people running out of the city to see where the battle was taking place.

Hu Xiaotian had been sitting by himself in an inn as he enjoyed a cup of fine liquor and a platter of cooked meat. When he sensed the influx of pressure caused by a Heaven Tier Battle Skill, his eyebrows narrowed together as he thought to himself, “There was a Heaven Saint Master following Jian Chen yesterday, and Jian Chen just left the inn today. Could he be the one fighting?”

“Jian Chen participated in the Gathering of the Mercenaries as an Earth Saint Master, but that was barely four years ago. Did he perhaps become a Heaven Saint Master within those four years? No, that shouldn’t be possible, but only a Heaven Saint Master should be possible of using a Heaven Tier Battle Skill like this. It has to be someone else that’s fighting; I should take a look myself.”

Scattering several golden coins onto the table, Hu Xiaotian left the inn as well.

The sound of a young woman could suddenly be heard in the sky above Mercenary City.

“Big brother? That’s big brother! He’s fighting someone! There has to be trouble then. Should Little Spirit help big brother?”

“But… but… master told Little Spirit to not interfere in things like this. If Little Spirit interferes, won’t master scold Little Spirit when master gets back? But… but big brother has the scent of master on him. Could Little Spirit really watch big brother get hurt without doing anything?”

“Aiyah. What to do? What to do? How is big brother doing? Should Little Spirit save big brother?” Little Spirit’s voice grew even more frantic by the second. She didn’t know what to do.

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