Chapter 616: Minor Achievement with the Chaotic Body (One)

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Chapter 616: Minor Achievement with the Chaotic Body (One)

“Senior, don’t harm Xiao Bai!” Jian Chen cried out as an uncomfortable feeling appeared in his stomach.

“Jian Chen, don’t worry. We won’t hurt it.” The second elder reassured him as he looked at the tiger cub. His eyes immediately hardened with a strange light as if they were night pearls giving off light.

Even the fourth elder’s extremely serious eyes were attracted to the tiger cub.

Thumping again and again, Jian Chen’s heart was beside itself as he began to worry for the tiger cub. Despite the second elder’s guarantee not to hurt the cub, Jian Chen was still very concerned for its well-being.

“Did they perhaps figure out the true identity of the tiger cub?” Jian Chen thought to himself. He still held his doubts about what the tiger cub’s mother had said about how only Class 7 magical Beasts would be able to figure out the lineage of the Winged Tiger God. At the time, even the elder in Longevity Valley had been able to see through the tiger cub, and now in Mercenary City, there were three elders that could do the same.

“Mrrrrr…” The cub struggled as hard as it could while it floated in mid-air without success. The cub soon let out a miserable growl as it stared at the elders pleadingly.

Seeing how afraid the cub was, Jian Chen could hardly take it, but he could only watch helplessly from the side because he had no way of saving the cub.

Several moments later, the beams of light finally receded from Tian Jian’s eyes. For a while longer, he stared at the cub with sparkling eyes, but his thoughts could not be guessed.

“Grand elder, how is it? Is this tiger cub really…” The second elder asked.

Nodding his head, Tian Jian said to Jian Chen, “Jian Chen, tell the truth now. Did you really find this white tiger cub in the Magical Beast Mountain Range?”

Jian Chen hesitated for a moment before responding, “Senior, do you know the truth behind the cub’s identity?”

With still gleaming eyes, Tian Jian stared at Jian Chen almost as if he could see straight through him and into his mind. “Correct, I know of its true identity. Seeing how nervous you are, you must be aware of it too!”

Since Jian Chen didn’t say a word, Tian Jian continued to say, “Jian Chen, the Winged Tiger Gods are divine beasts even among the magical beast clans. Only one has been seen since antiquity even after the countless of years that have passed. Now that a second one has appeared, there is no doubt that this is a major event. In the foreseeable future, who knows just how many people on the continent will be flustered about the sighting of one? At that time, even the guardian clans won’t be able to stop them even if they come together all at once. You must tell me everything you know about the cub. It pertains to the entire safety of mankind on this continent.”

Jian Chen hesitated and considered his possibilities a while longer before finally deciding to reveal everything he knew about the tiger cub. As of now, the king of the Gilligan clan was after the tiger cub, and even the mother of the cub had nearly died to the king. Despite the tiger cub’s strength, the leader of the magical beast clan would without a doubt had a blood debt with it. In the future when the cub grew up, it was possible that it would not bring calamity to the continent.

Besides, Jian Chen was convinced that if something were to happen, he would be able to convince the tiger cub to not do anything dangerous because of his relationship with it.

Afterward, Jian Chen revealed all that he knew and all that he had heard to Tian Jian and the two elders, causing the three to furrow their eyebrows.

“The Winged Tiger God is a divine beast, but if the king of the Gilligan clan is chasing after it, it seems the situation is extremely complicated.

“If my expectations aren’t wrong, then the ones chasing the Winged Tiger God want to take its corpse and inheritance. Once one of them absorbs the inheritance into their own body, they will become a second divine beast.”The second elder speculated grimly.

“It’s possible. If any of the magical beasts were to receive the inheritance, then it would be a catastrophe for our continent. Even if the entire continent were to ally itself with the Hundred Races, it wouldn’t be a match for the magical beast clan.” The fourth elder added with a serious voice.

Hearing the three speak, Jian Chen knew that the matters were extremely grim, and could not help but think deeply.

Still staring at the cub, Tian Jian said, “Second elder, fourth elder, do you two perhaps remember the first law left behind by the grand elder!”

“Of course! The grand elder’s laws are something that lord Mo Tianyun himself left behind. We have memorized all of the laws. It seems the lord was prophetic with his level of foresight. Perhaps he realized that the continent would see a second Winged Tiger God that would face persecution from one of the magical beast clans. That must by why he wrote the laws!” The fourth elder spoke.

“What laws? Will they harm Xiao Bai?” Jian Chen asked out of concern. As he stood in the shrine, his body could barely hold itself up due to his worry. He couldn’t even protect himself in the shrine, let alone the tiger cub, so he was extremely worried that one of these rules would harm the cub.

Shaking his head with a smile, Tian Jian explained, “Jian Chen, don’t worry. Way back, lord Mo Tianyun made several laws that contracted all of the grand elders. It is equal to the laws of Mercenary City, and the very first one states that we must lend a Winged Tiger God a helping hand should we ever come across one that hasn’t fully matured.”

Jian Chen was stupefied. Still skeptical, he asked, “Does that mean that not only will you not cause trouble for Xiao Bai, you’ll help it?”

“Correct. It is as you say. Although we don’t wish to, for the sake of preventing disaster, we will honor the laws the grand elders put down for the sake of preventing disaster.” The fourth elder spoke.

“Thank you very much, seniors!” Jian Chen responded in relief and excitement.

“There’s a few scant records about the Winged Tiger God in Mercenary City. Its talent is beyond the norm of anyone and doesn’t require the guidance of any human. Thus, what we can do to help is quite limited, yet the growth of this tiger is very slow. The only way for it to grow as fast as it can is to feed it a large amount of heavenly resources. As such, we can only really give it heavenly resources for it to mature.” Tian Jian explained before moving his lips slightly to speak in secret to the men outside.

Seeing that Tian Jian was planning on giving the cub even more heavenly resources, Jian Chen was ecstatic. This moment was like receiving charcoal in the middle of a snowstorm since Xiao Bai was currently lacking a stable source of heavenly resources. After using up most of the ones he bought recently, Jian Chen was practically out of heavenly resources to feed the cub.

At that moment, an old man came walking in from the outside of the shrine. Presenting a Space Ring to Tian Jian, he said, “Shrine lord, I’ve accomplished your command. All there is to be found is in this Space Ring!”

Taking the Space Ring, Tian Jian commanded, “You may leave!”

“By your leave, shrine lord!” The elder retreated with a respectful salute.

Walking slowly to Jian Chen, Tian Jian handed the Space Ring to him, “Jian Chen, since the Winged Tiger God is accompanying you, then I may as well give this Space ring to you. Inside is all that was left behind for the Winged Tiger God; in total, there are ten hundred-thousand-year-old heavenly resources, a hundred ten-thousand-year old heavenly resources, and a thousand thousand-year-old heavenly resources.”

Hearing this astronomical number, Jian Chen was stunned. Heavenly resources a hundred thousand years old, he hadn’t ever heard of resources that old before Tian Jian had mentioned them. There were also the hundred ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resources which were each worth several million purple coins per head, and with the thousand thousand-year-old heavenly resources, this was a tremendous windfall of heavenly resources.

It was the hundred ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resources in particular that made this sum extremely priceless.

Jian Chen received the Space Ring from Tian Jian with trembling hands as he responded, “Many thanks, senior!”

Chuckling, Tian Jian said, “There’s no need for your thanks. These heavenly resources were given to you in accordance to the laws put down by the lord many years ago. They are not for you specifically.”

Jian Chen gave an embarrassed smile at that. The tiger cub was now capable of moving by itself and jumped back onto Jian Chen’s neck. The tiger cub tightly gripped his shoulders with its four short paws as it stared at Tian Jian. Although it was a divine beast, it was still a young child equivalent to a three-year-old human.

“The Winged Tiger God requires a tremendous amount of heavenly resources, and the heavenly resources I’ve given you has already emptied our farms by two-thirds. But that alone should be enough to bring the cub up to a Class 6 Magical Beast or the peak of it. Afterward, you must find some more heavenly resources by yourself. After the Winged Tiger God becomes strong enough, thousand-year-old and even ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resources won’t have any effect on its growth.” Tian Jian explained.

“This junior understands. Thank you for your warning, senior.” Jian Chen replied gratefully.

“You may leave, Jian Chen. But remember to safeguard the secret of the Winged Tiger God. Do not let anyone else learn of it.” Tian Jian reminded him in a serious tone.

“This junior understands!”

Afterward, Jian Chen took the Space Ring with the heavenly resources and left the shrine. There was a single Heaven Saint Master that led him through several Space Gates to return to Mercenary City.

“Big brother, did they cause trouble for you?” As soon as he returned to Mercenary City, Little Spirit’s voice could be heard in Jian Chen’s ear as her body materialized near him without a sound.

Shaking his head, Jian Chen looked to her, “Little Spirit, thank you for your help.”

“Heehee, as long as big brother is fine, then all is well. Big brother is the only one that Little Spirit sees as family besides master after all these years!” Little Spirit happily spoke.

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