Chapter 619: Leaving for Longevity Valley

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Chapter 619: Leaving for Longevity Valley

A boundless amount of energy flowed into Jian Chen’s body for him to refine into Chaotic Force, making it increase more and more. As a result, the chaotic core he had formed in his dantian slowly increased in size from a small soybean to a small fingernail size.

Following the creation of the chaotic core, Jian Chen felt his body fill with an inexhaustible amount of energy. With a thought, he could easily control the Chaotic Force in his dantian to use as he pleased. He was no longer as powerless as he had been when he had lost his Saint Force.

“Oooh! Big brother, you’re amazing! You’re absorbing energy so fast! Even faster than Little Spirit! And even with so much energy, big brother doesn’t feel ill at all, super amazing!” Little Spirit praised as she observed how Jian Chen was doing with a look of surprise.

It had been unknown just how much time had transpired, but the core that was growing within Jian Chen’s body only grew bigger and bigger. It was by now already the size of his thumb, and was still accumulating energy at a speed that Jian Chen had previously thought to be impossible.

Right now, Jian Chen didn’t even know just how much energy he had absorbed and processed. By now, the previously boundless amount of energy in Mercenary City had started to thin to a considerable degree.

“Oh! Big brother, you’ve already absorbed fifty thousand years worth of energy Little Spirit accumulated. When will you be done, soon enough, all the energy Little Spirit accumulated will be gone.” Seeing the energy lessen, Little Spirit couldn’t help but speak with a slightly pained look.

However, Jian Chen remained completely entranced in his meditative mind state and did not hear Little Spirit. He knew there would be no dangers here at all since Little Spirit was protecting this place, so he could completely focus on refining the energy. Thus, his guard was at its lowest point.

With the assistance of the sword spirits, a dreadful amount of energy was being absorbed at a consistently fast rate. An unknown amount of time passed before the core in his dantian grew to the size of an egg and the energy underneath Mercenary City was much less than before.

As Jian Chen was basking in this completely euphoric feeling of his power being increased, the flow of energy into his body suddenly stopped. Startled by this change in events, Jian Chen awoke from his meditative state.

As soon as he opened his eyes, Jian Chen could see the still transparent figure of Little Spirit, but on her face was a look of misery as she wailed.

“Little Spirit, what happened?” He asked in confusion.

“Big brother, you can’t absorb any more energy! You’ve already absorbed almost all of the energy Little Spirit saved up for a hundred thousand years. If this goes on, then the seal won’t hold any more!” Little Spirited explained in a pleading manner.

“Seal? What seal?” Jian Chen started. He was shocked since he didn’t think that he needed to absorb a hundred thousand years worth of energy, the energy Little Spirit had stored up, to reach the Minor Achievement realm with the Chaotic Body. If not for her, it would have taken an extremely long amount of time to reach the Minor Achievement realm by himself.

That was because a single strand of Chaotic Force was refined from a sea of vital energy of the world. It was tantamount to the strength of a single Saint Ruler.

“Oops!” Little Spirit clasped her mouth shut with both hands before repeatedly shaking her head. “What seal!? Big brother, you heard wrong!”

“Little Spirit, your big brother has exceptional hearing. You just said that if too much energy is absorbed, the seal won’t be able to hold anymore. Little Spirit, what seal is this?” Jian Chen gave a smile to her, but in his mind, he was extremely skeptical. Just how many secrets did Mercenary City hide. Was there always a seal? What did this seal do?

“It’s nothing! Big brother, you misheard! Little Spirit didn’t say anything!” Little Spirit waved her hands while she tried to frantically persuade him.

Seeing Little Spirit act like this, Jian Chen couldn’t find it in himself to ask anymore. Although he really wanted to know just what this seal did, seeing Little Spirit guard this secret so much caused him to think that he would be causing trouble for her if he persisted asking questions.

It was all because of Little Spirit’s contributions that he was able to reach the Minor Achievement realm so quickly. Thus, he did not wish to do anything that would cause her difficulties.

“Alright, Little Spirit. Your big brother heard wrongly just now. I don’t know what this seal you’re talking about is.” Jian Chen smiled warmly. He still curiously looked around himself. He wanted to see something at the very least, but it was still pitch-black. Even with the assistance of the glow from the azure and violet sword spirits, he was hardly able to see a short distance away. Everything was a blurry mess and nothing could be seen.

Beaming with joy, Little Spirit said, “Big brother, Little Spirit can see that you’ve grown extremely strong! You should be able to handle that baddy now! Let Little Spirit take you out of here.”

As she spoke, a barrier enveloped Jian Chen’s body and carried him back to his original room in the inn.

As soon as Jian Chen reappeared in the room, the tiger cub jumped onto his shoulder in delight. Using its short paws, the cub wrapped itself around his neck and let out a slow mournful purr.

He pet the cub on its head and spoke several comforting words to it. Jian Chen then said to the seemingly empty room. “Little Spirit, just how long was I underneath the city?”

“Just about fifteen days, big brother.” Little Spirit spoke as she materialized in front of him.

“Another month has gone by without me knowing. I didn’t even feel two hours go by.” Jian Chen muttered in shock. After speaking, his eyes suddenly widened in shock as he looked down at his completely naked body. His clothes had long since been ruined from the tremendous amount of energy that had been flowing.

Quickly putting on a new set of clothes, Jian Chen inspected his body to see just how much of a difference the Chaotic Force made.

After reaching the Minor Achievement realm, Jian Chen didn’t feel any changes in his physique, but his stature had clearly grown even more firm than before. The biggest change was the fact that his body contained even more power than before. This power was so dreadfully massive that he felt as if a single punch could destroy a mountain.

Clenching his fist tightly, Jian Chen carelessly thrust it forward. As his fist passed through the air, the space around it vaguely distorted. The power in this one fist was enough to cause more stress on the space than what it could even handle. It was something that a Heaven Saint Master could only do after using a Heaven Tier Battle Skill, but he was able to replicate it with a single punch.

“Wow! Big brother’s amazing! If big brother meets that baddy again, then there won’t be any more need to fear him!” Little Spirit excitedly praised.

“Master, the strength of the Chaotic Body is far stronger than what you can believe. You’ve reached the realm of Minor Achievement so the Chaotic Force is now distributed evenly throughout your body. Even if a Saint Ruler were to strike you, the amount of damage shouldn’t be all that bad.” Ziying spoke in Jian Chen’s mind.

At Ziying’s words, Jian Chen felt extremely elated.

“Saint Ruler of the Jiede clan. I, Jian Chen, swear to find you. And the Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger, wash your neck and wait for me!” Jian Chen coldly smiled. Now that he was at the realm of Minor Achievement, he finally reached a level where fighting a Saint Ruler was possible. There was no longer any need to fear a Saint Ruler.

Afterward, Jian Chen and Little Spirit said their farewells before Jian Chen and the tiger cub left the room.

“Sire Jian Chen…”

“Jian Chen, my friend…”

As soon as Jian Chen walked downstairs, a multitude of people came forward to greet him. Each one of them wished to pull Jian Chen into their group so that a good relationship would form between them.

Practically every family and household thought that Jian Chen was supported by a very powerful patron because of his actions in Mercenary City. Combined with his talents, he was someone that people would hold no expense to get to know. A connection with him would serve beautifully for them.

After wasting some time dealing with the crowd, Jian Chen gave a small smile and a few words before leaving the inn with Hu Xiaotian.

Soon enough, Jian Chen left the city. He had just stepped over the boundary of the barrier when…

“Big brother, you can’t lie to Little Spirit! You have to come back within three years to see Little Spirit, or else Little Spirit will get angry!” Little Spirit floated a meter high in the air as she sent off Jian Chen with a look of sadness. She was very unwilling to part with Jian Chen.

“Little Spirit. Be at ease, as long as nothing major happens, your big brother will come back to see you.” Jian Chen guaranteed again for the third time before stepping away to become a blur. With his speed, he shot off in the direction of Cross Mountains in no time at all.

The Illusionary Step was a Heaven Tier Battle Skill that Jian Chen had once used. It held no offensive power and only served to make one even faster than before. With it, Jian Chen had been able to escape the pursuit of a Heaven Saint Master even as an Earth Saint Master. After the loss of his Saint Force, he had been unable to use the Illusionary Step. Though, with the Chaotic Force replacing his Saint Force, he could use the Illusionary Step once again.

Only prairies were around Mercenary City, but Jian Chen could be seen blurring past the prairies at tremendous speeds. Perhaps it was because of his Illusionary Step, but his speed now was far faster than what the power of flight could offer him.

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