Chapter 621: Wang Yifeng

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Chapter 621: Wang Yifeng

“Brat, you’re a reckless one if you’re sticking your nose into the business of our Heiyun clan. Do you wish to die?” One of the middle-aged men angrily barked at Jian Chen.

Still smiling in disdain, Jian Chen replied, “The way I see it, the ones that wish to die are you three and not me.”

“You’re going to die for that!” The three men snarled with fury. Immediately, two of the three men charged with their Saint Weapons in order to teach this young man in front of them a rough lesson.

Pointing his finger, Jian Chen allowed two beams of Sword Qi to fly at these two.

Pcht! Pcht!

The two beams of Sword Qi embedded themselves into the males’ foreheads and then out of them, leaving behind a huge cavity.

There hadn’t even been enough time for them to scream before they died. Their bodies continued on another five or six meters because of their inertia. They finally coming to a stop on the ground with their eyes wide open in death.

The fact that Jian Chen had killed two Earth Saint Masters as if it were nothing, with just a flick of his finger, caused an endless amount of surprise to everyone watching. They fled several meters away to maintain their safety as they gasped in shock at the sight. Even those who had been standing near Jian Chen had kept their distance — not a single one of them dared to draw any closer as if afraid of causing trouble with this man.

The single remaining survivor from the Heiyun clan was dumbfounded by the strength of Jian Chen. He was fully aware of the strength of his two friends — they were stronger than even he was — so he was completely caught off guard that a young twenty something year old man would be able to kill them both so easily.

Despite his befuddlement, the man quickly recovered. Without any hesitation in his decision, he immediately turned around and fled. He was a clever person and knew that Jian Chen had a bone to pick with his clan. If he stayed behind, then he would be killed like his friends. Therefore, the only way to survive was to escape.

Leveling a calm stare at the escaping man, Jian Chen raised his finger again and shot a beam of Sword Qi accurately into the man’s calf.

The man let out a pain-filled scream as the beam went straight through his leg. With pain shooting through his leg, the man’s ability to run had been knocked for a loop, causing him to fall to the ground.

Slowly walking on over to the middle-aged man, Jian Chen looked at him with cold eyes. “Where is the Heiyun clan located?”

There was no fear in the man’s eyes as he snarled back at Jian Chen, “I’m not afraid to die! Whether it’s by torture or by illness, you’ll never get anything from me!”

“You didn’t seem to look like tough guy.” Jian Chen smiled.

The youth that had been chased by these three men crawled to his feet with a painful grit of his teeth. When he saw that the bird-like magical beast cub in his hands was unharmed, he let out a sigh of relief. After listening to Jian Chen, he said, “I know where the Heiyun clan is.” His voice was exuberantly weak since his internal organs were heavily injured.

A fearsome glint entered Jian Chen’s eyes as he took in this information. “If someone else knows the answer, what use is there for you?” With a single burst of Sword Qi, he stabbed it straight into the last man’s head.

Afterward, Jian Chen walked to the other youth. When he saw just how heavily injured the youth was, Jian Chen gave a small pause of hesitation as if considering something. Then, he took out a Radiant Spirit Pill from his Space Ring and handed it to him, “Eat this and recover your strength. You’ll be taking me to the Heiyun clan, so traveling there as you are now would be inconvenient for the both of us.”

“Sire, I thank you for your benevolence in saving me, but this item right here is far too precious for…” The youth hesitated to take it.

“A Class 6 Radiant Spirit Pill is nothing for me. Eat it.” Jian Chen waved his finger and levitated the pill into the youth’s mouth and then throat.

With the Radiant Spirit Pill ingested, the injuries that the youth had sustained began to heal. Although it wasn’t enough for a full recovery, it healed him to a considerable degree.

“Sire, you’ve saved my life already, and now you’re giving me such a precious Radiant Spirit Pill to treat my wounds. I am truly at a loss for what reason sire would be so benevolent.” The youth gratefully inquired.

“I have a bone to pick with the Heiyun clan, saving you was a convenient task to do on the way. There is no need for your thanks, take that pill as recompense for you guiding me.” Jian Chen smiled.

“Sire, your generosity has earned my respect. I am Wang Yifeng, how may I address sire?” The man cupped his hands together.

“Your wounds have healed by now. Let us be on our way. Take me to the Heiyun clan.” Jian Chen replied.

From his response, Wang Yifeng knew that Jian Chen wasn’t willing to give his own name, and he knew better than to continue asking for it. “The Radiant Spirit Pill is truly a powerful pill. In such a short time, I feel that my wounds have already stabilized. Leading the way would be no problem at all with this short of a recovery rate. Sire, the Heiyun clan is about five thousand kilometers away, please allow me to guide you there now.” He spoke before starting to run.

Just as he took a single step away, Jian Chen tightly grabbed his shoulder and allowed the wind elements in the world to carry them both. With the wind carrying them swiftly into the air, the two of them quickly became the size of ants before they sped into the distance.

“Heavens! That young man was a Heaven Saint Master!”

“No wonder he was able to kill those three Earth Saint Masters so easily! He was a Heaven Saint Master!”

The people on the streets let cries of astonishment when they saw Jian Chen bring Wang Yifeng into the air. They all began to gossip to one another.

Looking down to see the city below them grow smaller and smaller, Wang Yifeng felt stunned. He recovered enough to look at Jian Chen in a completely different light.

“You’re a Heaven Saint Master!” He exclaimed in shock. He found it hard to believe that a youth, that was younger than him, was actually a Heaven Saint Master. Could this youth use some sort of secret technique to alter his appearance?

As he thought, a sudden realization hit Wang Yifeng, causing him to blanch. “Are you Jian Chen?”

“Correct!” Jian Chen confirmed.

“Ah! So you’re Jian Chen!” Straight away, Wang Yifeng’s face adopted an extremely emotional expression. The name of Jian Chen was essentially the same as a clap of thunder. Not only was he the King of Mercenaries, he was also a Heaven Saint Master that had killed five Heaven Saint Masters outside of Mercenary City all by himself. Such a shocking battle prowess was absolutely breathtaking and was far more than enough to cause any youngster to idolize him. Wang Yifeng was no exception to this.

Wang Yifeng had absolutely no idea that the person who had saved him was the illustrious King of Mercenaries, Jian Chen. Compared to him, Wang Yifeng was almost worlds apart in power and fame which left him utterly speechless.

“I did not think that I would be able to meet the renowned Jian Chen. To be able to meet your acquaintance is an honor that I, Wang Yifeng, have never felt before. Jian Chen, although I am not as strong as you are, I am a Second Cycle Earth Saint Master. If you will allow it, please let me accompany you on your travels. I will work as hard as a horse, and I will be as loyally as a dog!” Wang Yifeng looked expectantly to him. He had been earnest in his request to serve a Heaven Saint Master. It would not hurt him in any way, especially if that Heaven Saint Master was an expert with practically unlimited potential like him.

Shooting a glance at Wang Yifeng, Jian Chen shook his head, “I have plenty of enemies that are equally as strong as I am in power. Following me would not be a good idea, else you may find yourself stuck in a pit of eternal damnation.”

“I, Wang Yifeng, am not afraid to die in order to live! I fear no enemy and truly wish to travel with you. It would be far more marvelous to travel with you than to be by myself. Jian Chen, please accept me into your group.” Wang Yifeng spoke with a resolve. He knew that this was an extremely rare opportunity, so he was very unwilling to let it go.

Jian Chen hesitated for a brief moment when he saw Wang Yifeng’s determination. Thinking about how few people there were in the Flame Mercenaries that that were loyal to him, Jian Chen reconsidered his offer. “Very well, since my mercenary group is shorthanded at the moment, I’ll accept you into it.”

Jian Chen’s reply gave Wang Yifeng no small amount of joy. He lit up with excitement.

“Ah, why were the men of the Heiyun clan chasing you?” Jian Chen asked out of curiosity.

A dark expression crossed Wang Yifeng’s face at that moment. Looking down at the bird-like beast cub in his hands, he snarled, “It was all because of this beast cub that I was chased. A month ago, I happened across a Steelwing beast nest in a nearby forest. There was only a single cub, so I was fortunate enough to obtain the cub after expending a large amount of my strength. Then the Heiyun clan accosted me on my way back and wanted to take it from because of their greed. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to take them on and fled for an entire month. Sometimes, I would barely escape death from their hands, and it was at this final encounter where I was able receive lord Jian Chen’s help.”

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