Chapter 623: Destruction of the Heiyun Clan

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Chapter 623: Destruction of the Heiyun Clan

With such a destructive force being unleashed from his palm, it was as if a dragon had suddenly been let loose.

The space beneath the strike surged violently as the powerful energy ravaged the area around it with dreadful might.

The three Heaven Saint Masters could feel just how powerful Jian Chen’s strike was from the surrounding space. It was like an icy block that froze the three of them in place. Moving even a single finger became difficult.

The three Heaven Saint Masters had only enough time to turn pale in fright before the boundless wave of energy slammed against their bodies unceremoniously.

In the face of such a tremendous amount of energy, the three Heaven Saint Masters folded as if they were ants. Without putting up any resistance, the three their bodies split apart into a violent display of blood and gore.

The palm strike of Jian Chen had not stopped there. The influx of energy completely shattered the bodies of the three Heaven Saint Masters before continuing to slam into the manor below.

“Boom!” Following a tremendous cracking sound, the entire world seemed to shudder as if giving birth to an earthquake. Practically everyone in the city felt the ground beneath them shake, and several of the more shoddily built restaurants could not help but unsettlingly sway. Bits and pieces of the Heiyun clan’s manor splintered into every single direction possible. At the center, the ruins of a tremendous strike could be seen.

In an instant, the previously flourishing city was left a mess, and the Heiyun clan tragically suffered. The previous proud manor had been reduced to a ruined wasteland, and only smoke could be seen from what used to be the walls and roofs. At the very center of the manor grounds, a single hole about a hundred meters wide and ten meters deep could be seen.

Furthermore, this giant influx of energy had damaged every single building within a kilometer radius. From the epicenter of the Heiyun clan, not a single building remained untouched by the blow.

The might of the palm had caused such devastation. This was the power of a Saint Ruler!

From his perch high in the sky, Jian Chen observed his handiwork. He felt startled by the might of his own palm, and remained quiet for some time. He did not expect such devastation to occur after attacking the elders.

“Is this the power of the Chaotic Force?” Jian Chen thought to himself in surprise. The might of the Chaotic Force had indeed been out of his expectations. Three of the Heiyun clan’s Heaven Saint Masters had been killed so easily that it was almost as if they were nothing. His attack made him experience just how true the saying was, ‘In front of a Saint Ruler, everyone else is an ant.’

That saying was a veritable truth. In front of a Saint Ruler, everyone else may as well be an ant.

Even Wang Yifeng, who had been leading Jian Chen, was rendered speechless by the devastation. His eyes were as round as plates, and his mouth had dropped open wide enough for an entire chicken egg to fit in it from his shock.

He could see that Jian Chen had only struck with his palm, yet that attack had killed three Heaven Saint Masters. Furthermore, it had brought forth such devastation! It truly filled him with disbelief, and for a moment, he doubted what he was seeing.

He wasn’t a Heaven Saint Master, but even he understood that a Heaven Saint Master shouldn’t be able to cause this much destruction.

“Could… could Jian Chen already be a…” Wang Yifeng suddenly began to shiver as a question popped in his head. This thought that had suddenly popped in his head was so terrifying that even he wished to stop thinking about the answer.

Plenty of people gathered in the surrounding area of the Heiyun clan to see the outcome. A procession of soldiers had already formed as well, but even they could only look up in misery at the floating figures above. Each spectator remained silent, completely shocked at the sight.

The army of soldiers didn’t dare say a thing. Despite the destruction of part of the city, not a single one of them was brave enough to even fart right now.

The Heiyun clan held an extremely lofty and powerful status within the city. They had been the strongest faction in the city and had been considered second to none even in the kingdom they resided. However, this mighty faction had been wiped out in an instant, and against their assailant, they might as well have been nothing. This was something that every single spectator found hard to believe.

Half a moment later, Jian Chen finally let out a long turbulent sigh to control his emotions. With a wave of his hand, he tossed several Space Rings into the hands of several people down below. “We’re going!” He informed Wang Yifeng before turning around to leave the city, leaving behind the dumbfounded citizens of the city.

It had only taken a single wave of his palm to cause an irrevocable amount of damage to the Heiyun clan. The blood debt that Jian Chen had with the Heiyun clan could be considered to be done and over with.

The following days after, Jian Chen relentlessly continued to try to find the whereabouts of the Jiede clan. The Jiede clan remained true to their label as a hermit family, staying hidden in a forest or mountain somewhere. They were an isolated faction that never showed their faces to the world, causing Jian Chen to hear absolutely nothing that could lead him to their location. In fact, many of the people Jian Chen asked had never even heard of their name before.

However, the gods were willing to reward the hardworking man. On the third day of Jian Chen’s laborious attempt to learn of the Jiede clan’s whereabouts, a relatively strong sect reported that they knew of the Jiede clan. Jian Chen brought Wang Yifeng with him there.

The Jiede clan was said to have been founded at the core of a mountain with countless of magical beasts standing guard around it. There was no shortage of Class 5 Magical Beasts there, and there were several Class 6 Magical Beasts that the clan had tamed. They were trained to guard the gates and to prevent any outsiders from entering.

Jian Chen brought Wang Yifeng to a spot twenty kilometers away from the reported mountain ridge. He then stared off into the distance at the series of buildings that sprung up from the ridge. “Wang Yifeng, you stay here. I will be fighting a Saint Ruler. Taking you there would only serve to hurt you.”

At the mention that Jian Chen was about to start trouble with a Saint Ruler, Wang Yifeng’s heart began to beat frantically. It was with great concern that he said, “Jian Chen, your opponent is a man who became a Saint Ruler many years ago. Furthermore, this is his domain. If you’re going in there alone, you must be careful.”

“Relax. I’ll be fine, but you must make sure to hide yourself away. Don’t let the men of the Jiede clan catch you. There might not be any magical beasts around here, but make sure that you don’t get caught by one nonetheless. Hide yourself now.” Jian Chen instructed before flying into the air to reach the Jiede clan.

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