Chapter 641: Fighting With the Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger (One)

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Chapter 641: Fighting With the Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger (One)

Laughing, the Saint Ruler answered, “The Qinhuang Kingdom barely has any time to look after itself. How could it spend extra time trying to reach here? Jian Chen, if you were hoping to look to the Qinhuang Kingdom for support, then you should give up now and obediently hand over the tungsten alloy. I won’t make things troublesome for you, but if you don’t comply, then you’ll know the consequences.” Unless he was forced to, the Saint Ruler didn’t want to kill Jian Chen in front of everyone. It was true that Jian Chen, as a Heaven Saint Master, was as weak as an ant to him, but he was still an Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom. Even a Saint Ruler would hesitate to kill one of them so quickly.

A troubled feeling tugged at Jian Chen’s mind. It was a guess earlier that a worrisome matter had suddenly appeared for the Qinhuang Kingdom. With the Saint Ruler confirming this guess of his, Jian Chen was still left unsure just what type of difficulties the Qinhuang Kingdom was facing.

“I’ll have to go see what’s happening with the Qinhuang Kingdom when I’ve the time.” Jian Chen thought to himself. The Qinhuang Kingdom had helped him so much already, so he wouldn’t feel right doing nothing when there was trouble to be had.

Now wasn’t the time to be thinking about such a problem. Resuming the topic at hand, Jian Chen glowered dangerously at the Saint Ruler with an angry light in his eyes, “Saint Ruler, you don’t have the right to speak to me like this anymore.” At the last word, a layer of wind surrounded Jian Chen’s body and brought him into the air to stand equal to him. There was such a strong intent to battle that it filled the entire area, seemingly freezing it.

Yet, the Saint Ruler continued to look at him with the same look of contempt as before. Jian Chen was nothing more than a mere Heaven Saint Master in his eyes. A person like that was as weak as an ant that could be swatted with the wave of his hand.

“Jian Chen, do you truly wish this old man to take action!?” The Saint Ruler questioned with a voice like ice. His patience was reaching its breaking point.

Thus, the space between Jian Chen and the Saint Ruler became a battlefield.

Observing the matters from afar, the dozen Heaven Saint Masters, Ming Dong, and the others all looked grim. They were worried about Jian Chen since they all knew that a Heaven Saint Master wasn’t comparable to a Saint Ruler.

“Why hasn’t the Imperial Protectors of the Qinhuang Kingdom come yet? Are they really as busy as that Saint Ruler said, unable to help? If they don’t come, then brother is in danger!” Bi Lian anxiously spoke. Everyone thought that Jian Chen had already notified the Qinhuang Kingdom, requesting them to send their Imperial Protectors since he had been extremely calm before. However, seeing Jian Chen in battle against a Saint Ruler without a single Imperial Protector appearing was something that made them all extremely worried and anxious.

“How impulsive Jian Chen is. The Imperial Protectors aren’t even here and he’s already angered the Saint Ruler. We don’t have anyone that could fight one of those here.” Dugu Feng muttered with furrowed eyebrows.

Nubis couldn’t help but laugh out loud when he heard both Bi Lian and Dugu Feng. “Sorry to disappoint, but the Imperial Protectors you were expecting won’t be coming.”

“What? They won’t be coming? Then how’ll we be holding off the Saint Ruler then?” Ming Dong started.

Casting his eyes to the airborne Jian Chen, Nubis replied, “Hasn’t someone already started? That Saint Ruler will take care of the enemy.”

“What are you on about? Jian Chen is only a Heaven Saint Master. How could he fight a Saint Ruler?” Ming Dong questioned sternly.

“I’ll report to my ancestor, he should have the strength to deal with this Saint Ruler.” Huang Luan words and tone were panicked.


Just as everyone was furiously discussing with one another on how to deal with this situation, the sound of a heavy explosion caused everyone to look back. The entire area shook from the shockwave of the blast, obscuring almost everything but Jian Chen and the Saint Ruler in battle.

“Saint Ruler, I still very clearly remember the hand you bestowed on me. Allow me to return the favor to you today.” Jian Chen boomed. Chaotic Force covered his entire body so that its power defended him from the attacks of the Saint Ruler.

The Saint Ruler was slightly taken aback. He was having a hard time believing what he was seeing. “But how is this possible? Have you already made the breakthrough to become a Saint Ruler?” In the earlier exchange, the Saint Ruler had finally been made aware of Jian Chen’s power. It was something that was greater than what a Heaven Saint Master was capable of.

“This aggressive behavior of your sect, allow me to force you all to return with shame and disgrace!” Jian Chen barked out loud. Using the Illusionary Flash, his body flew toward the Saint Ruler like lightning. One of his fists pulsated with Chaotic Force as it slammed toward the chest of his foe. The space trailing the path his fist traveled started to warp.

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