Chapter 642: Fighting With the Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger (Two)

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Chapter 642: Fighting With the Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger (Two)

The Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger looked especially serious when he observed the power in Jain Chen’s fist. He could tell that the energy that surrounded his fist was by no means weaker than what a Saint Ruler was capable of.

“Impossible! In the short period of time since our last meeting, Jian Chen has already become a Saint Ruler? Even if his talent is unprecedented in all of history, he shouldn’t be able to become a Saint Ruler at such a young age! What has he done to gain this power?” The Saint Ruler was stuck in a tumultuous situation and was unable to remain calm. With Jian Chen becoming a Saint Ruler in a single leap, his heart was about to give out from the shock.

“No. He can’t be a Saint Ruler. He’s still using the power of the world to fly.” Noticing the fault in his earlier thoughts, the Saint Ruler realized that Jian Chen wasn’t a Saint Ruler. However, there was no more time to think about this matter since Jian Chen’s fearsome punch was about to make contact with his chest.

He knew that the strength in Jian Chen’s fist wasn’t weak by any means. Therefore, the Saint Ruler immediately brought forth his Saint Force from his body to surround his own right hand. With such a tremendous amount of Saint Force gathered, the light, that was reflected into his surroundings, looked as if it was warping space. From this, it could be seen just how much power was contained in the Saint Ruler’s fist.

His strength was noticeably a few notches higher than Jiede Tai’s strength.


The fists smashed against one another with a thunderous explosion. The space around the impact zone trembled as a tremendous shockwave rippled out with the force of an erupting volcano. Like a devastating storm ravaging the area, the environment around Jian Chen and the Saint Ruler was immediately torn apart without mercy. Right at the epicenter, several cracks could be seen in the space there, slowly starting to heal over itself.

The two fighters were obscured by the fallout of their strikes, so none of the spectators could see just what was happening inside. All they could feel was the earth beneath them violently tremble, threatening to split apart as pieces of stone tumbled down from the valley cliffs. When they fell to the ground, a loud echo rang throughout the valley.

To the group, it was unknown just when Jiede Tai had gotten up from his seat, but his elderly figure could be seen towering in front of everyone else with both of his hands out in front of him. Just barely, a transparent barrier could be seen protecting Ming Dong and the rest of the group from the fallout.

Long before the battle, Jian Chen commanded Jiede Tai to protect the group’s safety at all costs. Thus, Jiede Tai had to give up his dignity as a Saint Ruler to personally protect the mere Earth Saint Masters, and even the ones who weren’t that, with his own hands.

No longer was there any ground to stand on under the group’s feet. With the fallout utterly destroying the place, only the table they had placed there was left unharmed due to the barrier. If not for this barrier, the group would have fallen down.

Whether it was the Heaven Saint Masters of the Flame Mercenaries or the Sect of Dragon and Tiger, both sides found themselves knocked for a loop, and some of them temporarily lost the ability to take flight. Frightened, both sides retreated even farther away to avoid a repeat. This energy was completely different than when two Heaven Tier Battle Skill collided, trying to withstand it would be foolhardy for even them.

Forming another barrier between his hands, Jiede Tai enveloped the group and lifted them to a nearby mountain peak several kilometers away.

Dugu Feng and Ming Dong’s eyes were glued to the sight of the barrier, and both thunderstruck in the face.

“This — this is a barrier! You-you’re a Saint Ruler!” Ming Dong’s eyes grew as wide as copper plates when he cried out in alarm. Even Dugu Feng had let out an uncharacteristically loud shout. The two of them were now staring at Jiede Tai with a new sense of fear and respect.

Jiede Tai’s eyes swept to look at Ming Dong for a brief moment, but he did not answer him. Instead, he turned his head back to look at the battle far away.

Having seen Ming Dong’s expression, Nubis let out a derisive snort in disdain from aside Jiede Tai, “A Saint Ruler and nothing more. What is there to be amazed about?”

Ming Dong hadn’t even heard the off-handed remark of Nubis since his entire being was focused on the existence that Jiede Tai was. This was an entity that could fight against the Saint Rler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger.

“Senior, please go save Jian Chen. The Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger is a senior figure that has been a Saint Ruler for many years. Jian Chen isn’t an opponent for him. Only you can fight that Saint Ruler!” Ming Dong frantically urged. Jian Chen was a Heaven Saint Master to Ming Dong, and was therefore a powerless individual in front of a Saint Ruler. With the few months that they were apart, Ming Dong didn’t dare believe that Jian Chen would be capable of making a breakthrough to become a Saint Ruler. No matter how much he was concerned for him, Jian Chen was already in the middle of a battle with the Saint Ruler. That previous shockwave, which left a void in the area and destroyed the landscape, had already left Ming Dong completely unaware of what was happening, so naturally he believed that Jian Chen was in mortal danger.

“Senior, please save my brother!” Tearing up, Bi Lian’s heart had long since leaped to her throat. It was a fact to her that her brother was strong, but a being as terrifying as a Saint Ruler was not a person that she thought Jian Chen could fight against.


With the revelation of Jiede Tai’s strength, everyone began to beg and implore him, clutching at the straws to life. The concern they felt for Jian Chen had already reached a breaking point. They didn’t believe Jian Chen had the strength to fight a Saint Ruler. The initial burst of energy had traumatized them senseless. They feared that the might of the Saint Ruler had already left Jian Chen in perilous straits.

Originally, Jiede Tai didn’t wish to bother with them, but then remembering that these anxious people were all close friends with Jian Chen, he relented. “Worry not. The Saint Ruler might be one that has reached the Fourth Heavenly Layer, but Jian Chen will be more than enough to take care of him.”

His words stunned the entire group of people there. Jian Chen was capable of fighting a Saint Ruler at the Fourth Heavenly Layer? That was something everyone didn’t expect to hear.

“Boom!” There was almost no time given for them to think when yet another explosion rocked the battlefield. Ripples of energy flew across the sky, reshaping the earth around them. Such power was capable of terraforming the earth, mountain peaks within a few kilometers distance crumbled apart.

All that could be seen was the Saint Ruler making a retreat with a grim expression on his face. His right arm gave a slight tremble as it drooped down powerlessly. The second time he had collided with Jian Chen, Jian Chen had enforced his fist with Chaotic Force to boost its destructive force. If not for the Saint Ruler’s strength at the Fourth Heavenly Layer, it would have been very likely that his right arm would have shattered apart.

“O’ great Saint Ruler from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger. Where has your superior attitude gone now? Did you not say you’d make me die a violent death? Then why have you not injured me yet? Is it because you can’t deal with a junior like me?” Jian Chen mocked the Saint Ruler. Using the Illusionary Flash, he disappeared and reappeared right in front of the Saint Ruler with a fist ready to strike him down with the appropriate force.

Growing ashen in the face, the Saint Ruler felt an unbearable amount of shame and humiliation wash over him. There was no way out of this embarrassing situation with how Jian Chen spoke.

Indignation flooded the Saint Ruler’s eyes and Saint Force gathered in his right arm shortly afterward, restoring his right arm back to its original state. A fiery-red machete materialized in his right hand before it came arcing toward Jian Chen’s head. As it traveled through the air, the machete left behind a fiery crack through the world space.

In the short two exchanges he had with Jian Chen, the Saint Ruler had somehow been forced by Jian Chen to use the Saint Weapon he hadn’t used in a very long time!

Unflinchingly, Jian Chen slammed his fist against the Saint Weapon.

When fist met Saint Weapon, the fist repelled the Saint Weapon while sustaining a bone deep cut. As soon as the cut appeared, blood came spraying out.

Barely any time past, however, before the blood clotted. Even the wound itself had seemingly regenerated in no time at all without a trace or scar to be seen.

“Im–impossible!” Even though he saw the wound himself, the Saint Ruler didn’t dare believe his eyes.

He had used his very own personal Saint Weapon, but it did nothing but leave an inconsequential wound on Jian Chen’s fist! Not only that, it even healed as soon as it was inflicted — the Saint Ruler was left with nothing but the utmost shock.

“Impossible! Simply impossible!” The Saint Ruler repeated to himself. Unwilling to accept the scene in front of him, the Saint Ruler borrowed the powers of space to teleport to Jian Chen’s front to deliver a swift chop into him. This one stroke was further enhanced with the powers of space to allow it to travel even faster than before. Even Jian Chen wouldn’t be left with enough time to respond. After all, this was a move that could only be accomplished by understanding the profound mysteries of the world.

The trajectory of the blade charged for Jian Chen’s waist and successfully drew some blood. The might behind this stroke was powerful, but it failed to bisect Jian Chen in two as the Saint Ruler expected, but at the very least, it had left Jian Chen with a serious wound. Furthermore, it allowed him to inject his Qi into Jian Chen’s innards to try and destroy him from the insides. 

But before he could try to do so, the Chaotic Force inside of Jian Chen’s body instantly devoured the Qi.

“Jiede Tai, Nubis, fight with me!” Jian Chen commanded. With the three of them united, the Saint Ruler from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger would be completely outclassed. Jiede Tai was someone that couldn’t even injure Jian Chen, let alone the Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger. To begin with, Jian Chen wasn’t even someone who could step in the same realm as they. The mysteries of the world were not something to be belittled.

He had a decent understanding of the Illusionary Flash, but not anything that could contend with a Saint Ruler.

From far away, Jiede Tai and Nubis immediately flew forward to stand against the Saint Ruler from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger together.

“You two are Saint Rulers!” Even though he had reached the Fourth Heavenly Layer himself, going against two other Saint Rulers was no easy task. To have a two versus one fight like this would put him at a disadvantage by forcing him on the defensive.

A battle between the four would be extremely intense. The heavens would fall and the earth would shatter. The sun and moon themselves wouldn’t be able to cast any light once these four began to battle. Even a thousand of kilometers away, strong individual were able to feel the slight tremors of the battle.

Naturally, the Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger soon found himself backed against a wall. It took only a short moment for the four to inflict a serious wound and dash away the previously heroic look on the Saint Ruler’s face.

“Today we behead a saint! You’ll rest here forever!” Jian Chen laughed as he brought a Chaotic Force filled fist into the back of the Saint Ruler, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood. The offensive might of this fist was far stronger than what the Saint Ruler could handle.

“Hahaha, beheading a saint… very well! Today, we’ll behead a Saint Ruler!” Nubis laughed out loud before clawing at the Saint Ruler’s chest. He stripped away part of the man’s chest, causing the man to scream out loud in pain.

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