Chapter 648: A Powerful Enemy

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Chapter 648: A Powerful Enemy

“Little Jian Chen, come out and accept your death!” An elderly voice boomed across the sky. Revertebrating for kilometers around, the powerful voice had been loud enough to make the walls of the palace shake violently while some people felt their eardrums pop. Clapping their hands to their ears, the ones affected the most let out a wailing sound from pain.

Jian Chen’s eyes flew open instantly. He had been in the midst of infusing some pill shells with Radiant Saint Force. With just a thought, the gathered Radiant Saint Force flashed once before dissipating into the air.

“You’ve finally arrived and with friends!” Jian Chen muttered to himself. The urge to kill began to radiate from his eyes. He stored the three unfinished Radiant Saint Force into the bottles before he flashed away out of the palace.

Jian Chen looked very mysterious as he flew through the air with the wind element wrapped around his body, making it glow cyan.

As Jian Chen flew through the palace and up into the air, the aura leaking from him was majestic and ready for battle.

At the same time, another two bursts of energies made themselves known from the palace. The sudden occurrence of both led to the space around the palace to freeze up. With so many Saint Rulers gathered here, their auras were already clashing against one another with such pressure that everyone down below found it hard to breathe. Their hearts were trying their best to keep beating, but their lungs seemed refuse to work, not letting them breathe.

The graceful white-robe wearing Jiede Tai and the proud gold-robe wearing Nubis flew out shortly after. They turned into beams of light as they followed Jian Chen into the sky.

Several seconds barely passed before Jian Chen, Nubis, and Jiede Tai were assembled several thousand meters in the air. Shoulder to shoulder, each one of them icily observed their opponents.

Right in front of them were three expressionless men. Of the three, one of them was the Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger. The other two looked as if they were past their seventies, but their eyes were filled with an abstruse light reminiscent of the stars in the night sky.

Of these two, one of them wore a blue robe and had white hair that looked as if it had never experienced any grooming before. The elderly man’s disheveled apparance made him look as though he was a beggar. His hands were crossed against his chest and his eyes seemed to be gauging the three figures in front of him.

The other wore robes made from what appeared to be sackcloth. Unlike his companion, his face was peaceful-looking. No killing intent could be detected from him, but there was a sharp aura that could be felt in its place. With these two factors, he resembled a being who would stand alone outside the secular world, but his eyes were by no means extraordinary. Combined with his simple clothes, this elder looked more like an elder enjoying a life of peasantry out in the mountains.

Jian Chen’s expressions hardened as he took in the three Saint Rulers. Three was a number that was more than enough to make him feel a great deal of pressure. It had been hard enough to completely subdue one Saint Ruler with three. By adding another two Saint Rulers with even more power to the mix, the situation would undoubtedly be worse off for him.

Peals of laughter erupted from the Saint Ruler from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger when he saw Jian Chen’s hardened face. Snarling, he said, “Jian Chen, I’ve said it that day ago. The humiliation I’ve suffered will undoubtedly be returned tenfold to you. Today will be your deathday!”

“Do you really think you will be able to kill me?” Jian Chen asked emotionlessly. With his Chaotic Body and its ultimate defenses, he was sure that the Saint Ruler would be hardpressed to kill him.

“Jian Chen, the situation doesn’t look good. I can’t make out the strength of the other two. That means they’re at the very least stronger than the one from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger.” Jiede Tai grimly confided with Jian Chen.

Even Nubis clenched his fists so that the joints in his almost woman-like fingers popped one after another. “Jian Chen, this will not be easy. Their strengths are far too strong; that blue-robed elder is a Saint Ruler of the Fifth Heavenly Layer and the white-robed one is even stronger at the Sixth Heavenly Layer.” Nubis’ strength was at the same level as Jiede Tai, but as a Golden-Striped Silver Snake, he possessed something that was magical. He was able to clearly divine the strength of the two Saint Rulers.

Blanching from shock, Jian Chen looked at the two other Saint Rulers. He hadn’t thought that the ones that the Sect of Dragon and Tiger would invite would be that strong.

Now knowing the strength of his enemies, Jian Chen was no longer as confident as before. The gap between the two sides was just far too big to be made up for by any other means. A single Saint Ruler at the Fifth Heavenly Layer could easily dispatch of Nubis and Jiede Tai by himself. With a Sixth Heavenly Layer and a Fourth Heavenly Layer against him, Jian Chen would be powerless.

Hiding his right hand behind him, Jian Chen retrieved a jade stone from his Space Ring and crushed it without making a sound.

“Jian Chen, what do we do? We’re no match for them!” Jiede Tai spoke in concern.

“How unexpected to come across such experts as soon as I step into the human world!” Nubis snarled. “There are many hidden dragons and tigers in this world it seems. Jian Chen, I’ll fight the Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler. The other two will be up to you two.”

“Is that in your power?” Jian Chen asked in concern. The gaps between each Saint Ruler’s Heavenly Layer were extremely large. Death would be inevitable for the Third Heavenly Layer Nubis to fight against the Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler.

“Aside from me, neither of you would be a match for him. I am a magical beast, don’t forget that. My strength isn’t comparable to a human of the same level, even more so as a beast from antiquity!” Nubis spoke.

“Since that’s the case, I should take care of that one. Your defenses are strong, but you are no Saint Ruler. You’ve no comprehension of the world mysteries, meaning that you do not possess the ability to fight him.”

“Let me handle the Saint Ruler from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger then.” Jian Chen spoke. The Chaotic Force in his dantian began to ripple across his entire body to maximize his defenses to their utmost limits.

On the other side, the Saint Ruler Situ Qing was also planning something similar, killing Jian Chen. “Ge Qiu, please stop the other two for me. Bi Hai, come help me kill Jian Chen.”

Bi Hai’s eyebrows knit together, “He’s using the elements in the world to fly. That means he isn’t even a Saint Ruler. To use the two of us against one, isn’t that using a bit too much for far too little?”

“Bi Hai, don’t underestimate him. This brat has a talent that outshines anyone else in history. Even you’ll be amazed. We must fight him together and kill him. If not, then he’ll cause no end of trouble for us.” The Saint Ruler spoke before charging at Jian Chen with Ge Qiu and Bi Hai not too far behind.

“Hiss!” Out of nowhere, the soul-piercing hiss of a snake could be heard as Nubis’ entire body turned golden. The next second, his entire body transformed into that of a snake about half a meter thick. His transformation made him into a beast that inferior magical beasts could not compare to. Even the length of his body was shockingly long at what seemed to be ten thousand meters. By the way he was coiled up in the air, his entire body looked as if it could wrap around the entire world. There was also a duality of golden and silver colors flashing on its body. This was the regal Golden-Striped Silver Snake at its mightiest.

No more precautions could be made for a Saint Ruler of the Sixth Heavenly Layer, so Nubis had to show his true power all at once.

His sudden transformation had left the three opposing Saint Rulers utterly speechless. For a good while, nothing could be said or done as they stared at the giant snake coiled in the sky.

“He was a magical beast!” Situ Qing gasped.

“Golden-Striped Silver Snakes are beasts that have lived since long ago. Their poisons are unequalled!” Ge Qiu cried out as well. His eyes narrowed ever so slightly, and even his previously amicable expression gained a tint of steel to it. A Class 7 Golden-Striped Silver Snake had a poison that could threaten the life of even a Saint Ruler.

The blue-robed Bi Hai stared at Nubis with a grim light in his eyes, “Did it come out of Cross Mountain?”

However, Nubis had already sprung into motion. His body trembled slightly with enough force to shake the world around him as a golden light emanated from his body. Then, with blinding speed, Nubis flew toward Ge Qiu to trap him inside his coil.

“I shall handle this old one. The other two are up to you two!” A coarse hiss sounded through the air. When Nubis transformed, even his voice had changed. Now, it was indistinguishable whether Nubis was a male or female.

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