Chapter 649: Gathering Experts From Every Direction (One)

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Chapter 649: Gathering Experts From Every Direction (One)

With Nubis fighting to stall the strongest of the three enemies, Jiede Tai flew charged at Bi Hai to challenge him to a battle.

Originally, Bi Hai had planned on fighting Jian Chen with Situ Qing, but he had no other choice but to give up on that idea because of Jiede Tai’s assault.

And so Situ Qing was left to battle Jian Chen by himself. Since he knew just how strong Jian Chen was, Situ Qing decided to use his entire strength from the get-go. Bringing out his Saint Weapon at once, he charged at Jian Chen and swung at him again and again. With each swing, a crack appeared in the air. Every swing he made surpassed what the world could handle.

Every single portion of Jian Chen’s body was covered by Chaotic Force, pushing his defenses to their limits. Thanks to his clothing, the gray glow from the energy was concealed underneath. Using the Illusionary Flash, Jian Chen was almost able to teleport place to place like a ghost to fight the Saint Ruler.

“Jian Chen, you’ll die today for sure!” Situ Qing laughed as his blade blazed red with fire. The intense flames shooting off from his blade evaporated the very air around it, bringing the temperature to a sweltering height.

There was a crimson flash of light as the Saint Ruler’s blade became one with the world as it traveled for Jian Chen’s neck.

Thanks to Situ Qing’s understanding of the mysteries of space, Jian Chen was unable to dodge his strike with his non-existent understanding of space. Since he was unable to dodge, the blade immediately zoomed in to make contact with his body.

“Ha!” Eyes glowing bright, Jian Chen urged even more Chaotic Force from his dantian before infusing them into his fist to slam into the incoming blade.

If he couldn’t dodge, then he’d just have to fight head-on!

The Chaotic Body was his greatest advantage against a Saint Ruler!

“Bang!” Both of Jian Chen’s fists made contact with Situ Qing’s weapon, causing an immediate whiplash of energy to break out and quake the area around them. Jian Chen had not come out unscathed. A terrifying wound on his hands appeared where the blade had cut halfway through them.

The Saint Ruler’s stroke had been used the utmost power, so Jian Chen’s fingers were mangled almost to the point of no return.

The immense pain from the damage inflicted to his fingers caused Jian Chen to wince violently, but his hands began to regenerate at an accelerated speed because of the Chaotic Body. In just a moment’s time, a third of the wounds had healed up and the bones themselves had started to fuse together.

A powerful boost had been granted to Jian Chen following the synthesis of the Chaotic Force and Body. This boost was an obscenely powerful regenerative force. With how fast he could regenerate and heal his wounds, he was practically untouchable to the world.

“Jian Chen, let’s see how long you can last!” Situ Qing hatefully spat. Unsurprised that Jian Chen could handle his attack, Situ Qing struck out again with his Saint Weapon.

On the other side, the immensity that was Nubis’ body coiled around the entire area where the poorly-dress Ge Qiu was, leaving everyone else unable to see what was happening inside.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! ….

One after another, a series of muffled blows exploded from within, reminiscent to the sound of a beating heart. Following these blows, Nubis’ entire body seemed to give a violent shake.

“Ta!” As if lightning went off within Nubis’ body, another burst of sound could be heard. The shock wave from that blast rippled past and out around Nubis’ body, cracking the ground beneath. The golden prison that was Nubis’ body suddenly spanned across the sky like a long golden rope or a ribbon with a shiny luster.

As soon as the prison was beaten away, a gray wisp of poisonous smog was exposed to the world. Almost like how a dragon would move, the smog billowed in every direction, mixing the air with its poisonous miasma. Soon enough, the air was dangerous to breathe in while the radius of the miasma continued to increase.

The poison of the Golden-Striped Silver Snake was extremely potent. Even Jiede Tai, Bi Hai, and Situ Qing, who were fighting far away from Nubis, felt light-headed after breathing in the noxious fumes. Only Jian Chen remained unaffected.

“The poison of a Golden-Striped Silver Snake is as strong as the legends say.” The blue-robed elder said, using a serious voice. Each of the three fighters immediately stopped breathing and consciously avoided the area where the poison had assimilated into the air.

Many of the people in the city below had already breathed in the miasma by accident. Those people promptly fainted from its effects. The previously clamorous city down below instantaneously became as still as a ghost city. The streets were filled with people who had fainted from the poison, and only those who had reached the Earth Saint Master realm managed to withstand the poison to some degree. Even then, their bodies swayed slightly where they stood, looking as if they would fall in any second.

Bi Lian and You Yue were the only ones that were not yet Earth Saint Masters within the palace, and thus had promptly fainted on the floor. Only a hundred Earth Saint Masters were in the palace. Each and every single one of them tightly clenching their noses. From what they knew so far, the poison would only affect them if they breathed it in.

Tie Ta was the only exception to this scene. He was the only one that stood there with a vacant stare at the skybound battle up above. It seemed as if the poison assimilating through the air was completely harmless to him.

“Idiot! What are you so dazed about, there’s poison in the air — hurry up, cover your face!” Ming Dong urged him. An antidote appeared in his mouth before he ate it, but it served no use.

Taking a deep whiff of the air, Tie Ta gave a questioning mutter, “Is there really poison? I don’t feel anything though?” But just to be safe, he clenched his nose shut like the others.

In the sky, Nunis was still in his snake form. He extended his jaws and began to take in a huge breath of air. Quickly, the poison that was in the area began to fly toward Nubis’ mouth, and in no time at all, all of the poison was completely gone from the area.

With the poison gone, Ge Qiu could be seen again in clear sight. His eyes were closed shut and his face was a lot more ashen than before. The poison had affected him heavily, and a black wisp of smog could be seen spiralling up from his body.

“It’s no wonder you’re called an ancient beast from the past with a poison like this. Your reputation isn’t an empty one, I can bear witness to that.” Ge Qiu’s eyes opened to reveal completely white eyes devoid of any poison.

A crimson light danced across Nubis’ eyes as he glared at Ge Qiu. His jaws opened wide to hiss out, “Old one, the poison from the great Nubis cannot be so easily neutralized. The great Nubis might not be able to kill you, but let’s see if you’ll be able to do anything else with me here.” With the final word being hissed out, Nubis and Ge Qiu began to fight with one another again. A smog of poison continued to obscure their battle.

Jiede Tai had been fighting the blue-robed elder quite passionately as well. The two of them continued to strike at one another with powerful blows that felt as if they could split apart the world. Since he was up against a Saint Ruler two Heavenly Layers stronger than he was, Jiede Tai couldn’t afford to hold back. He struck with all that he had whenever possible.

On the other hand, his opponent was fighting with the utmost ease as if there was no pressure at all. Each Heavenly Layer that separated a Saint Ruler from another was extremely massive. A deficit like that couldn’t be made up easily, unless one was an ancient beast like Nubis.

The battle between Jian Chen and Situ Qing had been especially bitter for Jian Chen. Each blow from Situ Qing was infused with the powers of space so that Jian Chen was left unable to dodge it. After such an extensive battle, Jian Chen had sustained many many injuries and his clothes were stained with his blood, but despite the bad state he was in, his fighting prowess hadn’t weakened in the slightest. If anything, the battle had served to empower him and make him fight even harder.

The indomitable force that was Jian Chen astounded even Situ Qing. Trying to kill Jian Chen was as hard as killing a cockroach and a hundred times harder than killing a dragonfly, but Situ Qing was still sure that he could kill him.

“Bi Hai, stop wasting your time with him and lend me a hand here! We need to kill Jian Chen!” Situ Qing implored Bi Hai. He desperately wanted to kill Jian Chen today and would need the Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler to help him.

The blue-robed elder nodded his head after hearing Situ Qing’s request. While he was battling Jiede Tai, he had been taking careful notes of the fight between Jian Chen and Situ Qing, so even he was extremely shocked by Jian Chen’s fortitude.

Without any more misgivings, the blue-robed elder launched an all-out attack against Jiede Tai. Thanks to the large difference in strength between the two, only a few more exchanges were needed before Jiede Tai was dealt a devastating blow to the chest, sending him flying to the ground below.

Without Jiede Tai to stop him, the blue-robed elder didn’t hesitate. He immediately speed toward Jian Chen. The power of the world began to congregate in his hands as he delivered a palm strike to Jian Chen’s chest.

Even Jian Chen felt himself grow grim at the powerful energy in that palm. He could sense that the power in his attack was several times stronger than the attacks of Situ Qing. It was very possible that his Chaotic Body would be unable to withstand it.

“Brother Jian Chen, I, Huang Tianba have come to help you!” At that moment, a loud but elderly voice boomed from the far horizon. During the next second, a white figure sped over to them at an incredible speed.

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