Chapter 650: Gathering Experts From Every Direction (Two)

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Chapter 650: Gathering Experts From Every Direction (Two)

At the most crucial moment, the patriarch of the Huang family came speeding forward. A wave of energy washed over the entire area with so much pressure it seemed to freeze the entire place.

The fist of the blue-robed elder stopped just barely an inch away from Jian Chen’s chest. Turning his head, the elder looked at the incoming person with narrowed eyes.

“Blast it all! I didn’t think that Jian Chen would have such a powerful amount of assistance!” Situ Qing wailed bitterly. The incoming person had an aura that terrified even him; this person was stronger than he was!

“This person is equal to me in strength as a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler. Situ Qing, it seems like you’ll have to deal with Jian Chen yourself.” The blue-robed elder spoke expressionlessly.

Situ Qing gave a slight nod of his head. He knew that this newcomer was a strong one that only Bi Hai could handle.

“I thought that Ge Qiu would be able to handle the other two while Bi Hai and I would be able to fight and kill Jian Chen together. I didn’t expect one of them to be the ancient Golden-Striped Silver Snake, able to fight one on one with Ge Qiu. This brat, if I knew he had such powerful help, then I would have asked even more experts to come. I very much doubt the Shi family would decline even the tungsten alloy deposit if offered.” The Saint Ruler thought bitterly to himself. With the addition of a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler into the fight, it would be very hard to kill Jian Chen now.

As if one with space, the patriarch of the Huang family sped toward the fight with impeccable speed. When he first spoke, he had been extremely far away from Jian Chen, but by the time he finished speaking, he was already to where Jian Chen was before moving to strike the blue-robed elder.

Becoming wary of him, Bi Hai lashed out with a palm strike filled with the world’s power to greet him.


When the two palms struck each other, it was as if an explosion was made between them. Following the ear-deafening explosion, a wave of energy billowed out, wreaking havoc wherever it spread.

Huang Tianba and the blue-robed elder were equally matched in strength. Almost as if they were pillars that held up the heavens themselves, the two men stood dignified in the air. Even though the energy from their strike originated in between them, neither of them moved a single inch from their spots.

Soon after, the berserk fallout of energy faded away and Huang Tianba stood protectively in front of Jian Chen like a stone stele. Now that there was a gap between them and the enemy, Huang Tianba turned around to look at Jian Chen. As soon as he saw his blood-stained figure, Huang Tianba’s face immediately grew dark. “Brother Jian Chen, are you alright!” He asked in concern.

Jian Chen nodded his head with a dry smile, “It was fortunate that senior came hurrying over. Any later and I’m sure this junior would’ve been in trouble.”

“As long as you’re fine, that’s good, brother Jian Chen. Hurry up and heal from your wound. Let me deal with this!” Huang Tianba announced before turning his head to look at the fight between Nubis and the poorly-dressed elder. In truth, he was shocked at the sight, and even though he couldn’t exactly tell who the two were, their might was unquestionable. However, what really shocked Huang Tianba was the fact that Jian Chen had been able to find such help.

Far away, Nubis and Ge Qiu were still fiercely battling with each other. Although their battle had started in the air, one of the two would sometimes knock the other down toward the ground, and as soon as they were on the ground, the fight would progress for some time before flying back up into the air. Furthermore, the longer they fought, the farther away they moved away from the others. Their fight was so fierce that whenever they exchanged attacks, the sky would echo with a devastating boom and crumble the nearest mountain into pieces.

A ceasefire temporarily happened following Huang Tianba’s entrance, allowing both fighters a moment of reprieve. Staring at each other in silence, both fighters waited for the other to make a move.

Earlier in the fight, Ge Qiu managed to knock Jiede Tai back to the ground. Given the interruption in the fighting, Jiede Tai was given enough time to make it back up to Jian Chen, but his face was pale and traces of blood could be seen at the corner of his lips. Clearly the attack he sustained from Ge Qiu had not been a light one.

“Huang Tianba, Saint Ruler of the Huang family, I didn’t think I’d see even you here today. It’s been five hundred years since our last meeting. How unexpected to see that you were able to reach the Fifth Heavenly Layer.” Situ Qing laughed coldly in apparent greeting to his acquaintance.

Leveling a cold glare at the Saint Ruler from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger, Huang Tianba said, “Situ Qing, I advise you to cease your actions against brother Jian Chen and offer up your apologies. End your grievances at once or you’ll not live to regret it.”

Situ Qing’s eyes flashed with a cold light, “Huang Tianba, you speak a little too soon. The days that Jian Chen will live are numbered. Do you think you’d be able to change that by yourself?

“And according to what I know, your Huang family isn’t in good straits either. Your feuds aren’t easy to neglect, so I should be advising you to back away from this fight or else you will earn another strong foe for your Huang family!”

“Hahahaha!” Huang Tianba laughed out loud as if mocking Situ Qing, “Situ Qing, if you were to say these words to me before, I would perhaps be intimidated, but today, your words and these friends of yours hold no threat to my Huang family! If they dare approach, I cannot guarantee that they’ll be able to return home alive.”

“Is that right? Huang Tianba, it’s been a scant few years since we last met, but you’ve seemed to have become senile since then if you’d ignore even my Hongfu clan. Allow me to experience just what capabilities you have to back up what you say.” 

The voice of an elder suddenly rang out after Huang Tianba with a powerful volume that reverberated across the sky.

Just ten kilometers away, two black-robed figures suddenly appeared out of nowhere, flying to where Jian Chen was.

The sudden arrival of this speaker caused Huang Tianba to falter slightly. His face grew dark before he whirled around to look at the two black-robed elders, “What brought you two here?”

“The two of us just only arrived here two days ago. At first we planned on watching the show from the sidelines, but when you came running here, Huang Tianba, with your arrogant words, neither of us could let it stand. Let us three fight then, and see if you have the power to ignore even our Hongfu clan.” One of the two elders laughed. Promptly snapping a jade stone in half he threw the pieces into the air so that the turbulent winds could carry them away.

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