Chapter 651: Gathering Experts From Every Direction (Three)

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Chapter 651: Gathering Experts From Every Direction (Three)

A cold sneer crept onto Huang Tianba’s face when he saw the black-robed elder crush the jade stone. “Jin Tian, Jing Feng, it would appear that you invited some helpers before you arrived.”

“You guess correctly, Huang Tianba. Allow us two to inform you of our good news. Our Hongfu clan is now allied to the Yan family through a bond of blood. From today on, whatever sorrows or celebrations are to be had, our two families will live through both of them together. Thus, we’ve invited the lord of the Yan family, Yan Nan, to join us today.” One of the two smiled.

The Hongfu clan had two Saint Rulers who were brothers by birth. One of them was called Jin Tian and was at the Third Heavenly Layer. More importantly was the fact that he owned a Ruler Armament that allowed him to fight on par with a Fourth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler. Even a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler would have to put a little more effort in fighting him.

Jin Tian’s younger brother Jin Feng was a Second Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler with a Ruler Armament of his own so that he could fight against a Third Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler and defend against a Fourth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler. Paired with his brother, they could contend with a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler.

“Jin Tian, Jin Feng, does your Hongfu clan also wish for a share of the tungsten alloy?” Huang Tianba sneered.

“That is indeed our goal.” The Hongfu clan didn’t bother to deny the truth. “The tungsten alloy is an extremely precious object. Even a mountain of purple gold wouldn’t be worth a deposit of tungsten alloy, let alone a tremendous wealth like this. How could our Hongfu clan ignore it?”

Huang Tianba snorted, “Jin Tian, Jin Feng, trying to take tungsten alloy by yourselves is nothing more than the dreams of a madman. Do you not know that Jian Chen, the captain of the Flame Mercenaries, is also an Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom?”

“Don’t even bother mentioning the Qinhuang Kingdom! Our Hongfu clan may be hermits, but we aren’t deaf to the world. With the restoration of the previous regime of the Holy Empire of the Three Great Empires, the subordinate Qinhuang Kingdom has no other choice but to get involved! They can hardly protect themselves, let alone spare a finger in this matter.” Jin Tian spoke.

“I underestimated your knowledge, it seems.” Huang Tianba grumbled.

No sooner did Huang Tianba finish speaking when another figure came speeding toward them at the speed of lightning. Coming to a stop right by the side of Jin Feng and Jin Tian, this newcomer stood in the air with an intimidating amount of pressure radiating from his body, stifling the air around.

The newcomer looked to be in his forties in age. His hair was down to his waist, but it was being blown this way and that in the air. His stature was bulky and his figure was doughty with tanned skin to complement his build. In truth, he looked more like a violent black bear.

Staring calmly at this man, Huang Tianba said, “Lord Yan, it would be best for your family to stay out of this affair. Understand that the tungsten alloy is an object that’ll burn the hand of those that touch it. Even with the Yan and the Hongfu, you will not be able to safeguard it from the others.”

“Combined with us, the possibilities of taking the tungsten alloy would perhaps go up.”Situ Qing coldly laughed. Cupping his hands in greeting to the three men, he said, “My friends, I presume you know that judging by our earlier fight, the two of us were on par with one another. Victory won’t be an easy task, but if we join forces, then the deposit will be ours. Would a fifty-fifty share suffice with you three?”

“Excellently so!” The Saint Ruler from the Hongfu clan agreed straight away. He knew that out of all the Saint Rulers here, his party was currently the weakest group. If they didn’t join forces with one of the two, they’d lose for sure.

“Let that be it then. We’ll have Bi Hai deal with Huang Tianba, and the four of us will fight to kill Jian Chen.” Situ Qing spoke. Jian Chen was the target of his grudge, and Situ Qing wished to kill him. However, he lacked the power to do so. If he didn’t hurry to improve his odds, he’d perhaps be the one to lose his life instead.

“That’ll do. Then let us fight at once. The sooner we take the tungsten alloy, the better. A dream is only a dream during the night.” Lord Yan calmly spoke without ever once considering Jian Chen to be a foe to contend with.

“One moment!” Jian Chen’s voice suddenly made itself known as they were talking to one another.

“Jian Chen, what more do you have to say before your imminent death?” Situ Qing sneered.

As if mocking Situ Qing, Jian Chen gave him a strange look, “Saint Ruler, do you really think that if you ally yourself with the Hongfu clan and the Yan family, you’d be able to take the tungten alloy? How laughably naive you are.”

“I need none of your concern, Jian Chen!” Situ Qing’s eyes flashed crimson, “Do you really think you’re safe yourself? There’s no way for you to escape today’s fate!”

“Very well, then allow me to show you how I’ll escape this fate today.” Jian Chen smiled before turning in another direction. “Seniors, you have come all this way today, there is no need to hide yourself. If you could, please show yourselves!” He cried out loud with a voice that echoed further and further beyond into the landscape.

“Hahahaha! Jian Chen, you truly do deserve the title of being the King of Mercenaries! You have such power at such a tender age, and you’re able to sense even us as well! Not bad at all, you are a praiseworthy one!” An elderly voice replied to Jian Chen with an equally loud volume.

Then just ten kilometers away, two figures in white materialized into the world, but following their arrival, another three elders suddenly made themselves known as well.

Originally ecstatic with the chance of being able to win, Situ Qing’s joy plummeted as soon as he saw these five men appear out of nowhere. Even the three Saint Rulers from the Hongfu clan and Yan family grew stern as well. The arrival of these five changed the battlefield drastically.

“Everyone, we’ve seen our fill of entertainment. Let us all reveal ourselves then.” One elder smiled as he addressed the empty air around him.

One by one, figures began to appear out of nowhere throughout the area. In a short few moments, over a dozen unknown figures filled the sky, and all of them were Saint Rulers!

They had been watching the fight since the very beginning, but they had managed to hide themselves thanks to a secret method. Thus, they stood a few dozen kilometers away to watch.

By now, Situ Qing’s face had grown as dark as a shadow. He couldn’t see through the strength of a dozen of these newcomers, meaning that they were all Saint Rulers of the Sixth Heavenly Layer at the very least.

Even Nubis and Ge Qiu ceased their fighting with so many people appearing out of nowhere. Sensing the strength of these figures, even they grew tense.

Reverting back to his human form, Nubis flew back to Jian Chen with a cursory glare at the figures around them. “There’s trouble. Many of these individuals are Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers. One of them is even a Seventh Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler. I cannot help you with this, Jian Chen.”

A slight fluctuation occurred over Jian Chen’s face, but he remained calm to say, “They’re for sure after the tungsten alloy. What a hot item this tungsten alloy is to attract so many strong individuals, but still, there’s no need to worry. We aren’t easy to bully.”

“Correct, there’s nothing to fear.” Huang Tianba folded his arms over his chest and laughed.

Nubis’ eyes shined brightly for a few seconds when he saw just how confident these two were, but he said nothing.

On the other side, the ashen-faced Ge Qiu arrived back at Situ Qing’s side, “Situ Qing, the situation isn’t looking very well.”

Situ Qing nodded his head slightly, but when he saw the pigment of Ge Qiu’s face, he hurried to say, “Ge Qiu, you should hurry to flush the poison out of your body. With the strength of the poison of a Golden-Striped Silver Snake, even a Third Heavenly Saint Ruler would be able to fight you.”

Nodding, Ge Qiu closed his eyes and started to prepare the process of detoxifying his body.

By now, all of the experts had convened together. One of the elders cupped his hands in greeting to Jian Chen, “I am Mo Ziming, grand elder of the Divine Sword sect, and this one to my side is Jian Xu. We are pleased to meet you, friend.”

“This junior greets his seniors!” Jian Chen returned the greeting as well.

“Divine Sword sect? I didn’t believe that even they would come. The Divine Sword sect has existed for tens of thousands of years — an age longer than even the ancient clans.” Huang Tianba remarked in shock.

Even Jian Chen had to look at these two individuals in a new light after that.

“We are from Baihua City. Brother Jian Chen, I am Bai Yan.” An elegantly dressed man cupped his hands and saluted him gracefully.

One by one, the individuals gathered around the area began to introduce themselves to Jian Chen. All of them had extremely powerful individuals as patrons and were thus a part of an extremely strong group. Two of them were from groups stronger than the most ancient clans, and one of them was a Saint Ruler of the Seventh Heavenly Layer. That alone was enough to match an ancient clan.

Despite their extremely lofty statuses, they treated Jian Chen with the utmost respect. Prior to their entry, each one of them had made their inquiries on Jian Chen. Therefore, they knew a decent amount of information. Now that he was comparable to a Saint Ruler in strength, it was enough for them to speak as equals, being courteous to a genius with limitless potential.

Unless there was absolutely no choice, none of them wanted to make Jian Chen their enemy.

“Seniors, if my guess is correct, you all must be here for the tungsten alloy.” Jian Chen spoke.

“Quick to the point, I see. Then we won’t mince words either, brother Jian Chen. Your guess is correct. Our Baihua City came here today for the tungsten alloy. We hope that brother Jian Chen will resign yourself to part with twenty percent of the deposit. Naturally, we won’t mistreat you, this will be an extremely beneficial trade to the both of us.” The graceful-looking Bai Yan spoke.

“Our Divine Sword sect wishes to trade for the tungsten alloy as well. Similarly, we hope that brother Jian Chen will be fine with trading twenty percent of the deposit to us.” The grand elder Mo Ziming opened his mouth to speak.

“Our Nine Yang School…”

Shortly afterward, the groups began to offer out their prices in hopes of taking a part of the tungsten alloy. Each one of them had originally planned on taking the tungsten alloy by force, but with how chaotic the situation was with so many forces gathering, no one would be able to monopolize it all. So thus, they would have to change their plans.

Jian Chen’s face had grown dark after listening to everyone’s offers. Every one of them wanted ten or twenty percent of the deposit. While that wasn’t a big amount individually, there’d be none left for him if he were to divvy it up like that, and that would be not be worth it at all.

Suddenly, a melodious voice made itself known.

“Hehehe, little brother Jian Chen. It’s been a few years since we met, yet you’ve changed so much! Perceiving this change has left this sister awe-shocked you know.”

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