Chapter 652: Tianmu Clan

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Chapter 652: Tianmu Clan

This familiar voice alarmed Jian Chen. Whirling around with a startled expression, Jian Chen could see another three figures flying through the air. The most eye-catching figure was the young woman in between the two other figures. From appearance alone, she looked to be in her twenties at the very oldest. She wore a red robe with an equally red ribbon tied at her waist in a pretty-looking bow. Her appearance was almost as if she was a seductress stepping straight out of a painting. Her white jade-like arms were exposed to the sun, making them look illustrious and resplendent, and combined with the beautiful slender-white legs that were also exposed, she was a living example of a woman that could seduce any man that looked at her.

Her appearance was without a doubt a being of beauty that could bring a country to its knees, but compared to You Yue or Huang Luan, this woman was still clearly lacking. However, even if she did, she possessed a rare kind of beauty. The womanly charm that exuded from her body was of a superior degree in comparison to You Yue or Huang Luan however.

Right beside this woman was an elderly man and woman. The both of them wore simple clothing, and from how they appeared, the two of them looked to be a married pair.

“Tianmu Ling, it’s you!” Jian Chen remarked. He was shocked; this woman was one of the few outstanding youths that participated in the Gathering of Mercenaries.

“Hehehe, little brother Jian Chen, how unexpected that you remember me. I feel quite happy about that~” Tianmu stared at Jian Chen full of interest. Her right hand touched her lips as if to hide a small laugh, “Little brother Jian Chen, it’s been a few years now, I never would’ve imagined that you’d reach such heights. It’s hard to believe that you could fight even a Saint Ruler now, but this young lady has nothing but the utmost respect for you now.”

Looking down at his blood-soaked clothes, Jian Chen forced out a smile, “Tianmu Ling, spare me your sarcasm. While I can fight a Saint Ruler, I’ve done nothing but take a beating from them.”

Pealing with laughter, Tianmu Ling said, “Little brother Jian Chen, you might as well throw your lot in with this older sister. I can protect you, and even though my strength is weaker than yours as an Earth Saint Master, this older sister can guarantee that no Saint Ruler will bully you.”

Jian Chen’s heart skipped a beat. According to what she was saying, he could guess that Tianmu Ling’s clan was most likely so tremendously powerful that even these people gathered here today were of no importance to them.

Curious, Jian Chen glanced at the two elders beside her. Just inwardly, he remarked to himself that these two elders surely had to possess an extremely terrifying strength.

“Blast it all; what bad luck we have. Why are such strong humans coming out one after another? That elderly male next to that young female stands at the zenith of the Saint Ruler realm. Only one more step is needed for him to enter the Saint King realm, and that elder female is at the Eighth Heavenly Layer. The two of them could stop all the Saint Rulers here if they wished.” Nubis cursed to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen’s heart skipped a beat as he looked on in shock at the two elders next to Tianmu Ling. Waves of shock spread through his heart as he registered the news given to him by Nubis. He hadn’t thought that Tianmu Ling would be able to manage such a terrifyingly strong  power like this. These two elders were at the Eighth and Ninth Heavenly Layer!

Seeing how Jian Chen was silent, Tianmu Ling looked to the two elders next to her and held their hands coyishly. “Grandpa Jun, Grandma Wang, you have to help little brother Jian Chen, okay? I’ll ignore you if you don’t!”

“Hahaha, very well, very well then. We’ll help him for you, great-granddaughter. As long as your little brother Jian Chen is willing to compromise with us, we’ll lend him a hand.” The one named grandpa Jun lovingly replied to her. His eyes hid none of the doting affection he felt. Thus, it was obviously apparent that he held Tianmu Ling in high regards.

“What a decent young man this one is. Unarrogant and sensible, unlike the other heirs who know nothing but arrogance. His talent is decent, and his potential is massive. But more importantly, he has grown to be rather handsome. A good match for our Ling’er. This grandmother approves.” The one known as grandma Wang laughed.

“Grandma Wang, don’t be so irresponsible with your words. There is nothing but an innocent friendship between your great-granddaughter and Jian Chen. It’s not what you think.” Tianmu Ling complained with a pout to her lips.

Smiling benevolently, the old woman spoke, “Yes yes yes, it was naught but this old woman’s daydreams. Your grandmother won’t speak of it again, so please don’t be so mad, great-granddaughter.”

“Of course I won’t!” Tianmu Ling smiled before turning her head to wave at Jian Chen, “Little brother Jian Chen, come over here! Grandpa Jun and Grandma Wang will protect you.”

“Tianmu Ling, you must be here for the tungsten alloy as well.” Jian Chen inquired.

“And quick to the point. This old woman likes that. Indeed, we came all the way here specifically for the tungsten alloy. Little boy, you cannot monopolize this deposit all by yourself. You do not have the power. Why not give half of it to our Tianmu clan. We will ensure that you will be protected, and we will take care of any other troublesome matters. You will not be dissatisfied.” The woman made an offer.

Upon mention of the Tianmu clan, a shift of mood was displayed on everyone’s faces.

“The Tianmu clan? So even the Tianmu clan has come over here.” The grand elder from the Divine Sword sect spoke with skepticism.

Even Huang Tianba looked grim at the mention of the Tianmu clan. “The tungsten alloy has a great deal of allure if even the Tianmu clan has their interest piqued. The Tianmu clan are one of the ancient families with powers that reign supreme over many others. They even have a Saint King overseeing their clan.” He whispered to Jian Chen.

“Saint King!” Jian Chen sucked in a sharp breath at the mention of a Saint King. Existences like those were almost at the same level as gods on the continent.

“So even one of the most ancient families has come. A clan like theirs could challenge even the Gilligan clan.” Nubis sighed in slight surprise.

“Brother Jian Chen, the tungsten alloy is extremely precious. You can’t give even a little of it to anyone.” Huang Tianba mentioned to Jian Chen.

“Little brother Jian Chen, don’t bother listening to that old man. The tungsten alloy is indeed precious, but the fact that you’re trying to hold it for yourself would make others red at the eyes after hearing such news. Without the power to defend it, it’ll only bring trouble onto you. It’s best that you cooperate with my Tianmu clan.” Came Tianmu Ling’s sing-song voice.

No one else spoke a word around them. While they themselves were of strong factions, they were only hermit clans and families in the end. Compared to one of the ancient families, all of them were of completely inferior statuses, yet no one was quite willing to give up. Even if it cost them an arm or leg, they wanted to make a deal for this precious treasure.

“So even the Tianmu clan has come. Jun Mohao, Wang Yanhong, I didn’t believe that you two would be the ones who came.” At that moment, another elderly voice reverberated through the sky as two elderly men came walking toward them, coming to a stop just five hundred meters away.

The sight of these two caused both grandpa Jun and grandma Wang to raise an eyebrow. However, it was grandma Wang that spoke first, “Aoyun clan, so even you’ve come for the tungsten alloy.”

“What!? He’s from the Aoyun clan?” Huang Tianba was thunderstruck. Staring fixedly at these two old men, he whispered, “The Aoyun clan is a clan I’ve only heard mention of before, but today will be the very first time I’ve ever seen any one of them. The Aoyun clan is also an ancient family that are as equally as famous as the Tianmu clan. I never would have imagined that two ancient families would appear within a thousand years of one another.”

“Another strong enemy has appeared. These two elderly males are of the Seventh and Ninth Heavenly Layer.” Nubis bitterly revealed. More and more strong individuals were showing up out of nowhere, making the situation far more complicated than it should be. This was no longer a battle between isolated hermit families, it was now a dispute between ancient families.

“Correct. We’ve come here today for the tungsten alloy. We will do what we must to get a portion of that tungsten alloy.” One of the elders spoke.

“It’s a shame that you’re too late. Half of the tungsten alloy has been given to us, the remaining half is for Jian Chen to use. There is none left for you.” The old woman next to Tianmu Ling replied.

The expressions of the two elders from the Aoyun clan darkened when they heard what she said. Turning to look at the bloodsoaked Jian Chen, one of the two elders spoke unyieldingly, “You must be Jian Chen. Since the Tianmu clan has laid claim to one half, give us the other half. The Aoyun clan won’t mistreat you. Whatever the Tianmu clan offered, we can provide the same.”

Jian Chen’s expression grew uncomfortable at this. The Aoyun clan was simply far too much if they were trying to lay claim to what he owned.

“How unfortunate that your Aoyun clan is also an ancient family. The way you do things is excessive. This tungsten alloy is for little brother Jian Chen; how uncouth of you to try and take it without giving him any.” Tianmu Ling spoke crossly.

The two elders from the Aoyun clan looked hard at Tianmu Ling; killing intent poured from their eyes in massive amounts as one of them growled, “A mere Earth Saint Master dare comment on our Aoyun clan? You must be tired of living.”

“Pah! If you dare touch even a single hair of my great-granddaughter’s head, don’t even think about returning home.” Jun Mohao took a sudden step forward. A mountain-like pressure began to emanate from his body with such power that any Saint Ruler beneath the Fifth Heavenly Layer felt as if an actual mountain was pressing onto them.

A Saint Ruler of the Ninth Heavenly Layer was already at the zenith of their respective realm. Only one more step would be required for them to cross over into the Saint King realm, so the pressure that they could give off at a moment’s notice was more than enough to intimidate any Saint Ruler beneath the Fifth Heavenly Layer.

“Tianmu clan, what is the meaning of this? Do you wish to make my Aoyun clan your enemy? We do not fear you.” The other elder from the Aoyun clan declared before silently taking out a jade stone with his hand.

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