Chapter 653: Tian Jian Has Arrived

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Chapter 653: Tian Jian Has Arrived

“What? You wish to take on the two of us by yourselves?” Jun Mohao coldly laughed, “Earth Saint Master, so what? If you dare bully my great-granddaughter, your bodies will remain behind here forever, so I declare. Even the helper that you plan on calling will meet their demise.”

The two figures from the Aoyun clan had ugly looks on their faces. A mighty Seventh Heavenly Layer was being humiliated and given no respect at all, but with how strong the enemy was, they had no choice but to accept their bitter fate. In the case that they really did anger Jun Mohao, it would be extremely dire for the Aoyun clan.

After all, he wasn’t by himself. He still had Wang Yanhong who was nearly as strong as he was with him.

The two Saint Rulers from the Aoyun clan stared balefully at Tianmu Ling right in between the two elders. Even they were shocked to see that a mere Earth Saint Master was being so affectionately looked over by two supremely strong beings. If it was for her, they’d not hesitate to fight. Knowing this, the Aoyun clan felt troubled that a conflict would actually happen.

Sighing, the two elders regained their normal expressions and looked to Jian Chen. “Jian Chen, it would best for you to hand over the other half to our Aoyun clan. Rest assured, our Aoyun clan is an ancient family, we will not mistreat you.” Perhaps it was because of the stiff words he had received from Jun Mohao, but his face was unnaturally dark. A glint of sharp light could be seen flashing from his eyes as if attempting to intimidate Jian Chen into accepting.

Displeased, Jian Chen looked back at him with a wooden expression. He was not happy at the reception he received from the elder. “My apologies, I cannot give half the deposit to your Aoyun clan.”

“Jian Chen, think twice about the aftermath that would await you. Give it some consideration. I’ll give you some time.” The other elder ominously growled.

Still resolute in his decision, Jian Chen shook his head. “There’s no need for that. I’ve made my choice. I will not give the tungsten alloy to the Aoyun clan.”

“Little brother Jian Chen, you don’t need to be afraid of the Aoyun clan! If they try to bully you, the Tianmu clan won’t sit idly on the side!” Tianmu Ling laughed.

A forced smile crept onto Jian Chen’s face as well when he turned to meet her stare. “I appreciate your help, lady Tianmu Ling, but this one should have enough power to protect the tungsten alloy myself. There’s no need for you to waste your energy for me.” Jian Chen’s voice trailed off by this point as if thinking about what next to say, “But this one has thought about the tungsten alloy. If the Tianmu clan has need for it, I’ll offer some up to your clan then when all of the ore is excavated.”

His words caused Jun Mohao and Wang Yanhong to be taken back.

“Hahaha, and here I believed that the Tianmu clan truly did lay claim to half the tungsten alloy. What an unexpected outcome!” One of the elders from the Aoyun clan laughed out loud involuntarily.

“Jian Chen, is… is there a problem with your head!? I went through a lot so that you’d be able to keep at least half of the tungsten alloy, but you’re refusing to accept our kindness! Don’t you know? If not for me, you wouldn’t even have a bit of it left?” Tianmu Ling spoke in frustration. Her previous calm was no longer there to be seen since. She knew that if Jian Chen earned the ire of the two elders next to her, trouble would befall him.

“Hahaha. If Jian Chen wishes to monopolize the tungsten alloy, why not kill him? Once he’s dead, the tungsten alloy has no master. Your Tianmu clan and Aoyun clan could split the deposit fifty-fifty then without fear of conflict.” Situ Qing suddenly interjected. Now that even the ancient families were involved, his strength to defend was practically nonexistent. By now, he had given up on taking the tungsten alloy and only cared about killing Jian Chen. The death of Jian Chen was the most important goal.

“A modest proposal.” The elders from the Aoyun clan nodded in approval at Situ Qing’s suggestion.

A sinister smile was plastered across Situ Qing’s face. “There is no need for the esteemed ancient families to kill Jian Chen, however. Allow this one to do the honors. Ge Qiu, you deal with that magical beast. Jin Tian, Jin Feng, you deal with Huang Tianba. Bi Hai, you and I will kill Jian Chen.”

“Very well. Huang Tianba, the grievances between our two families have accumulated for well over a thousand years. Today, we shall end it all. With your death, your Huang family will follow you!” Jin Tian laughed before drew a long sword with his hand. This sword was illustriously bright and radiated a white light. Following its appearance, all of the light in the world looked as if it had been amplified. A tremendous wave of energy gushed out from the sword as if a sleeping beast had finally awoken. Even the atmosphere felt rather docile around them as if cowering in fear.

“A Ruler Armament!” Jiede Tai cried out.

“A Ruler Armament!” Jian Chen’s heart skipped a beat as he stared hard at the long sword in Jin Tian’s hand. This Ruler Armament was considerably larger than his old Light Wind Sword, but it was still similar for all intents and purposes. Since it was a Ruler Armament, it’d be able to take in Chaotic Force without breaking.

His heart refused to calm down. Even as he looked at the long sword, he could hardly contain the coveting look in his eyes.

“I must take this Ruler Armament no matter what.” Jian Chen nearly howled to himself. His hands clenched together in excitement. Finding a Ruler Armament that matched him was not an easy task at all.

A five-meter-long spear appeared in Jin Feng’s hand. This spear exuded an impeccable energy from it, befitting a Ruler Armament. The two Saint Rulers of the Hongfu clan were wielders of Ruler Armaments.

Ge Qiu had already taken the chance to lunge for Nubis. With Nubis obstructed, Situ Qing and Bi Hai were free to chase down Jian Chen to try and kill him together.

Choosing to hide their hands in their sleeves and do nothing, the two elders from the Aoyun clan stood off to the side. They planned on letting Situ Qing kill Jian Chen for them so that no master could lay claim to the tungsten alloy. From there on, the Aoyun clan and Tianmu clan could split the deposit without fear of conflict.

“Grandpa Jun, grandma Wang, you have to help Jian Chen! He’s no match for those two!” Tianmu Ling pulled at their robes as she tried to plead for assistance.

“Dear great-granddaughter, this can’t be blamed on your great-grandpa or great-grandma. We wanted to help him, but he decided to try and take the tungsten alloy all for himself. Let him reap the consequences of his own actions then.” Jun Mohao explained.

Tianmu Ling could only let out a sigh of regret at that. From this point on, she knew that there was no way that either of the two would help him.

“Jian Chen, prepare to die!”

On the other side, Situ Qing dove straight for Jian Chen. With the help of Bi Hai, Situ Qing was now more than capable of killing Jian Chen.

Suddenly, the space around Jian Chen suddenly froze up, locking both Jian Chen, Situ Qing, and Bi Hai in place.

Then the space to Jian Chen’s side began to intensely ripple with energy. The very next second, a Space Gate opened up to reveal a white-robed middle-aged man. He walked out to stand right next to Jian Chen.

There wasn’t an extraordinary amount of energy emanating from this man. He resembled an ordinary man, but despite that, everyone could tell that his very person was one with the world.

It was Ming Dong’s uncle, the grand elder of Mercenary City — Tian Jian!

“Jian Chen pays his respects to senior!” Upon seeing this man, Jian Chen immediately assumed respectful posture. Tian Jian’s appearance wasn’t unexpected to him since he knew that the patriarch of the Huang family had notified him with a jade stone.

“Huang Tianba pays his respects to senior!” Huang Tianba adopted the same respectful posture as well.

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