Chapter 656: Victory

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Chapter 656: Victory

The Saint King from the Tianmu clan could hardly contain his shock for Tian Jian, someone he had disregarded as unimportant earlier. He found it hard to believe that this person was actually the grand elder of Mercenary City, but what was even harder to believe was the fact that he would be the one supporting Jian Chen, the one with the tungsten alloy.

The grand elder of Mercenary City was essentially the highest position of leadership in Mercenary City. They were the upholders of law for the city. The grand elder controlled even the several dozen Saint Rulers seated there. Thus, the grand elder was without exception someone the heads of the ancient families couldn’t even be compared with.

Not only was Mercenary City an incredibly strong faction, the grand elder himself had reached a terrifyingly strong level of power. In front of him, the Tianmu and the Aoyun clan were essentially powerless.

“But… just how!? How does Jian Chen and the grand elder of Mercenary City even know each other!?” Tianmu Ling looked at Jian Chen in a daze. Despite being an Earth Saint Master, she was part of an ancient family. Her knowledge of these matters was far better than the normal person, so she knew just how important the grand elder of Mercenary City was.

It was akin to being the absolute leader of the entire continent!

“Ai!” Jun Mohao regained his calm composure relatively quicker than the others with a sigh, “How unexpected that he would invite the grand elder of Mercenary City. Let us cut the games. The only ones that could possibly fight Mercenary City would be the legendary guardian clans.”

“Ling’er, your friend here isn’t as ordinary as we were led to believe. He’s invited the grand elder of Mercenary City of all people! Inconceivable, quite utterly inconceivable. Who would dare try to take a portion of the tungsten alloy now?” Wang Yanhong spoke to the still dazed Tianmu Ling.

The Saint King of the Tianmu clan let out a deep breath before looking at Tian Jian in fear. “This one, Tianmu Yuan, pays his respects to the grand elder. I did not think that the grand elder would appear here today, what a surprise for us. If there has been any offense committed by my Tianmu clan today, then I hope that the grand elder will find it in himself to forgive us.” This time, the Saint King’s words were far more docile in nature than before. There wasn’t any more arrogance, and even his aura was more subdued.

In front of the grand elder of Mercenary City, Tianmu Yuan didn’t even have the right to be arrogant.

“No worries. As long as you give up your desire for this tungsten alloy, then there will be no problem.” Tian Jian stated.

“Then, as the grand elder says, our Tianmu clan will no longer wish for any bit of the tungsten alloy. We’ll be making our leave then.” Tianmu Yuan replied. He then gave Tian Jian his goodbye, and by opening a Space Gate into the world, he, along with the other members of his clan, left the area.

“Grand elder, this one has been disrespectful to you. I hope the grand elder will find it in his heart to allow this one, Aoyun Qingping, to offer up compensation.” The Saint King of the Aoyun clan was completely submissive as well. He gave a deep bow to Tian Jian since he knew that he was in a tight spot. Even if Tian Jian forgave him, the fact that he and the Aoyun clan had committed an offense toward Tian Jian would be known to everyone. It was the grand elder of Mercenary City that he offended. Out of all the people on the continent, Tian Jian was one of the few that could not be offended.

“Go back from whence you came. That is the last time I will repeat myself.” Tian Jian spoke calmly. He didn’t seem to hold any emotion at all in his words.

“Yes, my Aoyun clan will leave straight away. We will definitely give up our involvement with the tungsten alloy.” The Saint King hurried to respond before taking his clan with him through a Space Gate he made.

In the blink of an eye, the two Saint Kings, who had arrived with a thunderous entrance, made a hasty retreat in defeat. Now that they were gone, the only ones left were the several hermit clans and Saint Rulers, such as Situ Qing and the others.

“Honorable grand elder, our Divine Sword sect will no longer partake in this affair either.”

“Honorable grand elder, we of Baihua City will no longer interfere with the tungsten alloy affair.”


Soon after, many of the hermit clans and schools began to pledge their non-interference with the tungsten alloy. With the grand elder there and the strongest ancient families gone, they had no other choice.

After experiencing this, they were all now fully aware that the captain of the Flame Mercenaries, Jian Chen, was an individual they could not be offended under any circumstances. Although his strength wasn’t necessarily at a level where he could fight them, the mountain that was his patron stood at the very top of the pyramid of the continent.

This time, Jian Chen now had a name even among the hermit clans and families!

This resulted in each of the Saint Rulers bidding a friendly farewell to Jian Chen before leaving. Situ Qing and the others each revealed hard looks on their faces. None of them could have imagined that their plans would change so drastically. The grand elder appearing out of nowhere had thrown a wrench into their plans, and now Situ Qing and the two Saint Rulers from the Hongfu clan were scared to pieces.

“Why are you all in a daze? Hurry up and run!” Situ Qing had been the first to respond, snapping the others out of their confusion. Turning to run away, they quickly traveled several hundred kilometers at the fastest speed they could muster. To stay there now would be to wait for their deaths.

The two Saint Rulers of the Hongfu clan, Bi Hai, and Ge Qiu hadn’t hesitated either. Each one of them were traveling as fast as they could to get out of there.

“Where do you think you’re going? Stop them!” Jian Chen cried out before chasing after Situ Qing.

“Jin Tian, Jin Feng, escaping won’t be as easy as you think! Why don’t you stay behind and settle your grievances with me?” Huang Tianba laughed. In his hand was a long, golden bow. He shot two arrows straight at the escaping Jin Tian and Jin Feng.

“Old one, our fight has yet to finish!” Nubis hissed out loud before transforming into a golden light to chase after Ge Qiu. Jiede Tai didn’t hesitate to chase down the blue-robed Bi Hai that had injured him earlier. Despite his strength being less than Bi Hai’s strength, with the patron behind him, Jiede Tai wasn’t afraid in the slightest anymore.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The two golden energy arrows shot toward Jin Tian and Jin Feng at breakneck speeds. As expected from a Ruler Armament, the arrows that it shot locked onto the two men’s auras precisely without fail.

Without decreasing their speeds, the two men took out their own Ruler Armaments to knock away the golden arrows, and then continued on their way.

On the other side, Ge Qiu was already farther away than the others. He was essentially out of sight already, leaving Nubis no chance of catching up to him. The distance in strength between the two was far too great, and Ge Qiu’s understanding of space far too substantial.

Likewise, Jian Chen had been unable to chase down Situ Qing. Jian Chen’s adversary escaped, and he returned depressed.

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