Chapter 659: Patriarch of the Bi Clan (One)

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Chapter 659: Patriarch of the Bi Clan (One)

Tian Jian didn’t stay for long. He left through a crack in space without even seeing Ming Dong. Men like him had long since lost their material greed. They spent their days living in isolation, away from the world. Very rarely did they interfere, and even if a scuffle somewhere in the world happened, they’d be disinclined to look into it.

Huang Tianba, Nubis, and Jiede Tai were all still in quite a flummox even after Tian Jian left.

Tian Jian was, after all, the grand elder of Mercenary City. A man like him had stopped two ancient families and several hermit families from fighting their group. This meant without a doubt that Jian Chen’s group had a definite relationship with the grand elder of Mercenary City, a major benefit for them. At the very least, the hermit and ancient families would think twice about fighting them now.

Only Jian Chen was left with an unhappy expression. The surprise of the Metal Spirit within the tungsten alloy gave him plenty to think about. Even now, he was floating in mid-air with a ponderous look, thinking about the blue-robed Bi Hai.

“Brother Jian Chen, we’ve not only managed to secure the tungsten alloy, we’ve also managed to deter the others with the power of the grand elder. From now on, we won’t need to pay as much attention to the tungsten alloy. Now that the biggest headache is gone, what are you so worried about?” Huang Tianba asked Jian Chen.

Vanquishing his thoughts, Jian Chen smiled, “The biggest problem is gone with the tungsten alloy, that much is true. We won’t need to worry about another group trying to take it away from us, so we should all head back for now. Today’s events call for a celebration.” 

Then, Jian Chen fished out a white bottle from his Space Ring and gave it to Jiede Tai, “Jiede Tai, there’s five Class 6 Radiant Spirit Pills in here. They’re yours to use and heal your wounds with.”

Accepting the pills, Jiede Tai immediately popped the bottle open and took two of the pills into his mouth. Sparing a slight glance at the remaining three Radiant Spirit Pills, he hesitated just briefly before putting them into his own Space Ring. The wounds he had sustained from Bi Hai’s palm were not light at all.

Shortly afterward, everyone returned to the interior of the city. The inhabitants of the city that had been unfortunate enough to fall prey to Nubis’ poison were awake once more. The poison of a Golden-Striped Silver Snake was extremely toxic, but they had only ingested the air that was sprinkled with it. Combined with the fact that Nubis had diluted most of it by taking it back into himself, cutting away the source, the poison that the inhabitants of the city ingested wasn’t enough to kill them.

By now the city was in a tumultuous chaos. Everyone was grouped in bunches as they filled the streets to talk to each other about the battle between the Saint Rulers with gusto.

Many of the horses and magical beasts responsible for pulling trading goods and such were all paralyzed with fear thanks to the intimidating might of the Class 7 Nubis. Many of them were unable to stand and were reduced to a shivering bundle of flesh that couldn’t be moved even when their owners tried to push and prod them. As a result, the streets were jampacked with people clogging the way.

In the palace, the blood-soaked Jian Chen came walking back with Nubis and the others. As soon as their foot stepped onto the ground, a horde of people came forward to meet them.

“Jian Chen, are you okay? Was the Saint Ruler from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger driven away?”

“Jian Chen, you’re hurt! There’s so much blood…”

“Brother, are you okay? Are your wounds serious?”

“Captain, what’s going on?”

“Captain, are you okay? Let me notify the Radiant Saint Masters to come…”

“The captain’s injured! Call for a Radiant Saint Master!”


The friends of Jian Chen and important characters from the Flame Mercenaries came to talk to him in droves with everyone talking at once. All of them were filled with a great deal of concern and worry for him. Jian Chen was after all the pillar of the Flame Mercenaries. Everyone knew that without Jian Chen, the Flame Mercenaries would have no path forward. If Jian Chen fell, the Flame Mercenaries would fall too.

Shushing everyone with a hand, Jian Chen said in a strong voice, “There is no need for concern; my injuries aren’t serious. They are only scratches, but I’ve important news to tell everyone. From today on, no one will try to take our tungsten alloy now. So please rest assured.”

“Is that right? That’s great!”

Everyone let out a rejoiceful cry of celebration at Jian Chen’s words. The tungsten alloy was a veritable treasure trove for the Flame Mercenaries. As long as they held it, they would not be lacking money in the future.

“The city is in a messy spot right now. If everyone could, please go into the city and establish some order.” Jian Chen commanded.

“Yes, captain! We’ll go at once!” Several of the mercenaries immediately retreated to carry out his orders.

Soon afterward, Jian Chen returned to his own room and washed his body. He cleaned away the blood before inspecting his body.

It was still as white and unmarked as a newborn with very lustrous skin, similar a woman’s. The wounds he sustained during the battle were nowhere to be seen, not even a single scar remained.

“The regenerative power of the Chaotic Body is far too powerful. If I had received such wounds in the past, I  would’ve been left incapacitated for several days. The Chaotic Body’s regenerative power is almost instantaneous. It heals my wounds in less than a breath’s worth of time.” Jian Chen sighed as he praised the Chaotic Body.

Taking out a clean set of robes from his Space Ring, Jian Chen dried himself off and then put them on. Walking out from the bathing area, he noticed Ming Dong and the others gathered in the lounge. When they saw the rosy-red hue of health on Jian Chen’s face, they all looked surprised.

“Jian Chen, your wounds shouldn’t have healed that fast! Your clothes were extremely bloody just a moment ago. Don’t tell me that blood was from the Saint Ruler from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger!” Ming Dong couldn’t help but ask. He simply couldn’t believe that Jian Chen would have been able to inflict that much damage on someone who had reached the Saint Ruler realm, like Situ Qing.

Jian Chen laughed, but he made no motion to answer Ming Dong’s question. “Now that the problem with the tungsten alloy is resolved, I need to return home for an important matter. I’ll leave you all to take care of the matters while I’m gone.”

“Brother, you left for a very long time already and only just got back. Why must you leave so soon?” Bi Lian pouted in disappointment.

Jian Chen’s face was solemn as he answered her, “Lian’er, this is a matter that concerns our family. Your cousin must go and confirm something.”

Seeing the solemn look on his face, Bi Lian realized that this was no small issue like she had thought. “Okay, then. Brother, you have to come back soon though!”

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