Chapter 662: Visiting the Sect of Dragon and Tiger

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Chapter 662: Visiting the Sect of Dragon and Tiger

Not even two hours had passed since Jian Chen arrived at Changyang Manor with Nubis before they left with a speed that was just as fast as when they came. They came quickly, they left quickly. Changyang Ba didn’t even have a chance to see his own son.

Finding the patriarch of the Bi family was far more important; there was no time to lose.

Conflicted, Bi Yuntian stood at beyond the doors to her own room to watch Jian Chen disappear into the skies. Her heart found it very hard to remain calm at that moment since Jian Chen’s abrupt news about the patriarch of the Bi family immediately broken the tranquility she was in. At the same time, she was extremely nervous on whether or not that person was really the same Bi Hai she knew to be the patriarch.

“Xiang’er! Xiang’ers back?” Suddenly, a dignified but excited voice echoed through the halls as Changyang Ba came running into view.

Right behind him were several of the higher ranking members of the Changyang manor, each one of them running excitedly with Changyang Ba towards Bi Yuntian’s room.

Striding to Bi Yuntian’s side and looking left and right, Changyang Ba asked, “Yun’er, Xiang’er has returned hasn’t he? Where is he then?”

Taking in a deep breath to calm her nerves, Bi Yuntian couldn’t help but smile to see the hurried expression on her husband’s face. “Xiang’er has already left.”

“What? He left?” Changyang Ba didn’t believe it for a moment. Smiling, he spoke, “Yun’er, let’s dispense with the jokes. Xiang’er only just came back, but it’s been a long time since I last saw him. As a father, I wish to see my son.”

“It’s true. Husband, Xiang’er has left. He has important matters to take care of and so he couldn’t stay for long.” Bi Yuntian replied.

Bi Yuntian was never a person to make jokes, so Changyang Ba had no other choice but to believe that Jian Chen had really left. Sighing, he said, “A pity that I was late then. I hadn’t the idea that Xiang’er would be in such a hurry to leave. It’s rare that he comes back home already. It seems that our son is quite rushed if he has to leave home as quickly as he came then.”

“Little Yun, I’ve heard that the fourth master has broken through to become a Saint Ruler. Would that tidbit of information be true?” An elder besides Changyang Ba suddenly; he was one of the doyen of the Changyang manor.

The fellow doyens of the clan immediately looked to Bi Yuntian expectantly. Each of their eyes glowed brightly as if waiting for her answer. The reason why all of the doyens gathered here today was to verify this highly important piece of information.

Seeing the highly excited looks of anticipation on everyone’s faces, Bi Yuntian couldn’t help but have a proud smile on her own face. “I only just asked this of Xiang’er himself. Xiang’er is truly an amazing child. Not only does he not fear any Saint Ruler, he has the strength to fight one as well.”

“Is that true? Thats….that’s amazing! I never would have imagined that our Changyang manor would be blessed with a Saint Ruler–dear heavens! Saint Rulers are rare even on the Tian Yuan Continent; and yet our Changyang manor has one of them!”

“This is great information! Our Changyang manor has been blessed with an unprecedented genius. Just barely in his twenties and he has already become a Saint Ruler!”

“From now on, our Changyang manor will no longer be a smalltime clan in this part of the kingdom. With a Saint Ruler, our Changyang manor can set its eyes over the entire continent. We will be a face that everyone knows!”

“Like how the boat rises with the tides, our Changyang manor will rise too, hahaha!”

One by one, the doyens of the Changyang manor began to laugh in excitement. Each one of them were hardly able to contain their joy, and their excitement were already far beyond what they would normally be willing to express.


One day later, Jian Chen and Nubis returned back to where the Nubis clan was. After his return, Ming Dong and the others immediately gathered around him.

“Brother, what in the world caused you to leave in such a hurry? You only left just two days ago, and based on the distance between the Gesun Kingdom and here, you couldn’t possibly left in this place long enough.” Ming Dong asked Jian Chen curiously for the details.

“Brother, what in the world happened? Tell us it, hopefully we can all find a solution.” Bi Lian asked in concern.

“Jian Chen, did something bad happened?” You Yue surmised with a dark expression.

Revealing a light smile, Jian Chen replied, “There’s no need for everyone to guess the situation. I can’t talk about it for now, but it isn’t anything bad. Or rather, it’s a rather good affair. Let us go our own ways for now, I’ve some things I wish to discuss with senior Huang and Jiede Tai.”

Afterwards, Jian Chen walked over to the garden where Huang Tianba and Jiede Tai were currently engaged in a game of chess. Along with Nubis, the four of them sat around a circular table where several maids brought out refreshments and drinks to adorn the table.

Due to the fact that Nubis spent the majority of his life in Cross Mountains without leaving, the delicacies of mankind were an unknown to him. Unable to help himself, each part of the refreshments were gobbled up by him while commenting happily on the taste.

After the maids had their fun bringing even more snacks to Nubis, Jian Chen spoke to them, “You may leave now.”

“Yes!” The maids bowed before retreating away from the garden.

“Brother Jian Chen, what business might you have for you to call on us?” After the maids left, Huang Tianba opened his mouth to speak.

Jian Chen was quiet for a brief moment before replying, “I wish to find the blue-robed one named Bi Hai. The one that Situ Qing invited. Would either of you three know of a way to find him?”

“That man’s strength is as strong as mine. I’ve not enough strength to leave a mark on him.” Jiede Tai remarked.

“My Solunar Bow was able to lock onto his aura so that he shouldn’t have been able to run away, but there was some sort of mysterious escape technique he used to completely erase his aura. Even now I still can’t find him.” Huang Tianba spoke.

Jian Chen looked to Nubis in hopes that this ancient beast would know of some particular method to find Bi Hai.

Noticing his gaze, Nubis shrugged his shoulders, “I’ve never even fought with that human before, don’t look to me for advice. I’d know not where he went, but if you wished to find that tattered-robe old one, then I’d have a way. His entire body was infected with my poison, as long as he doesn’t completely neutralize the poison, I’ll be able to sense his position no matter where he is.”

Jian Chen’s eyebrows flew up, “It seems that if we wish to find his position, we have to find out from the Saint Ruler from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger himself.”

“Brother Jian Chen, don’t you have a grudge with them still? You may as well nip the problem now, with the power we have now, the Sect of Dragon and Tiger has no way of threatening us anymore.” Huang Tianba proposed.

“That was my plan.” Jian Chen nodded his head in some thought, “The Saint Ruler would do anything to kill me now and as soon as possible. If not for my fortitude, I really would’ve died at his hands. I can’t return this favor with a lenient hand, I will make him fall with our visit. Jiede Tai, stay here in the meanwhile. Nubis, senior Huang, the three of us will hurry on towards their sect.”

“Haha, brother Jian Chen is surprisingly a decisively firm type of a person. I can respect that.” Huang Tianba laughed before following Jian Chen out.

Afterwards, Jian Chen bade farewell to Ming Dong and the others before leaving with Nubis and Huang Tianba off towards the Sect of Dragon and Tiger.

The Sect of Dragon and Tiger wasn’t too far away from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, and with Jian Chen’s speed, they were easily able to reach the sect’s resting grounds in no time at all. From far away, Jian Chen and them could see the people within the sect moving about.

Floating in front of the sect, Jian Chen’s eyes stare frostily at the buildings down below. “Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger, come out and die!” Jian Chen’s voice wasn’t any louder than normal, but the entire world could still hear his echoing voice.

Immediately, the Sect of Dragon and Tiger was brought into chaos. A great deal of people began to pour out from the buildings to stare up at the three figures floating in midair. They felt uneasy since they didn’t recognize the three figures, but knowing that they were blatantly undermining the sect’s strength, the people knew that these three people would not be weak.

Several figures flew out into the skies before quickly coming to a stop in front of Jian Chen and the other two. Each one of them stared at Jian Chen dangerously, and at the very front of this group was the sectmaster Kris.

He recognized Jian Chen straight away with a crestfallen face. All semblance of color bled away from his face at once, leaving him with an extremely pale coloration as he shrieked, “Jian Chen, it’s you!”

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