Chapter 668: Patriarch of the Bi Clan

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Chapter 668: Patriarch of the Bi Clan

“I’ve never gone beneath the sea, but the memories I inherited has given me a deep understanding on some aspects. They are beings that have evolved to become highly intelligent; similar to the magical beasts of land. They are an extremely powerful race, and they are the only one of the four races to never take advantage of the other three races in any conflict. They are well-suited for life under water and not on land. Thus, when the battle for land started, the clans of the sea never participated, thus making it even harder for people to learn of their existence.”

“How many champions do the clans of the sea have?” Jian Chen asked.

“They’re rather comparable in numbers compared to humanity. In terms of comprehensive strength, they could easily stand against humanity. Naturally, this is knowledge from long ago. I’ve no information on the current situation of the sea clans. And I’ve little idea if they’ve become even stronger than humanity. In that war long ago, humanity lost far too many champions while the beings of the sea managed to maintain that golden age of theirs.”

“Ai!” Nubis sighed. “According the knowledge I inherited, Mo Tianyun, the Winged Tiger God, and Aergyns once fought each other in a very intense battle. Their strengths surpassed that of a Saint Emperor, and it nearly brought the world to ruin. Even the laws of the world were bent at their whims, and the energy of the world suffered catastrophic damages. This led to the champions of humanity thinning out and becoming rarer as a result and made understanding the mysteries of the world even harder, meaning even less Saint Rulers were to be had. Compared to before, breaking through now is far harder. Even the most promising of genius have difficulty crossing this boundary, and the realms after that only gets harder, making it require far mor time to cultivate strength.”

Jian Chen and Huang Tianba were already slackjawed from all the information they were hearing. Everything that Nubis was telling them was on par with The Arabian Nights itself in information. Even though they had never heard of it before, they believed in it completely.

But Nubis decided that this part here would be the stopping point. Waving his hand, he spoke, “I shall say no more. Knowing about this has no good benefits. Let us focus on the task at hand.”

Afterwards, Jian Chen and Huang Tianba continued on their journey with plenty of information to digest and think about. After half a day’s worth of travel, they finally managed to arrive at the place where Bi Hai was said to be.

Upon arrival, Jian Chen felt a rather sudden sense of anxiety. It was unknown whether Bi Hai was still here or not. If he wasn’t, finding a Saint Ruler that wanted to hide himself would be extremely difficult, especially on a continent as large as the Tian Yuan Continent.

The three came to a stop in midair so that Jian Chen could survey the thickets and trees down below. “Senior Huang, the great Nubis, you two stay here. I’ll go take a look myself.”

Huang Tianba gave a deep look at Jian Chen. From what emotions Jian Chen had going on, Huang Tianba could tell that there was some sort of secret between Jian Chen and Bi Hai, so he nodded his head. “Very well. Brother Jian Chen, be careful. If he fights you, you must call out at once.”

Jian Chen nodded his head and then left the two Saint Rulers in the air to fly down by himself.

WIth his speed, it only took several moments for Jian Chen to traverse the remaining several kilometers to arrive at a hidden cave. It was so dark that practically nothing could be seen from the outside. But Jian Chen knew that this seemingly ordinary cave housoed a Saint Ruler inside.

The further he walked into the cave, the more conflicted Jian Chen felt. All of the worries he had in his mind began to compile, and he grew afraid that Bi Hai wasn’t the person he was looking for. The world had many coincidental events after all.

Jian Chen’s eyes concentrated on the ground ten meters ahead of him. Letting out a sigh, he tried to calm his nerves and make his way further into the cave.

Not long after Jian Chen made a few steps into the cave, a series of footsteps could be heard from the other side. The footsteps drew closer and closer as a blue-robed elder came walking out from the darkness with his hands behind his back. It was Bi Hai.

Jian Chen’s footsteps came to a stop as he looked to the elder. The conflicting emotions in his mind refused to show on his face however, but beneath his steel demeanor was a heart that refused to slow down in tempo. Bi Hai was without a doubt here.

Emotionless, Bi Hai looked to Jian Chen with eyes that felt as if they could bore holes in Jian Chen. “So you’ve managed to find your way here. Situ Qing told you of my location I see. If I had known, I’d have changed my location earlier. I shouldn’t have stayed here after all.” His eyes flickered to the space above where Huang Tianba and Nubis were. They didn’t bother hiding their aura, so Bi Hai was easily able to detect their presence.

“Jian Chen. Even if I cannot fight the three of you, I can still run, even if you try to use a Ruler Armament. Are you willing to find out?” Bi Hai spoke without at all giving Jian Chen time to respond.

Knowing that Bi Hai was misunderstanding the situation, Jian Chen hastened to rectify it, “Senior, please don’t misunderstand. This junior came here today on matters unrelated to the battle a few days before.”

A flash of light gleamed across Bi Hai’s eyes, but he continued to look at Jian Chen with that same emotionless look. “Then why have you come?”

Thinking for a moment to clear his mind and thoughts, Jian Chen spoke, “Senior, this junior came here today for you.”

“For me?” Confusion flashed across Bi Hai’s face.

“Indeed.” Jian Chen nodded. “Senior, this junior has several items with me. Please take a good look.”

Jian Chen took out a thin manual from his Space Ring and let it hover over to Bi Hai by the use of his mindpower.

Taking the manual, Bi Hai began to flip through it. No sooner did he flip open to the first page did his expression change drastically. Shocked, his eyes flew to look at Jian Chen. He said nothing however and continued to read the manual.

Soon enough, the manual was completely thumbed through by Bi Hai, but the emotions that ran through Bi Hai’s face became even more shocked with each page. Even his hands which were holding the manual was starting to tremble from his emotions.

In no time at all, Bi Hai closed the manual shut to give Jian Chen a terrifying glare. “Where did you come across this battle skill?”

In this current moment, Bi Hai was hit with a tidal wave of emotions. For, in this manual given to him by Jian Chen, it contained the battle skills of the Bi family, the very same ones he invented long ago–the Miracle Water of Bi.

Seeing the drastic change that overcame Bi Hai’s face, Jian Chen was assured that he had found the right person. “Thirty years ago in Minghuo City, one of the cities belonging to the Karl Empire of the Three Great Empires, there was once a great family called the Bi family. Would senior happen to know of this family?”


Unable to preserve his calm composure, a tremendous aura exploded forth from Bi Hai’s body and solidified the area around him so that Jian Chen felt himself unable to move a hand or foot in any direction.

Immediately, Bi Hai appeared right in front of Jian Chen with terrifying power, “Who are you!” He barked. “How did you come across the Miracle Water of Bi, are you related to the massacre of my Bi family thirty years ago?!”


Appearing out of nowhere, a golden arrow made itself known as it flew towards Bi Hai with an ear-piercing sound. The golden arrow was locked onto Bi Hai’s aura, meaning that Bi Hai would have no way of dodging it.

A frosty light appeared in Bi Hai’s eyes as he grabbed onto Jian Chen and moved him to the front to use him as a shield against the arrow fired from a Ruler Armament.

But the result was not what Bi Hai was expecting, as the golden arrow suddenly rerouted itself besides Jian Chen to strike at Bi Hai from another direction.

Snorting, Bi Hai tossed Jian Chen to the side and took out his Saint Weapon to knock the golden arrow to the side.

As the golden arrow made contact with Bi Hai’s Saint Weapon, an ear-deafening explosion rang out in the area. The energy backlash flooded the area and distorted the space itself to an extent where several pitch-dark cracks began to manifest before disappearing just as quickly as it appeared.

The mountain Bi Hai and Jian Chen were standing on began to quake before ultimately collapsing on itself, leaving both persons to fly into the skies.

At the same time, Huang Tianba came into view with the Solunar Bow in hand and the golden-robed Nubis by his side just twenty meters away. Both of them were glaring heavily at Bi Hai, and their auras were beginning to grow in amount to try and lock Bi Hai into place.

“Senior Huang, Nubis, stay your hand!” Jian Chen commanded at the two to try and de-escalate the situation.

Obeying Jian Chen, the two of them slowly withdrew their auras, but they remained where they stood without saying a word.

Bi Hai’s eyes looked to the two men behind Jian Chen with the utmost of concentration. He was equal in strength to one of them, but he had no Ruler Armament. The other one was an ancient Silver Striped Golden Snake; a magical beast of antiquity that boasted tremendous battle strength. It could fight a Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler, making it an enemy to not fight if possible. Both men brought him a considerable amount of pressure, and if the two of them were to truly fight him, Bi Hai’s only option was to try to escape.

Glaring at the two for a moment, Bi Hai turned his eyes back to Jian Chen, “Who are you. Out with it.” He growled.

By now, Jian Chen was completely sure that Bi Hai was who he thought he was. “Senior.” He started with a quaking voice. “May you be the patriarch of the Bi family?”

“Indeed. The Bi family of the Minghuo City of the Karl Empire. That is the family this one founded.” Bi Hai stated emotionlessly.

Straight away, Jian Chen’s body fell to his knees in midair to kneel and speak, “This junior of the Bi family pays his respects to the patriarch!”

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