Chapter 670: Return of the Ancestor (Two)

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Chapter 670: Return of the Ancestor (Two)

“Mother, aunties, you all were here as well it seems.” Calling out to them all in greeting, Jian Chen approached them with a smile on his face.

“Xiang’er, your return was just in time! Come, come, your mother has some things I wish to talk about.” Bi Yuntian took Jian Chen by the hand and dragged him to sit down. Before he could even say anything, Bi Yuntian spoke first, “Xiang’er, today your mother wants to talk to you about your third aunt. She has done you wrong in the past, but in the end we are still family. I hope that you’ll forgive your third aunt and won’t begrudge her for before.”

Jian Chen was surprised by this and turned to look at his third aunt. He didn’t have a favorable opinion of her since he remembered how she used to treat him before. Ever since the beginning, she made life difficult for him with all the obstacles she put.

Bai Yushuang could feel herself grow quiet knowing that Jian Chen’s gaze was on her. Forcing a smile onto her face, she spoke, “Xiang’er, I’ve done many wrong things towards you as a result of my narrow-mindedness. I’ve failed in my duty as your aunty, and for the past few days, your third aunt has been reflecting on this. I’ve acknowledged my mistakes and wish to apologize to you, Xiang’er. I hope that you’ll forgive this aunty and give me another chance.”

But Jian Chen responded to her with a great big smile, “I’ve long since forgotten about the past! Third aunty, you shouldn’t be so concerned about such matters.”

While Jian Chen didn’t have a good opinion of her, she was still his aunt in the end. As the third wife of his father, she was family and someone he would see often. If he and her were to have a falling out, it would influence the entire household.

Jian Chen loved and cherished his family, as he had never one in his past life. Thus, he was reluctant to have anything sad happen to his household and would try to avoid any unfortunate situations such as this one by choosing to forgive the aunt.

Furthermore, he understood the power he had now. If he was adamant in pushing Bai Yushuang away, then the elders of the clan would surely try to protect their own statuses by treating her badly. This would then lead to Bai Yushuang being mistreated within the manor and cause problems with his father as well.

“Hahaha, the Xiang’er of today grows even more understanding with each passing day! Third sister, you’ve heard him. He has already forgotten about the matters of the past! You can rest assured now, there is no longer any conflict between us four sisters. There’s no need for such conflict between family members after all.” The eldest aunt spoke.

“Yes, of course! From now on, I will do my best to listen to my sisters!” Bai Yushuan nodded her head furiously with great joy. Knowing that Jian Chen was forgiving her had allowed all of her apprehension to simply melt away.

The second aunt looked to Jian Chen with a fond look, “Ah, Xiang’er. You’ve come back home again so soon! Why don’t you stay for longer this time?” Then, looking to Bi Hai, she gave an inquisitive look, “Xiang’er, who might this elder be?”

Bai Yushuang’s previous situation with him had knocked Jian Chen for a loop. But when Yu Fengyan brought him back to awareness of the more important matters. Straightening himself up with a solemn expression, he spoke, “Eldest aunt, second aunt, third aunt, I’ve important matters to talk with my mother. If we could have this conversation another time?”

“Ah, yes. No problem at all! Your mother hasn’t seen you for a long time, there must be plenty you two wish to talk about. We won’t take up anymore of your time then, take your time now!” Ling Long spoke before bring both Yu Fengyan and Bai Yushuang away from the garden. Passing by Bi Hai, the three of them looked only briefly at him to wonder just who he was before leaving completely.

When the three of them disappeared from sight, all that remained in the garden was Jian Chen, Bi Yuntian, and Bi Hai.

Bi Yuntian stared inquisitively at Jian Chen and was just about to ask what in the world was the matter with him when she stared behind at Bi Hai. Straight away, her face slackened as memories from several days ago came flooding back to her about what Jian Chen told her about the Bi family. Connecting two and two, Bi Yuntian quickly arrived at a conclusion.

“Xiang’er, who might this senior be?” She asked. Inside her chest, her heart was already starting to beat rapidly.

“Mother, your child has done well, I’ve found the patriarch of our Bi family, the patriarch lost to us well over thirty years ago!” Jian Chen spoke exuberantly.

“What!” Bi Yuntian’s face grew shocked; Jian Chen’s words had been like a clap of thunder to completely astound her where she stood. She had never expected to see that her own son would even find information of the lost patriarch, let alone actually bring him back.

For a good while, Bi Yuntian was speechless. Finally, she found herself looking at Bi Hai to ask with a trembling voice, “Are…are you really patriarch Bi, patriarch to my Bi family?”

Bi Hai studied Bi Yuntian closely; seeing that a descendant to his family was in front of him at this very moment had filled the elder with unrestrained emotions.

“That would be correct. I am the patriarch to the Bi family, Bi Hai.” He spoke with a hint of a shudder. In the current moment, he felt as if he was a father to the prodigal son, and his voice could hardly contain his emotions.

Now that his identity was confirmed, Bi Yuntian fell to her knees to cry out, “This descendant welcomes the return of the patriarch!”

“Up to your feet now, up I say. There are only us left to the Bi, there’s no need for such etiquette.” Bi Hai immediately hurried to lift Bi Yuntian to her feet. Now that he had found a member to his family, Bi Hai was besides himself with joy.

Slowly helping Bi Yuntian to her feet, Bi Hai opened his mouth to speak, “Tell me what you know of the massacre thirty years ago. Everything you know, you must tell me without a single detail left out!” He was frantic in his deep desire to learn just which person was the one responsible.

“Patriarch, the massacre happened when I was only a child, so I know little of the events, less of even who were responsible. But my father did tell me that they were after the inheritance of our Bi family.”

Bi Hai’s eyes flashed dangerously; whipping up a barrier to prevent sound from going past it, he placed the barrier around the entire garden. It glimmered hazily in the air, but the entire place within the sphere was now protected from the exterior without people even being able to see what was going on within.

“The beast fur, has it been taken from us?” Bi Hai asked grimly.

“It’s right here!” Jian Chen immediately produced a box from within his Space Ring to hand to Bi Hai, “Patriarch, there’s three pieces to the beast fur in here, one of them being the inheritance from our Bi family. The other two pieces were ones I found on my own during my travels.”

Without paying much attention to what Jian Chen’s words, Bi Hai took the box and opened it to retrieve the pieces of the beast fur from within. When he saw the three pieces, his eyes flashed with a surprised look, “These three pieces are identical!”

“Yes, patriarch. They are all the exact same. Whether it’s in size, shape, or material, it’s all the same. Would you happen to know the secret behind them?” Jian Chen asked.

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