Chapter 678: Healing Attempt

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Chapter 678: Healing Attempt

Jian Chen spent a long time examining the three pieces of beast fur in his hand, but he did not discover anything. Currently, the three beast furs seemed just as ordinary as they were before to him. Other than the special material it was made of, these was nothing that was interesting to them.

“Looks like I can’t observe the mysteries within it with my current level of cultivation. Whatever, I’ll just leave it there for now. Perhaps I’ll get the chance to learn the secret hidden within some day.” Jian Chen sighed softly with disappointment, before putting the three pieces of beast fur away in his Space Ring.

Putting away the three pieces of beast fur away, Jian Chen lowered his head and muttered to himself, “Now that I’m a Saint Ruler, I wonder if I’ve become a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master. I’ll go find brother and give it a try.”

Currently, a grand banquet was being held in the Changyang Manor. The entire manor was in jubilation, creating an extremely lively atmosphere. As soon as Jian Chen walked into the building, his ears were flooded by the hubbub from the front yard.

Jian Chen was uninterested in the activity of the front courtyard, so he took a detour through the back courtyard straight to where Changyang Hu was.

“We greet the fourth young master!”

Wherever Jian Chen passed by, all the guards and servants would bow to him. They were even more respectful than before.

When Jian Chen entered Changyang Hu’s room, Changyang Hu was currently laying on the bed with his eyes closed in repose. He disliked the noise, so he did not participate in the banquet and instead spent the time resting in his room, all by himself.

Perhaps he heard the sounds of stops, Changyang Hu slowly opened his eyes. When he saw Jian Chen who stood before the window, a radiant smile immediately appeared on his face. He said, “Brother, why aren’t you accompanying the guests and have come to where your big brother is?”

“Big brother, I’ve successfully broken through. Today, I specially today to see if I can help you recover your limbs.” Jian Chen said.

Hearing that, Changyang Hu did not seem to become very excited. He looked at Jian Chen with a smile and said, “Brother, perhaps you’ve already become a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master?”

Jian Chen shook his head gently, “I’m not sure. It’s impossible to feel the levels of a Radiant Saint Master yourself, and can only be determined from the strength of Radiant Saint Force I can use. Big brother, just stay there, let me try and see if I can heal you.” Jian Chen slowly closed his eyes. His mind fused with the world, and used his will to quickly gather the Radiant Saint Force towards him.

The speed that Jian Chen gathered Radiant Saint Force was very quick. With just a few seconds, the amount of Radiant Saint Force gathered around his hands had already reached a limit. The soft, white light was as bright as the sun, illuminating the entire room.

As Jian Chen slowly lowered his two hands, the dense Radiant Saint Force slowly covered Changyang Hu’s body, enveloping him.

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