Chapter 679: Secrets of Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters

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Chapter 679: Secrets of Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters

The quiet little room was filled with soft, milky-white light. Although the light was bright, it was extremely soft and not dazzling at all. Also, the milky-white glow of light had a distinct sensation of divinity to it—an aura of holy power in fact.

A clear barrier had already appeared silently in the surroundings at a certain time, causing some fluctuations in the space around the room. The interior of the barrier also became blurry and the milky-white light in the room was completely locked inside by the barrier. None of it could escape to the outside, so naturally, there were no one who realised it was there.

Doing something like that was akin to Jian Chen’s instinct. Perhaps he was already used to concealing his identity as a Radiant Saint Master, so even though he was now a Saint Ruler and possessed a rather powerful strength, he still did not want his identity to be exposed.

The guards outside the building stared at the barrier which enveloped the building in admiration. They naturally knew that this was done by the genius fourth young master, so they were not alerted at all and nor did they worry about Changyang Hu’s safety.

Within the Changyang Manor, Bi Yunhai was currently accompanying a few esteemed guests with Changyang Ba. She stared deeply in Changyang Hu’s direction. As a Radiant Saint Master herself, she could clearly feel that there was a powerful Radiant Saint Master in that direction.

“Looks like Xiang’er is itching to have Ah’Hu recover, to actually hurry so much to heal him. Just don’t know whether he’s reached Class 7 or not.” Bi Yuntian thought. She already knew that her son was a Radiant Saint Master. Although Jian Chen had never told anyone, Bi Yuntian had already discovered it when he used Radiant Saint Force in the manor before.

Within the building, it had already become a snow-white world. Other than white, there was nothing else that could be seem. It was as if a layer of fog concealed everything, so white that if one extended his hand, they would not be able to see the tips of it.

Jian Chen was giving it his all in controlling the Radiant Saint Force!

The Radiant Saint Force was brimming with vigor and vitality. Bathing in such dense Radiant Saint Force, Changyang Hu felt a great but indescribable feeling. He felt entirely free from worry, as if he was walking on air.

The situation lasted for a while, before the Radiant Saint Force finally began to grow dim, slowly disappearing in the end. As a result, the room returned to how it was before.

Jian Chen stopped controlling the Radiant Saint Force. He stared blankly at Changyang Hu who lay on the bed with his eyes closed and an expression of enjoyment on his face. His two hands above Changyang Hu also fell powerlessly.

He only saw that his brother’s limbs remained non-existent. Nothing grew from the stumps, not even by a little. Jian Chen had given his all to use the Radiant Saint Force on Changyang Hu’s body, yet there was actually no effect at all.

“Why would it be like this? Perhaps I haven’t become a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master yet?” Jian Chen was greatly despaired. Before, his abilities as a Radiant Saint Master had improved almost at the same rate as his strength. Originally, he thought that after becoming a Saint Ruler and comprehending the mysteries of the world, he would also become a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master. Only now did he learn that it was untrue.

Changyang Hu opened his eyes. He saw how he remained limbless, but there were no changes in his expression. His gaze landed on Jian Chen and laughed uncaringly. He said, “Brother, you don’t need to worry about me. Actually, it’s pretty good like this.”

“I’m actually still stuck at Class 6 and haven’t reached Class 7? Why is it like this? Perhaps becoming a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master isn’t like how I imagined?” Jian Chen mumbled in slight despair.

“Brother, don’t worry. You might not be a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master right now, but with your talent, your brother I believe that you’ll be able to overcome this one day. You just need some time.” Changyang Hu comforted him with a smile.

Jian Chen recovered for his despair very soon. His gaze became resolute again and he said, “Looks like there’s something else to becoming a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master. I need to find the method as soon as possible. Brother, I’ll go ask grandfather right now and see if he has any clues. Please endure this for a few more days.”

Jian Chen departed from Changyang Hu’s room and directly went to Bi Hai’s resting room. There, Bi Hai was the eldest, so he knew more things than ordinary people would.

“Grandson, perhaps you’ve remembered that grandfather is here? I’d even thought that you’ve forgotten about grandfather. You’ve finally come to see grandfather. Come, sit, sit.” Bi Hai smiled brightly as he looked at Jian Chen affectionately. He took pride in Jian Chen.

“Grandfather, are you used to living here?” Jian Chen asked with a smile as he walked over to a seat and sat down obediently.

Bi Hai sat in front of Jian Chen and looked at his with affection. He nodded, “I’m fine, I’m fine. Your grandfather’s even lived in a dark cave for several decades. The circumstances are much better here, so how can I dislike it?”

Bi Hai paused before continuing, “Grandson, your grandfather’s been a Saint Ruler for some time already, so I definitely know more about Saint Rulers than you. Now that you’ve also become a Saint Ruler, if you meet any problems that you don’t understand, you can come and look for grandfather whenever.”

“Grandfather, grandson just happens to have something to ask you for. Does grandfather know things about Class 7 Radiant Saint Master?” Jian Chen stared at Bi Hai.

Hearing that, Bi Hai furrowed his eyebrows slightly. He stayed silent for a while before speaking, “Your grandfather once travelled the continent, so I do happen to know a little about Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters. They’re extremely rare on the Tian Yuan Continent, and even if you count all them on the Tian Yuan Continent, they’re extremely scarce. Grandson, why’ve you suddenly found interest in Class 7 Radiant Saint Master?” Bi Hai looked at Jian Chen in doubt.

Jian Chen muttered to himself for some time, before slowly raising his hand. A milky-white ball of light quickly gathered in his hand. Jian Chen did not choose to conceal his identity to his own grandfather because he knew that he could perhaps obtain even more information by revealing it.

Seeing the ball of milky-white light in Jian Chen’s hand, Bi Hai became tongue-tied. An expression of disbelief appeared on his face and he stared at Jian Chen in shock. He stuttered, “This… this… this is actually Radiant Saint Force. Grandson… you… you… you…”

“Grandfather, grandson is not just a fighter but also a Radiant Saint Master.” Looking at Bi Hai’s stupefaction, Jian Chen revealed an extremely-rare sliver of confidence.

Bi Hai took in a deep breath and looked at Jian Chen like he was looking at a monster. He said, “For all of history, Radiant Saint Master could not cultivate Saint Force and fighters who cultivated Saint Force could not cultivate Radiant Saint Force. It’s impossible for the two to coexist within a person. Who would’ve thought that not only is my grandson a Saint Ruler who’s comprehended the mysteries of the world, he can also control Radiant Saint Force. This is just too unbelievable. If I didn’t witness it first-hand, I would not believe that a person could be a fighter as well as a Radiant Saint Master no matter what. Looks like I’ve really learnt something today.”

“Grandpa, grandson’s already a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master but doesn’t know how to reach Class 7. Since grandpa is experienced and knowledgeable, does grandfather know any ideas?” Jian Chen asked.

Hearing that, Bi Hai looked at Jian Chen in shock once again. He sighed emotionally, “Class 6 Radiant Saint Master. That’s an existence which can basically stand on level ground with Saint Rulers. Who would’ve thought that not only is my grandson a Radiant Saint Master, he’s also reached Class 6. Unbelieveable. But if grandson wants to reach Class 7, it’s not easy, because only the Holy Empire holds the power to allow Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters to reach Class 7.”

“Holy Empire? Why there?” Jian Chen was doubtful and remained puzzled even after thinking over it.

“Radiant Saint Masters occur with birth and it’s impossible for people to become one after birth. But if you just want to rely on yourself, you won’t be able to become a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master no matter how talented you are. If Radiant Saint Masters want to reach Class 7, they must rely on the help from a special saint artifact. Only with the help of the saint artifact can a Radiant Saint Master successfully reach Class 7. As for the saint artifact, it’s a unique item on the Tian Yuan Continent with only one in existence. And the Holy Empire just happens to possess it.” Bi Hai said.

“Does that mean if I want to reach Class 7, I must go to the Holy Empire and then borrow the saint artifact?” Jian Chen said.

“Correct. However, the artifact in the Holy Empire is not just lent to anyone, as there’s a great price to be paid every time it’s activated. Also, it can’t let every Class 6 Radiant Saint Master reach Class 7. Whether they can break through will rely on their talent.” Bi Hai stared deeply at Jian Chen. He said sincerely, “Grandson, you should just give up on this idea. You’re not from the Holy Empire, much less a central member of the Radiant Saint Master Union in the Holy Empire. It’s impossible that they’ll give you an opportunity. The artifact can’t be used whenever either. It’s like the holy grounds of Mercenary City; it can only be used after a certain period of time, and every time it’s used, there’s a great price to be paid.”

Jian Chen remained silent. He now knew that becoming a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master was much more difficult that he had initially thought.

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