Chapter 680: Upfront Apology

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Chapter 680: Upfront Apology

Noticing Jian Chen’s silence, Bi Hai pondered a little before speaking, “Grandson, I know that you’re hurrying to reach Class 7 to heal your big brother’s severed limbs, but you can just choose a different method. You can just pay a price and invite a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master from the Holy Empire to heal your brother. Although there are extremely few Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters on the continent, the Holy Empire’s where Radiant Saint Master gather as well as the birthplace for Class 7 Radiant Saint Master. With your current status, you have the right to see those revered Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters.”

“Also, aren’t you familiar with the grand elder of Mercenary City? The grand elder is someone who is like a sovereign on the Tian Yuan Continent. No one dares to ignore what he wants. Even if you fail to invite one, you can just get the grand elder to help out. If he’s willing to help, inviting a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master is as easy as cake. Perhaps, there are even Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters who are guest elders in Mercenary City.”

Jian Chen shook his head gently, “No grandfather, since I’m a Radiant Saint Master and that I’ve already reached Class 6, I must think of an idea to reach Class 7. I must try until I’ve done all that I’m able to do.”

Bi Hai nodded in admiration and said, “Grandson, your mindset is very great. People need to have a fighting spirit, to strive to a certain goal, no matter how difficult the path is. They mustn’t give up.”

Bi Hai paused and poured some tea for himself. He continued, “Although you’re not one of the famed figures of the Holy Empire, no matter where you go, you’ll be valued for your terrifying talent. Also, the grand elder of Mercenary City is supporting you from behind. With just that, I believe the Radiant Saint Master Union in the Holy Empire will make an exception and give you the chance the become a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master.

Hearing that, Jian Chen revealed an expression of joy. He said, “If it’s like that, then things will be easier.”

Afterwards, Jian Chen asked Bi Hai for guidance for a few aspects regarding Saint Rulers before leaving, returning to his own residence, an extravagant building that was similar to a palace.

In the quiet and cozy room, Jian Chen sat on his bed cross-legged with a heavy expression. He flipped his hand, and a medal appeared in his hand. In his mind, he could not help but think back to the situation when he obtained the medal.

“Youngster, if you can one day make it to the Holy Empire, then you can find me using this medal.”

Jian Chen stared at the medal blankly and said in surprise, “Who would’ve thought that this medal actually contains a strand of obscure World Force. If I weren’t a Saint Ruler, I wouldn’t have felt it at all. Just who was that old man who gave me this medal?”

Jian Chen heart was flooded with curiosity. He mumbled to himself, “Looks like it’s time to go to the Holy Empire.”

“Reporting to the fourth young master, the third young master wishes to see you!” Just at this moment, the voice of a servant girl echoed from outside.

Jian Chen was slightly surprised, “It’s actually third brother. Why has he come looking for me?” After mumbling to himself for a while, Jian Chen put the purple medal away and said, “Let him in.”

“Yes, young master!” The servant girl replied respectfully, before slowly backing off.

Afterwards, Jian Chen got off his bed and walked directly to the guest room to wait for his brother.

Jian Chen really did not have any good feelings for his third brother who was related by blood. Ever since young, his brother would create all types of troubles for him, making it difficult for him in every aspects. He would always attempt to bully Jian Chen, only to be put into rather awkward positions himself. Not only did he fail with his bullying schemes, he, the elder one, was instead bullied various times by his younger brother, the one who was publicly renowned as trash back then.

Jian Chen sat at a table, drinking tea leisurely. Very soon, a graceful and refined youth in long, white robes walked in while being accompanied by a girl.

The youth was elegant, handsome and graceful, carrying an air akin to a scholar. He lacked some determination, so he seemed to be rather delicate.

Jian Chen looked at the youth indifferently. It had already been some time since he last saw his third brother. Compared to a few years ago, his third brother had undergone some great changes. No matter in appearance or manner, he was greatly different from before.

Being stared at by Jian Chen, Changyang Ke’s emotions immediately became rather awkward and also felt rather nervous. At the current moment, the youth who seemed just as old as him was not just simply his younger brother, but a Saint Ruler who stood on the apex, a person who possessed the power of destruction with the wave of a hand.

“Reporting to the fourth young master, the third young master is here.” The female servant looked at Jian Chen in admiration and bowed slightly.

Jian Chen waved his hand, gesturing the female servant to leave. Afterwards, he continued to stare at Changyang Ke with his indifferent gaze, without any change for the better.

“Fourth brother… fourth brother…” Being stared at by Jian Chen, Changyang Ke felt even more awkward, as well as extremely anxious. He could vividly remember the times when he made things difficult for Jian Chen. However, Jian Chen was now a Saint Ruler. It made Changyang Ke feel rather scared, scared that Jian Chen would bring up the things from the past to make things difficult for him.

Seeing his third brother’s anxious appearance, Jian Chen could not help but smile. He took the initiative to break off the awkwardness his brother was suffering, “Third brother, what brings you here today? It’s quite rare for you to come to where I am. Come sit, you can’t always stand.” As Jian Chen spoke, he poured a cup of tea for his third brother.

Changyang Ke immediately became slightly relieved, extending a hand to wipe away the cold sweat on his forehead. Afterwards, he sat down in front of Jian Chen rather awkwardly. He hesitated for a while before finally raising the courage to speak out, “Brother, actually, third brother has come here today to apologise.”

“Apologise? Apologise for what?” Jian Chen stared at Changyang Ke doubtfully. He was rather puzzled.

Changyang Ke wiped the cold sweat on his forehead again. He seemed to avoid direct eye contact with Jian Chen as he stuttered, “Fourth brother, before… before… before third brother did a lot of excessive things to you that I can’t make up for. I hope you can forgive your third brother. Your third brother knows he’s wrong. He also feels extremely regretful over what he did before.”

Jian Chen broke into a laughter and shrugged without minding too much, “So you’re speaking about those things? Third brother, let’s not mention what happened during our childhood, I’ve forgotten all of it long ago.” They came from the same origins, so why did they have to torment each other? Although Jian Chen felt unhappy with what his third brother had done in the past, they were all part of one family. They were brothers by blood. Jian Chen would not really fall out with with third brother over those puny matters of the past. After all, his third brother did not really do anything that could not be forgiven. Also, he had come personally to apologise upfront this time, so it was sincere enough. If Jian Chen continued to bicker over the small betters, he would just seem petty.

Hearing that, a great burden was finally lifted from Changyang Ke’s mind. He could not help but reveal a smile of joy and said, “With fourth brother putting it like that, third brother I will be free from anxiety. Before, it was your third brother who was too selfish, being mean to fourth brother. But fourth brother doesn’t need to worry. In the future, I’ll follow fourth brother and abide to all that fourth brother says.”

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