Chapter 681: The Qinhuang Kingdom in Shock

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Chapter 681: The Qinhuang Kingdom in Shock

Today, Changyang Ke took the initiative to seek out Jian Chen and apologize to him. It was in his hope that he could erase the unpleasantness that once happened between them before, but Jian Chen felt rather relieved to hear this apology nonetheless.

Afterwards, Jian Chen spent the next three days in Changyang Manor. The only times he had stepped out from the manor was when he went to visit Kendall’s wife and son, Sans. The plight Sans was in had motivated Jian Chen’s desire to become a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master as soon as possible.

This was because he came to learn of a way to help Sans cultivate again after his Saint Weapon was destroyed. All he had to do was to become a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master since only they could help a cripple regain the ability to cultivate.

Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters held an extraordinary powerful ability in their ability to heal. It was said that they could revive even the dead, and as long as the Class 7 Radiant Saint Master was strong enough. Therefore, treating a person who had their Saint Weapon destroyed was therefore no problem at all.

After the third day, a large group of people could be seen standing around in the main courtyards of Changyang Manor; even the king was there. One by one, they surrounded Jian Chen with eyes of reluctance. Today was the day that Jian Chen would be leaving, but everyone was unwilling to bid farewell to him just yet.

“Xiang’er, you’ve worked so hard recently; when you finish all that you need to do, you must come back home and stay even longer next time.” Bi Yuntian urged her son with a great deal of reluctance.

“Xiang’er. you could let your subordinates deal with the smaller matters; there’s no need to work so hard yourself.” Changyang Ba spoke.


The elders of the Changyang clan and the king of the Gesun Kingdom began to give their own well-meaning opinions and advice to him. As it were, it seemed as if they were extremely concerned for Jian Chen as well.

While Jian Chen was a Saint Ruler, he did not grow arrogant because of it. He still treated his seniors with respect and listened dutifully to their words with a nod of his head whenever they said something.

It was at this moment Yu Fengyan came forward to grab at Jian Chen’s hands. Pleading with him, she spoke, “Xiang’er, there hasn’t been any news or correspondence with your second sister up to now. We know nothing about her whereabouts; with your strength, Xiang’er, your second aunt hopes that you’ll be able to spend some time looking for her. She’s the only daughter your second aunt has.”

Jian Chen’s face grew grim. Looking to his second aunt, he promised, “Second aunt, you can rest assured. I’ll do my best to find the whereabouts of second sister.”

Jian Chen felt very worried when it came to the disappearance of his second sister. When he was young, the only other person that cared for him besides his mother was Changyang Mingyue. Her concern for him had even exceeded his own father.

“Xiang’er, I can feel at ease now. I can only hope that my silly Mingyue will come back home safe and sound by my side.” Yu Fengyan spoke. Her complexion was rather unwell due to the pain she felt in her heart. She was already prepared for the worst to happen, the only thing she needed now was the evidence.

After bidding farewell to the people in the Changyang Manor, he left together with his grandfather Bi Hai. After all, he had only returned this time to confirm his grandfather’s identity. There were still many things that needed to be dealt with for the Flame Mercenaries, so Jian Chen really could not stay for too long.

Jian Chen originally wanted Bi Hai to stay in the Changyang Manor. However, Bi Hai had already gotten used to spending his time peacefully in the past few years, so he really was not used to the noisy environment of Changyang Manor. This was why he went with Jian Chen to the Flame Mercenaries. Also, there were a few other Saint Rulers there, so if he ever became bored, at least he still had some people to talk to.

Jian Chen and Bi Hai travelled together, using Spatial Force to soar through the high sky. They travelled quickly towards where the Flame Mercenaries were.

In the royal palace of the Qinhuang Kingdom, the king currently sat casually on the throne; before him stood a young man clad in silver armor.

“Wujian, didn’t you stay in Gesun Kingdom? Why did you come back? Looking at how exhausted you are, it should be travel fatigue. Perhaps something major happened in Gesun Kingdom?” The king of Qinhuang Kingdom said amiably and with a smile.

“Your Majesty, Wujian really does have something extremely important to report to this time. A few days ago, Imperial Protector Jian Chen has already successfully broken through to Saint Ruler from a Heaven Saint Master.” On the tired face of the young man, there was a slight smile. It was obvious that he was filled with joy.

“What, Jian Chen has already successfully become a Saint Ruler!” The king suddenly stood up, and stared at the young man in disbelief.

“Yes Your Majesty, Imperial Protector has really become a Saint Ruler. He was also accompanied by rainbow clouds which blot out the sky within a fifty thousand kilometer radius. He’s caused a great shock wave in that area.” Speaking up to there, the young man paused slightly before continuing, “In addition, the Imperial Protector’s grandfather has suddenly appeared, who is also a powerful Saint Ruler.”

The king did not really care about the sudden appearance of Jian Chen’s grandfather. At this moment, he was deeply shocked by the news of Jian Chen becoming a Saint Ruler.

“How is this possible! Jian Chen has actually already become a Saint Ruler. Unbelievable. Just look at how old he is right now.” The king mumbled with a distracted expression. Although he seemed calm, great waves currently rippled through his heart.

Before, the news that Jian Chen was already a Heaven Saint Master before the age of fifty had already caused him enough shock. Now, only after a few years, he had already improved from a Heaven Saint Master to a Saint Ruler. With such an improvement speed, it really would cause people to be terrified.

“I’ll immediately go report it to the four honorable Imperial Protectors.” The king did not dare to delay this in the slightest and immediately left, hurrying towards the Qin Heaven Palace.

Not long after the king had left, another burly middle-aged man in golden armor walked in from outside.

“Hmm? So it’s the head of the royal palace guards, Audro. Perhaps there is something that needs to be reported to the king for you to come here?” Seeing the middle-aged man, Qin Wujian revealed a smile of familiarity.

“Qin Wujian, so it’s you. Didn’t you go to the Gesum Kingdom with the Imperial Protector? Perhaps you three have all come back from there?” Audro and Qin Wujian clearly had a good relationship. He spoke with some surprise.

Qin Wujian shook his head and said, “That’s not true. I returned this time because I have some important news to report to His Majesty. I won’t be staying too long in the imperial palace. What about you, Audro? Perhaps you have important news to report? If I recall correctly, the position as the head of the imperial palace guards is a very simple and easy job, since it’s already been several centuries since something last happened in the palace.”

Audro’s expression slowly grew more solemn and said, “Correct. For the past centuries in the imperial palace, it indeed has been safe. But it’s different now. Recently, I have constantly received reports from my subordinates that there are actually people who go missing for no reason in our imperial palace, such as palace maids, eunuchs, and even several dozen guards who work under me, including a captain with the strength of a Earth Saint Master. They disappeared as if they were water evaporating away. With my strength, no matter how I investigate, I can’t find their whereabouts. Don’t you think this is weird?”

“What, there’s actually been something this weird happening?” Qin Wujian muttered to himself with his eyebrows slightly raised out of shock. Afterwards, he said, “It’s not hard to explain why things like this have been occurring, that is if they occurred in smaller kingdoms. But for it to actually occur in the heavily-guarded imperial palace of our Qinhuang Kingdom, it’s rather astounding. After all, there are the four Imperial Protectors overseeing the imperial palace. Even the slightest movements would not escape from the four of them.”

“Yeah, I also feel it’s weird. I’ve looked into this matter for several days already, but I haven’t found anything. This is why I can only report it to His Majesty.”

“Unfortunately, you came a little late. His Majesty has just proceeded towards the Qin Heaven Palace. Audro, you’ll have to wait a little.”


In the grand Qin Heaven Palace of the royal palace, the four, most-respected Imperial Protectors gathered together. They sat around a large square table, and not far away, the king stood obediently. He did not carry the imposing awe he normally possessed, and maintained a respectful expression.

“Are you serious, has Jian Chen really broken through to a Saint Ruler?” An Imperial Protector opened his mouth to ask. His expression was solemn, and he clearly cared about this very much.

The king replied respectfully, “Replying to Imperial Protector, this is the news brought back by Qin Wujian who has been stationed to Gesun Kingdom. He is completely certain that Jian Chen is already a Saint Ruler. Also, at that time, rainbow clouds had even appeared, blotting the skies of a fifty thousand kilometer radius.”

“Since the rainbow clouds have appeared, a Saint Ruler has definitely been born. Looks like Jian Chen really has become a Saint Ruler.” An Imperial Protector said.

“But just how old is he right now? Just a few years ago, he participated in the Gathering of the Mercenaries in Mercenary City, so just how did he become a Saint Ruler so quickly? This is just insane.”

“He’s not even fifty. Actually climbing to the realm of Saint Rulers with such a young age. This indeed is unbelieveable. Now that Jian Chen has already become a Saint Ruler, do you think we should tell him this? With his support, our Qinhuang Kingdom should increase quite a lot in strength.”

“Last time Jian Chen returned, there also seemed to be another powerful Saint Ruler and a Class 7 magical beast who followed him. This is a strength that we must value. In my opinion, we indeed should tell this to Jian Chen. Perhaps, we will gain three extra Saint Rulers today because of this.”

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