Chapter 683: Wiping Out the Hongfu Clan (Two)

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Chapter 683: Wiping Out the Hongfu Clan (Two)

Jian Chen said a few words to Huang Tianba, Nubis and Jiede Tai before introducing Bi Hai to everyone. He did not try to cover up the fact that Bi Hai was his grandfather to the three.

Huang Tianba and the other two already knew that Jian Chen had a connection to Bi Hai a few days ago, so when they heard the truth, they were not too surprised. They only constantly sighed, sighing how there just was nothing too strange in such a large world. Who would have thought that a few days ago, the two who were still enemies actually had such a close relationship.

“Hahaha, it’ll be great now. In the future, everyone will be one of our own. Now that brother Jian Chen’s group is becoming more and more powerful, normal hermit clans will no longer pose a threat to the Flame Mercenaries.” Huang Tianba laughed aloud, and seemed extremely happy.

Hearing that, Jian Chen also revealed a smile on his face. With the current strength of the Flame Mercenaries, he clearly was also very happy.

“Let’s talk after we go down.” Jian Chen called out the the group, before landing on the ground at the same time.

In a magnificently decorated room, Jian Chen, Bi Hai, Nubis, Jiede Tai, Huang Tianba, Ming Dong, Huang Luan and others currently gathered there in a big group. The news of Jian Chen becoming a Saint Ruler had also been announced by Huang Tianba, so all of Jian Chen’s friends knew about it.

“Brother, have you really become a Saint Ruler?” Ming Dong was the first one who could not hold it back, so he asked. He was moved.

Jian Chen did not deny it, and confirmed with a smile and a nod.

After receiving confirmation, the crowd was first stunned, before falling into a great uproar.

“Woah, fantastic! Brother, you are now a powerful hermit. You are just too awesome.” Bi Lian’s ecstatic face was flushed red. Beside her, the two girls, Huang Luan and You Yue were also excited, and looked at Jian Chen gently.

“This is just too unbelievable. It has only been so long since the previous Gathering of Mercenaries has finished, yet the current King of Mercenaries is already a powerful Saint Ruler. It’s unimaginable.” Wang Yifeng carried a young Steelwing Bird in his bosom; he could not help but sigh with surprise.

“Jian Chen, my gap with you is getting bigger and bigger. It looks like it’ll be very difficult from me to catch up with you in this lifetime.” Tie Ta looked at Jian Chen with a complicated expression and said with a pained smile. Thinking back when they were still in Kargath Academy, although his strength was not as great as Jian Chen, it was almost the same. However, only after a few years, Jian Chen had already become a Saint Ruler, reaching a great level where he had no hope of catching up. This also caused the simple and honest Tie Ta to be filled with disbelief.

Jian Chen brought his hands together and said, “Enough. Everyone please quiet for a moment. I have something very important to announce. The person next to me is my grandfather, who is also a powerful Saint Ruler.”

These people were all Jian Chen’s most trusted people, so to them, Jian Chen did not conceal the identity of Bi Hai. Instead, he made it known to everyone that there was an additional Saint Ruler on their side, which could instead increase morale.

Hearing this, the people who did not have a great understanding of Jian Chen’s background  actually did not react too greatly, and only felt excited because of an additional Saint Ruler. However, You Yue knew Jian Chen’s background and was instead filled with doubt. Excluding Jian Chen, she was the only person in the crowd that had a relative understanding to the people in the Changyang Manor. She felt astonished by the fact that a Saint Ruler grandfather had suddenly appeared by Jian Chen’s side.

Suddenly, You Yue seemed to remember something. Her expression was full of surprise, and looked at Bi Hai with shock. She asked, “Perhaps this senior is the lost-lost ancestor of the Changyang clan?”

Jian Chen shook his head. Staring at You Yue, he said, “Yue’er, I’ll explain this to you later. Lian’er, come with me, brother and grandfather have some things that we want to say to you in private.”

“Yes!” Bi Lian nodded her head obediently. At first, she glanced suspiciously at Bi Hai who was in long, blue robes. Afterwards, under everyone’s curious gaze, she followed behind Jian Chen into another room. Under Jian Chen’s indication, Bi Hai also went with him.

After the three entered the room, Jian Chen swung his hand, and a breeze closed the door. Afterwards, he turned around to look at Bi Hai and said, “Grandfather, this is my younger sister, Bi Lian. She is also a person of the Bi family, with the blood of our Bi family running in her veins. Currently, she is one of the few remaining members.” After saying that, he turned around to speak to Bi Lian, “Lian’er, this is the patriarch of our Bi family. Why don’t you quickly call him grandfather!”

“Grandfather!” Bi Lian called out obediently. Meanwhile, her clear gaze which was full of complicated emotions examined Bi Hai. As for this grandfather, she had heard about the situation in detail from Bi Yuntian long ago, and already knew that he had been missing for several years.She just never thought it would actually be his older brother who would find him again.

Bi Hai had a kind smile on his face, and Bi Lian’s gaze became soft. He had once spent thirty odd years in a dark cave, passing the days all by himself. As a result, he now showed great concern and care for all his grandsons and granddaughters.

“Good, good, good. Who would have thought that I, Bi Hai, would have another great-granddaughter, who also happens to possess a great talent for cultivation that is even rarely seen in a thousand years. Not bad at all, looks like the heavens is helping my Bi family to flourish. Without much time, my Bi family can regain its former glory.” Bi Hai smiled without restraint. He was extremely excited.

“Great-granddaughter, your brother has already become a Saint Ruler, so he doesn’t need your grandfather’s guidance anymore at all. As for you, you should follow your grandfather in the future. Your grandfather will personally guide you through your cultivation, and you will be able to avoid many long-winding bends in the path of cultivation, which will save you from wasting your great talent.” Bi Hai said to Bi Lian gently.

However, what surprised Bi Hai was that Bi Lian actually denied his good intentions and said, “Grandfather, Lian’er wants to stay here to help brother do somethings, to help brother bear the burden of the pressure. Lian’er does not want to leave.”

“Lian’er, you don’t need to worry about the matters of the Flame Mercenaries too much. You mustn’t let these miscellaneous things interfere with your cultivation. Only cultivation is the most important, because on the Tian Yuan Continent, only strength can represent everything. You should give the responsibilities to other people. You don’t need to toil about yourself.” Jian Chen persuaded.

Bi Lian resolutely shook her head, and looked at Jian Chen imploringly. She said, “Brother, Lian’er extremely likes to do these things. You should just let Lian’er do it. Please don’t turn away Lian’er. Lian’er and sister You Yue will manage the Flame Mercenaries very well together. Also, Lian’er will ensure you that it definitely will not interfere with cultivation.”

Seeing Bi Lian’s pleadings, Jian Chen temporarily did not know just what to choose. He just loved his sister too much, and really did not want to force her to do something she was unwilling to do. He could only secretly sigh.

“Whatever, since great-granddaughter is so determined, grandfather will not force you. In the future, grandfather will just stay here and will guide great-granddaughter when she has the time.” Bi Hai did not force Bi Lian in the end. 

The situation was now different from before. Before, he had several grandchildren under him, and did not need to purposely care for anybody. However now, he currently only had four grandchildren, so he needed to increase his care, completely changing his unconcerned nature from before.

After the three had finished speaking, they left the room. Afterwards, he chatted a little with the people outside. As he conversed with them, Huang Tianba walked to Jian Chen and said, “Brother Jian Chen, I have some things that I wish you can help me with.”

Jian Chen chuckled and said, “Senior Huang does not need to be polite. If senior has anything that requires Jian Chen, feel free to mention it. Jian Chen will definitely provide assistance.”

Huang Tianba’s smile had already completely disappeared. He looked at Jian Chen solemnly and said, “I wonder if brother Jian Chen still remembers about the Hongfu clan I mentioned before.”

Jian Chen felt a tug of interest, and could vaguely guess what Huang Tianba was suggesting. He said, “Of course. The Hongfu clan is the nemesis clan of the Huang Family, with the enmity reaching a level that can no longer be resolved. If Jian Chen guesses correctly, Senior Huang should be wanting to move against the Hongfu clan.”

Huang Tianba did not deny it and said, “Correct. Our Huang Family and the Hongfu clan have always caused trouble to one another, and have always wanted to end each other. However, the strength of our two groups have always been extremely close, with neither of us able to suppress the other. Even if we fought it out, the outcome would be both sides suffering defeats, with us ourselves suffering the most losses in the end. As a result, the hatred between the two groups has always continued up to now, unable to be resolved. However, this time, I wish that brother Jian Chen can work with me and obliterate the Hongfu clan. That would save troubles from undue delays, just in case any unforeseen changes happen”

Jian Chen could not help but remember the Ruler Armament wielded by the Saint Ruler of the Hongfu clan from before. He could not help but reveal a smile, and he said, “Senior Huang’s business is also my business. Also, the Hongfu clan played a part in regards to what happened with the tungsten alloy mine, so speaking of which, they are also enemies of me. Senior Huang, you do not need to worry, Jian Chen will definitely help you end the Hongfu clan.”

“If it’s like that, it’ll be fabulous. With brother Jian Chen’s help, the Hongfu clan will no longer possess the power to fight against our Huang Family.” Huang Tianba laughed aloud.

Jian Chen hesitated slightly and then said, “Senior Huang, it’s just that junior has a bold request. junior wishes for senior to permit it.”

“Haha, brother Jian Chen, you don’t need to worry at all. Go ahead and say it.” Huang Tianba said straightforwardly.

“I recall that the Hongfu clan has two Ruler Armaments, with one of them being a sword. I am interested in this sword, so junior wishes that after what we do, senior Huang can give the Ruler Armament to me.” Jian Chen said.

“No problem, no problem at all. As long as the two Saint Rulers of the Hongfu clan fall, I wouldn’t want any of the two Ruler Armaments. They can all go to brother Jian Chen.” Huang Tianba said extremely generously. Although Ruler Armaments were very valuable, having many was not necessarily good. This was because for every Ruler Armament, an additional amount of power was needed to guard it. One was already enough for the Huang Family.

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