Chapter 691: Arrival of a Gilligan Clan King

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Chapter 691: Arrival of a Gilligan Clan King

Jin Feng’s body fell out of the air powerlessly, landing firmly on a mountain peak below. A Saint Ruler had just fallen like that.

Jian Chen put his sword away and remained where he was. The shocking aura of his slowly receded and in the blink of an eye, he went from a divine sword showing off its abilities to as ordinary as he was before. The special traits of Saint Rulers appeared on him again. Although he just seemed to stand there casually, his body actually seemed to completely merge with the space around him, as if he was one with the world.

The Chaotic Force injected in the Dragon Slaying Sword was completely withdrawn by Jian Chen, so the dark, beautiful glow on the sword had already disappeared. Now, the hazy, glittering light originally suppressed by the Chaotic Force reappeared, covering up the Dragon Slaying Sword’s appearance.

Jian Chen floated in the sky, looking at Jin Feng’s corpse with a complicated expression. Today, the two Saint Rulers of the Hongfu Clan had died, but only Jin Feng could really be considered as being killed Jian Chen’s hands. This was because Jin Feng’s origin soul was wiped out by he himself, unlike how Jin Tian’s origin soul was wiped out by Huang Tianba.

After personally killing a Saint Ruler, Jian Chen was also slightly moved. This was because powerful people like this were not common on the Tian Yun Continent. Not only were they small in numbers, every one of them held a great position, an existence that truly stood on the apex of the Tian Yun Continent.

“Brother Jian Chen’s performance really has broadened my horizons. Who would have thought brother Jian Chen’s attainments in the sword are actually so great, actually so terrifying when using the sword. That speed in striking is probably unparallelled on the Tian Yun Continent.” Huang Tianba appeared in front of Jian Chen at a certain time and praised with a face full of shock. What he had said completely originated from his heart, not honeyed, made-up words to curry favor from Jian Chen.

Nubis also flew over from afar. He gazed at Jian Chen with an extremely complicated gaze, “Before, that sword you struck out was not any weaker than a Saint Ruler of the Fifth Heavenly Layer. Who would have thought that after becoming a Saint Ruler, your strength would have such a great change from just a Ruler Armament.”

Hearing the two of them talk, Jian Chen was not physically moved at all and remained calm. He gazed at the Dragon Slaying Sword in front of him in a trance, “All of this comes from the sword. If I did not have this sword, I definitely would not be able to kill a Saint Ruler so easily, even if he or she was already heavily injured. As long as the sword in my hands, I can perform better than normal.”

“Looks like this Ruler Armament just happens to be suitable with brother Jian Chen. Only when such a valuable Ruler Armament is a great swordsman’s hands, like brother Jian Chen, will not be insulting to it. Before, when this Ruler Armament was in Jin Feng’s hands, the radiance it deserved was completely covered up.” Huang Tianba could not help but praise some more. Afterwards, he looked down and with a casual flick of his hand, a three-meter long long spear flew up from below. It had a thickness of a wrist, and gave off a hazy glow.

Huang Tianba examined the long spear for a while before passing it to Jian Chen. He smiled, “Brother Jian Chen, this Ruler Armament’s original name is the All-Devastating Divine Spear. It’s a very bold name. It’s one of the treasures of the Hongfu Clan along with the Dragon Slaying Sword. They’re passed down with each generation. Now that Jin Feng and Jin Tian, this All-Devastating Spear belongs to brother Jian Chen.

Jian Chen tore his eyes from the Dragon Slaying Sword to observe the All-Devastating Divine Spear. The name of it was very bold, but there was nothing special about the appearance of the spear. It was no different from an ordinary spear, except for the fact that it had the additional presence of a Ruler Armament.

“Senior Huang, this sword is enough for me. You should keep the Ruler Armament. With two Ruler Armaments, the strength of your Huang Family should increase quite a lot.” Jian Chen declined.

Huang Tianba chuckled, “My Huang Family is not an ancient clan, unable to possess multiple Ruler Armaments. The more Ruler Armaments there are, the worse it is for our Huang Family. They’re like hot potatoes, as with every one of them, more power is needed to protect them. Although my Huang Family is now without any grievances, just one Ruler Armament is enough. Also, there’s no one in my Huang Family who uses the spear, so even if I take it, the All-Devastating Divine Spear is useless to my Huang Family. It’s better if brother Jian Chen keeps it.”

Jian Chen hesitated for a while, but still extended his hand to take the All-Devastating Divine Spear in the end. He said, “Since it’s like that, I’ll temporarily hold onto the spear.”

“Hahaha, brother Jian Chen does not need to be polite. Without your help, I definitely would not have been able to kill Jin Feng and Jin Tian so easily. This is something brother Jian Chen deserves.” Huang Tianba paused and clasped his hands at Jian Chen, “Brother Jian Chen, the two Saint Rulers of the Hongfu Clan are dead, but there are still remaining forces deeply hidden. I must hurry back to Huang Family to make arrangements, to properly uproot them to prevent future problems. I’ll be leaving first.”

After bidding farewell to Jian Chen, Huang Tianba immediately hurried towards the Huang Family. It left Jian Chen and Nubis floating lonesomely mid-air.

Jian Chen glanced at the spear in his hand and then passed it to Nubis. He smiled, “Nubis, your performance today is good. I have no use for this spear, so you should just take it.”

Seeing Jian Chen actually give a Ruler Armament which was treasured by Saint Rulers in such a magnanimous fashion, Nubis was deeply moved. He smiled, “I’m not used to using this thing. Also, I am a Silver Striped Golden Snake, a beast of antiquity. My strength in battle itself is already extremely powerful, so I don’t need to use anything else. You should keep that thing. Don’t forget that there’s a huge group of people under you. When the time is right, giving it to them is pretty good too. It’ll strengthen your Flame Mercenaries.”

“Looks like I can’t even give this Ruler Armament away.” Jian Chen took back the All-Devastating Divine Spear with a bitter smile and then threw it into his Space Ring.

“Nubis, let’s go back.”

“It’s the great Nubis!”

Jian Chen collected Jin Feng and Jin Tian’s Space Rings before leaving, returning to where the Flame Mercenaries were.

In that period of time, the Flame Mercenaries became more and more well-known. They had three powerful Saint Rulers, which made them a peak level force without a doubt. They became the strongest known existence in a radius of one hundred thousand kilometers, with only the hermit clans and families hidden in the wilderness able to resist against them.

However, within the hermit clans and families, the captain of the Flame Mercenaries, Jian Chen, had also become a well-known figure. Last time, when several hermit clans and two ancient clans fought over the tungsten alloy mine, Jian Chen had invited the grand elder of Mercenary City. The news of the grand elder heavily injuring a Saint King of the Aoyun Clan with just a glance had already spread. It caused a hubbub in the hermit forces, which made the hermit clans and schools unwilling to provoke the Flame Mercenaries.

As a result, it was extremely peaceful for the Flame Mercenaries in that period of time. Also, the mining of the tungsten alloy began on a large-scale without concealing anything. Not only did they pay a high price for a large amount of locals to come and mine, they had even recruited people from the surrounding kingdoms on a large scale, allowing the Flame Mercenaries to mine a large amount of tungsten alloy everyday.

Two days later, in the conference hall of the Flame Mercenaries, the higher-ranking members and a few important people gathered together. As for Jian Chen, he currently sat at the end with a small, white tiger sleeping comfortably in his hands. He carried the bearing of a leader.

“Brother, this is a draft drawn up by the higher-ranking members, sister You Yue and me. Right now, we have an inexhaustible supply of tungsten alloy, so we plan to use the allow to build a city wall, a city wall completely composed of tungsten alloy. I wonder if brother has any other ideas.”

“Brother, your sister’s idea is good. Using tungsten alloy to build a city wall is something that has never happened on the Tian Yun Continent. If we really succeed in building this city wall, I swear that it’ll definitely be the sturdiest, strongest and most expensive city wall on the Tian Yun Continent. Even the seven capitals will pale in comparison to it.” Ming Dong said excitedly.

Jian Chen glanced over the images drawn on the paper and nodded with a smile, “Lian’er, Yue’er, let’s do it like you planned. You think through things very thoroughly and do things in a way that doesn’t cause me worry. If it’s possible, let’s just go with your idea, using tungsten alloy to build the sturdiest city on Tian Yun Continent.”

“Yes brother!” Bi Lian was excited. It was her who had thought of this idea, so as soon as she thought about the fact that the sturdiest city on Tian Yun Continent would be designed by her, she was filled with a great amount of pride.


Suddenly, there was a loud sound. The closely-shut doors of the conference hall were kicked open forcefully by someone. The sturdy doors made from ironwood directly transformed into flying pieces of wood, surprising everyone who was currently in the hall.

Sitting in the hall, Jian Chen, Nubis and Jiede Tai immediately became serious. They stared outside the hall out of surprise, because with their strength, they did not feel who was responsible for what had happened at all. This cause the three of them to be shrouded in disbelief.

Under the gaze of the three, a large, middle-aged man in simple clothing walked in from outside. The man was over two meters and a half in height with a tough and stocky body. He seemed to be tall and sturdy, with a fierce and tough-looking face.

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