Chapter 692: Calamity

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Chapter 692: Calamity

Everyone in the conference hall was surprised by the sudden scene. They all stared at the middle-aged man, completely at a loss. After all, this was the centre of the Flame Mercenaries. The security was so strict that there was basically three layers of guards both inside and outside. Even a fly would not have been able to fly in. As for just how the man got in and smashed the door of the conference hall, it completely mystified everyone.

After all, with the Flame Mercenary’s current name and strength, no one in a radius of several hundred kilometers dared to come provoke them!

Jian Chen, Nubis and Jiede Tai’s gazes all gathered on the man who had suddenly broke in. However, when Nubis saw the appearance of the man properly, his expression changed greatly. His face was filled with disbelief and could not help but call out, “It’s actually you, wh-… wh-… why… why have you… come.”

Jian Chen glanced at Nubis who was beside him and also felt a wave of doubt. Nubis’s behaviour clearly indicated he knew who this man was. Jian Chen just did not understand what had made Nubis lose his composure so much.

The man stared at Jian Chen with his forceful gaze and sneered, “Who would have thought you little snake would choose to serve a human, willing to become a lackey of a human. That’s really surprising. Doesn’t an ancient Silver Striped Gold Snake view its dignity with more importance than its life? You little snake really are some exception.”

Hearing the man’s challenging words and tone, Nubis immediately became unhappy. Silver Striped Golden Snakes indeed would put their dignity above everything else and what the man said had already crossed Nubis’s bottom line. Without even considering what status the man held, he sneered, “What I, the great Nubis, does is none of your concern. Not just you, even the great king has no right to it.”

The man continued to sneer, “You only dare to say that in front of me. If the great king was here, would you really dare to say it?”

Nubis was overcome by mixed emotions. He grinded his teeth as he stared at the man, but he did not say anything more, because the man was right. Even though Nubis was so prideful, in front of the great king, he could only hold back his proud nature.

The man did not continue to bicker with Nubis. His gaze landed on the small white tiger that was sleeping in Jian Chen’s hands, displaying complicated and happy emotions.

“You must be Jian Chen. Relax, I won’t be troubling you. Just hand the small tiger to me and nothing will happen.” The man said with an extremely cold tone as he stared at Jian Chen expressionlessly. 

Hearing that the man actually wanted the small white tiger in his hands, Jian Chen’s heart immediately froze. He stared at the man with a gaze of shock and doubt and asked with a soft voice, “Who are you?”

The man smiled coldly. He glanced at the gold-clothed Nubis, “He knows who I am.”

Jian Chen immediately looked at Nubis. Actually, he already vaguely knew the identity of the man. He just needed verification.

“Jian Chen, he’s one of the two great kings of the Gilligan clan, the tiger king Anderken.” With an ugly expression, Nubis replied in a low voice.

“What, he’s a king from the Gilligan clan? Is it that Gilligan clan from the depths of the Cross Mountains?” Jiede Tai could not help but exclaim from surprise. As a peak-level expert who had become a Saint Ruler many years ago, he was familiar with the Gilligan clan. It was an extremely powerful clan. Not only were the two kings powerful Saint Kings, they had a total of a dozen or so Saint Rulers of various species. Even the ancient clans did not dare to provoke the Gilligan clan. Also, the depths of the Cross Mountains was a forbidden regions to all humans, so even human Saint Rulers did not dare to intrude the region.

Jian Chen’s expression immediately became extremely ugly. Although he already knew that a king from the Gilligan clan would come looking him sooner or later, he did not think it would actually be so soon. After all, it was only so long since he had met the little white tiger and the Tian Yun Continent was so big. To be able to find him in the sea of people was as hard as fishing a needle from an ocean.

Noticing Jian Chen’s change in expressions, the man smiled coldly, “Jian Chen, you don’t need to be scared. As long as you give me that cub, I’ll leave immediately. I won’t cause you any trouble.”

Jian Chen stared at the man and said softly, “You’ve actually left the depths of the Cross Mountains and entered the world of us humans. Have you forgotten the agreement set by our human experts and your Cross Mountains before? The consequences to breaking the agreement are not light.”

This time, it was the man’s turn to experience a change in expression. He stared at Jian Chen coldly, “Now that I’m here, I only need the twitch of a finger to kill you all. Jian Chen, you’re a smart person. You should make the correct decision. I believe you won’t do something stupid. Now obediently the tiger to me. Don’t make me do it.”

“Tiger king, you’ve already stepped onto the Tian Yun Continent. If you dare to start a massacre on the Tian Yun Continent, the human experts definitely will not let you go. Even if you return to the Gilligan clan, you won’t be able to escape from the human experts.” Nubis said softly, “Also, something I forgot to tell you, the grand elder of Mercenary City is supporting Jian Chen from behind.”

“What, he knows the grand elder of Mercenary City?” The man was immediately surprised. There was restraining fear in the depths of his eyes.

“The grand elder of Mercenary City is my uncle. Sir, I don’t care who you are, if you dare to harm my brother, I’ll immediately invite my uncle. My uncle may be still in Mercenary City, but if he wants to come over, he only needs the blink of an eye.” Ming Dong opened his mouth. Although he was still extremely unsure about the entire situation, he already knew from Nubis’s introduction that the man in front of him was a king from a powerful clan capable of terrifying Nubis and Jiede Tai. 

The man stood there with mixed emotions. Afterwards, all the worry in his gaze was replaced by mockery. Staring them, he smiled coldly, “You should save it. You really think I’m as easy to trick as a three year old kid? Jian Chen, I’ll say it one last time. Immediately give me the tiger, otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

“I don’t care who you are, but if you want me to give you the Winged Tiger God, it won’t happen.” Jian Chen replied without any additional thought. Afterwards, he sandwiched the Winged Tiger God in his left armpit and drew the Dragon Slaying Sword from his Space Ring with his right hand.

With the sword in hand, Jian Chen’s entire presence underwent a complete change. He immediately became a treasured sword displaying its abilities. The aura from his body seemed to directly rush into the heavens, and similar to a divine sword, he gave off an overwhelming presence.

“Looks like I have to do it.” The man revealed a cruel smile and advanced with each step.

Swish! Suddenly, Jian Chen left the ground, directly punching a hole in the roof of the conference hall. Only when he was outside could he use his full strength without any worry, such as injuring other people from the ripples of battle.

“Jian Chen, hurry up and call for the grand elder of Mercenary City. Only he can deal with this.” Just when Jian Chen rushed through the roof, he heard Nubis’s voice.

Hearing that, Jian Chen felt pained. In the fight last time over the tungsten alloy mine when Tian Jian suddenly appeared, it was because he had once given a piece of jade to Huang Tianba to contact him. However, the jade had been shattered and there was not another one. Even if he wanted to get Tian Jian to help him, he did not have the ability.

“Hmph, you actually dare to fight against me. What arrogance and conceitedness. Perhaps you actually think that your puny strength is enough to fight against me?” The king from the Gilligan clan sneered as he watched Jian Chen soar into the sky. Afterwards, he followed him without hurrying. With his strength, he was not worried about Jian Chen running away at all.

In the blink of an eye, Jian Chen and the king from the Gilligan clan disappeared from the conference hall, leaving behind a group of people wide-eyed and lost as to what they should do.

“Oh my god, two seniors, what are you staring there for? Hurry up and go help my brother. Fight him together.” When Bi Lian Finally returned to her senses, she immediately looked at Nubis and Jiede Tai with a pleading gaze. Currently in the hall, they were the two who possessed the strongest strength.

“Alas!” Jiede Tai gave a long sigh. He was overwhelmed with helplessness.

Nubis shrugged and said innocently, “Little sister, it’s not that we’re not helping Jian Chen, it’s that this matter is already beyond our capabilities. You probably don’t know the strength of the king from the Gilligan clan. It’s not something we can deal with at all. Even if we go, we’ll just be looking to die.”

“What, just what is going on?” An old voice originated from afar. As soon as the voice disappeared, an elderly man in long, blue robes had already appeared in the conference hall. He was the patriarch of the Bi clan, Bi Hai, who had been alerted by Jian Chen’s change in presence.

Seeing the patriarch, Bi Lian immediately grabbed the patriarch’s hand like grabbing a life-saving branch. She said hurriedly, “Fantastic, fantastic, grandfather you’ve finally come. Brother is fighting a powerful opponent. Grandpa you need to quickly go help him.”

Hearing that, Bi Hai became serious. He immediately turned to Nubis and Jiede Tai, “Just what is going on.”

Nubis sighed lightly, “The person is a king from the Gilligan clan. He’s a tiger that’s already reached Class 8. Even if we work together, we are not his opponent, so if we go, we’re going for nothing. We can only call for the grand elder of Mercenary City.”

“What?! That person’s a magical beast that has already reached the strength of a Saint King. Oh no, it’ll be troublesome now. All the items uncle Tian has left behind to contact him have been used up. I can’t contact uncle Tian.” Ming Dong’s expression changed greatly. He was extremely worried.

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