Chapter 697: Arrival of Qin Wujian

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Chapter 697: Arrival of Qin Wujian

“Although the threat from the Beast God Continent will be handled by the guardian clans of the Tian Yuan Continent, the matter concerning the Winged Tiger God is extremely important. If it’s leaked out and the guardian clans learn about it, they will definitely be interested in the Winged Tiger God after they successfully repel the forces of the Beast God Continent. At that time, if you don’t have enough power, you’ll just become a fish, being carved up by anybody. Even my Mercenary City will not be able to help you.” Tian Jian’s tone was very serious.

What Tian Jian had said was similar to dumping a bucket of cold water on Jian Chen’s head. It caused his heart to feel extremely cold. Although Jian Chen did not know much about the ten guardian clans, he still understood that the strength of the ten guardian clans were so great that they had become the guarding force for Tian Yuan Continent at the very least. If such a powerful force actually moved against him, he would be as weak as an ant and unable to resist at all, even though he was a Saint Ruler.

Jian Chen’s expression became extremely solemn. The splendid feeling from successfully escaping from the Gilligan clan member completely disappeared at this moment.

Jian Chen tightened his embrace of the white tiger cub and gently rubbed the soft fur of the cub unawaringly. The cub was just so pitiful. Even though it was the a divine beast of antiquity, it was still a powerless cub. As soon as it was born, it had embarked on such a difficult path. Not only did it lose its father forever, its mother was also heavily injured and forced to leave the Cross Mountains, currently hiding in somewhere unknown. Also, other than this, there were the powerful forces of the Beast God Continent and the guardian clans that eyed it covetously. It was destined to lead an extremely difficult life.

Also, Jian Chen did not even know how he could possibly protect the tiger cub in the future when Beast God Continent and guardian clans started to move.

Looking at Jian Chen’s serious expression, Tian Jian sighed softly, “There’s not much time left, Jian Chen. You must quickly get the Winged Tiger God to mature. Only when you or it is truly powerful do you possess the power to resist the guardian clans.”

“Senior, just what do I need to be able to resist the guardian clans and the Beast God Continent?” Jian Chen asked.

“Before the guardian clans and the Beast God Continent, only Saint King have the right to speak. And that’s only the right to speak.” Tian Jian stressed the latter part very much.

“If you want to resist against the guardian clans and the Beast God Continent, you must be a peak Saint King, or even a Saint Emperor that has exceeded Saint Kings.”

Jian Chen remained silent for a very long time. A feeling of despair slowly bloomed in his heart.

Only Saint Kings had the right to speak to the guardian clans. As for him, he had only just reached the First Heavenly Layer as a Saint Ruler. He did not even know how long it would take to become a Saint King, and even if he had become a Saint King, he only possessed the rights to speak. 

Whether he could protect the tiger cub was something extremely difficult. Although Jian Chen had the confidence that he could resist against peak Saint Kings, or even Saint Emperors, in the future, he just did not have the time to power up, as the higher he climbed, the more difficult it became to power up, unlike how it was before.

Tian Jian paced around in the room with his eyebrows furrowed. After thinking for a while, he said, “Right now, the current situation has not developed into the worst case scenario. Although the Beast God Continent has already learnt about the Winged Tiger God, as long as they don’t start moving on a large scale and disturb the guardian clans, the dangers the Winged Tiger God will be facing should lessen by quite a lot. When I return, I’ll personally organise some people to guard the coast and prevent the Gilligan Clan from sending messages to the Beast God Continent.”

“But this is only temporary measure, because the Gilligan clan possess secret techniques to communicate with the Beast God Continent. Once they learn that their messages aren’t going through, they definitely won’t hold back and will pay a large price to use the secret technique to send information to the Beast God Continent. Jian Chen, take advantage of this time and get the Winged Tiger God to grow quickly.”

“Senior, then do you know of any methods that can let Xiao Bai grow faster?” Jian Chen looked at Tian Jian hopefully, hoping that he could find out another method in speeding up Xiao Bai’s growth from Tian Jian.

Tian Jian shook his head gently, “Currently, there are no ways other than feeding it heavenly resources.”

Jian Chen was disappointed. Even though he had plenty of heavenly resources on hand, the tiger cub was only a Class 5 magical beast currently. Even if consuming heavenly resources allowed it to grow faster, for it to go from Class 5 to Class 7, or even Class 8, would just take up too much time. Right now, what he lacked the most was time. The Beast God Continent and the guardian clans definitely would not wait until he was powerful enough before moving against him.

Tian Jian passed a Space Ring to Jian Chen and said, “Jian Chen, in there contains basically all the heavenly resources our Mercenary City has gathered in the past few years. Under the agreement of the second elder, the fourth elder and me, we’ve taken it all out to help the Winged Tiger God grow. We wish it can quickly grow up to handle the calamity in the future.”

Jian Chen did not reject it. He accepted the ring from Tian Jian seriously and thanked, “Thank you senior!”

“Don’t thank me, I’m just carrying out an order set down by the city lord from before. This is probably all my Mercenary City can do.” Tian Jian replied calmly. 

Afterwards, Tian Jian explained some things to Jian Chen again, before leaving through a Space Gate that had formed when he directly ripped open the space, leaving Jian Chen to stare blankly in bed with the tiger cub in his hands.

Jian Chen sat in bed and stared blankly for two hours, before finally returning to his senses as the tiger cub woke up from its slumber.

“Mrrrrrrrrr…” The tiger cub had already gained intelligence so when it woke up and realised the bloodstains on Jian Chen’s clothing, it immediately gave out constant purr as it stared at Jian Chen with its bright little eyes. It seemed to be caring for him, feeling sorry for him or even giving out sounds of crying.

Jian Chen used his hand to softly rub the cub’s small head. He stared into the cub’s small, bright, sincere eyes with a complicated gaze and said softly, “Poor Xiao Bai, perhaps such peaceful times will not last much longer.”

The cub blinked and stared at Jian Chen vacantly. It did not seem to under just what Jian Chen was talking about.

Seeing how innocent-looking Xiao Bai was, Jian Chen sighed softly from the bottom of his heart. Afterwards, he took out a large pile of thousand-year heavenly resources and placed them in front of Xiao Bai without holding back in the slightest. He said, “Xiao Bai, you should quickly eat, eat all of it. Don’t waste any time, you must quickly increase your strength.”

The tiger cub did not even listen to what Jian Chen said. Its two small, bright eyes had landed on the large pile as soon as it appeared and excitement flashed across its eyes. It gave out a cry of happiness and immediately dived into the pile of heavenly resources. It began munching on them with an expression of happiness.

Very soon, over twenty of the thousand-year heavenly resources were all consumed by the cub. After eating it all, the tiger cub gave a satisfied burp before closing its eyes. It lay down on the bed without moving, falling asleep to digest the heavenly resources again.

Jian Chen stared at the sleeping cub for a while, before carrying it gently out of the room.

In a guest room, Ming Dong and a group of people currently gathered there. They were currently waiting and none of them had left. When Jian Chen appeared, he was immediately discovered by the people who had spent the entire time waiting. He was instantly surrounded by them, and they all asked about his health. They cared for Jian Chen very much.

Feeling the concern from everyone for himself, Jian Chen could not help but feel the warm in his heart. He said, “Everyone doesn’t need to worry. I’ve already fully recovered.” The regeneration ability of the Chaotic Body really was shocking. After just a little more than two hours, the injury from the Gilligan Clan member had already fully recovered. Right now, other than the fact that Jian Chen’s clothes were still covered by blood, he was already fine.

Afterwards, they asked about everything. The sudden visit of the Gilligan clan member had caused great shock to everyone, and at the same time, it brought an extremely great pressure upon everyone, so they all wanted to understand just exactly what it was about.

Everyone was also extremely curious about the white tiger cub’s true identity..

Jian Chen did not explain too much in order to answer everyone’s questions. The identity of the tiger cub definitely could not be revealed. The fewer people who know about it, the better it was. Otherwise, once the news about the beast of antiquity, the Winged Tiger God, leaked out, the problems would instead come sooner.

At this moment, Jian Chen suddenly raised a hand to stop everyone’s discussions. Shortly afterwards, the voice of a guard resounded from outside, “Reporting to the captain, there is someone called Qin Wujian outside who says he has to see you for very important matters.”

“Qin Wujian? Why has he come?” Jian Chen was slightly surprised. After muttering to himself, he called out to the outside, “Let him come to the central conference hall. Treat him as an important guest.”

“Yes captain!” The guard responded before leaving.

Jian Chen stood up from the chair and said to the people in the room, “Everyone can go off and do their things. I’ll go change first.”

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