Chapter 701: Going to Coiled Dragon Mountain

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Chapter 701: Going to Coiled Dragon Mountain

However thinking about it again, when the third great elder remembered how Jian Chen had a close connection to Mercenary City and the descendants of a few hermit clans, he immediately rejoiced. If Jian Chen invited the experts from the hermit clans, the problem caused by the Flood Dragon Bandits would cease to exist. Not only could they save the kidnapped lady and protect the Tianqin clan’s dignity, it would also allow the the Tianqin clan’s influence to greatly increase.

“Perhaps this brother is the Mercenary King who placed first in the previous gathering of mercenaries, as well as Jian Chen who had slaughtered four Heaven Saint Master outside Mercenary City all by himself?” The other two great elders clearly had heard Jian Chen’s name before. They were slightly surprised and asked out of shock.

“Correct, eldest brother, second brother, this brother is the Mercenary King. This brother’s talent is so outstanding that a few years ago, he was still an Earth Saint Master and now he’s already become an expert at the same level as us. Anything is possible for his future accomplishments.” The third elder praised with a smile.

With this, the gazes of the two great elders underwent great changes. They had already heard about this and knew that although the youth before them was young, his strength had already reached a level equal to them, or even greater than them, able to kill four experts of the same level all by himself.

“Brother Jian Chen, do you really have the power to save my sister?” Qin Xiao asked. Ever since he learnt about just how strong the Flood Dragon Bandits were from his father, he no longer believed that Jian Chen, along with the three great elders, possessed the strength to fight the bandits.

Jian Chen nodded his head seriously, “Don’t worry, I will definitely save lady Qin Qin.”

“Brother Jian Chen, if you can invite the experts from the Dugu clan, then saving Qin Qin that girl won’t be a problem.” The third great elder said.

Hearing what he said, Jian Chen shook his head with a slight smile. Perhaps the great elders of the Tianqin clan did not know about the Flame Mercenaries, or in other words, they did not know about his current strength. However, when he thought about the distance between the Tianqin clan and the Flame Mercenaries, he immediately understood why.

The Flame Mercenaries indeed were very well-known, but it was still rather difficult for their fame to be known in the area where the Tianqin clan was. After all, they were still not as well-known as Mercenary City, or the eight great kingdoms.

“There’s no need to ask the people of the Dugu clan. Just I myself will be enough to save lady Qin Qin from the Flood Dragon Bandits.” Jian Chen said confidently.

“Since brother Jian Chen is so confident, then the three of us will risk it. We’ll go with brother Jian Chen.” A great elder of the Tianqin clan said. Although he did know Jian Chen’s exact strength, when he thought about Jian Chen’s magnificent feat outside Mercenary City, he could not help but feel more confident. Perhaps the junior really did possess the strength to save the young lady from the Flood Dragon Bandits.

“This time, it’s a matter of regaining the dignity of my Tianqin clan. My Tianqin clan must go with an extravagant display. Only with that can we maintain our dignity and status.” The patriarch of the Tianqin clan said heroically. He was extremely confident in Jian Chen. 

After everyone made up their mind, the Tianqin clan immediately began their operations. They formed a thousand-man squad and under the leadership of the three great elders, they left the Tianqin clan with great vigor. As the group walked through the streets, it caused everyone to stop and look. They all wondered about just what the number one clan of Walaurent City was off to do with such an extravagant display.

The Tianqin clan did not conceal their purpose. Very soon, the news of them heading towards Coiled Dragon Mountain to fight the Flood Dragon Bandits became widely spread, spreading throughout the entire Walaurent City without much time at all. For a moment, all who had heard the news were stupefied.

The Flood Dragon Bandits were a force that would even cause several of the surrounding kingdoms to fear. The Tianqin clan may have been the biggest clan of Walaurent City, but they were far too weak compared to the Flood Dragon Bandits. Right now, they were actually overconfident enough to go fight the Flood Dragon Bandits. It was basically like throwing eggs at a rock.

Basically all the people who had heard of the news could imagine the outcome for the Tianqin clan. No one believed that the Tianqin clan really possessed the strength to fight the Flood Dragon Bandits.

The thousand-man squad from the Tianqin clan left Walaurent City with great vigor before immediately heading towards Coiled Dragon Mountain at great speed.

“With our speed, we should be able to arrive at Coiled Dragon Mountain before sister is married. But we still should hurry, just in case.” Qin Xiao said with a deep voice. Afterwards, the squad increased their speed again.

The large squad rode magical beasts across the plains hurriedly and by night time, they had arrived at the borders of Zhuya Kingdom. Afterwards, they travelled straight towards the south.

In the morning two days later, the squad from the Tianqin clan finally stopped in front of a towering mountain. The patriarch of the Tianqin clan explained to Jian Chen, “Brother Jian Chen, this is Coiled Dragon Mountain. It’s very steep here and extremely difficult to climb. There is only one path that leads to the peak. The Flood Dragon Bandits have their base at the peak.”

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