Chapter 702: Protectors of Heaven and Earth

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Chapter 702: Protectors of Heaven and Earth

Hearing what was said, Jian Chen gazed at the mountain before him. Coiled Dragon Mountain towered from the ground like a pyramid, with a wide base and narrow peak. Its peak extended into the clouds and from afar, it seemed just like a huge, coiled-up dragon with its head stretching deep into the clouds.

As for the surroundings of Coiled Dragon Mountain, it was just like how the patriarch of the Tianqin clan had described. It was very steep with many sheer cliffs and rock faces. Also, the entire mountain was covered in thistles, taking up every inch of the ground, which made it essentially impossible to scale.

“What abundant energy of the world. The energy of the world here is actually twice as dense as other places. If you cultivate here, it may not be as fast as directly absorbing Monster Core, but it’ll definitely be much faster than outside.” Jian Chen stared at the top of the mountain, “And the closer you get to the peak, the more abundant the energy of the world becomes. This Coiled Dragon Mountain is a spirit mountain where energy of the world naturally gathers. It’s a great place to found a sect, but too bad it’s taken up by a bunch of thugs. What a pity.”

“Yeah, Coiled Dragon Mountain is the most well-known mountain in the area. There aren’t any other spirit mountains better than Coiled Dragon Mountain nearby, so it once caused countless forces in the area to become green with envy. Too bad they weren’t able to take it over from the Flood Dragon Bandits.” A great elder said.

Hearing that, Jian Chen pondered for a while before speaking, “Since Coiled Dragon Mountain is so valuable, has your Tianqin clan ever thought of taking over it?”

“Of course, the energy on the spirit mountain is twice as abundant elsewhere. Just which force hasn’t been interested in it? But the strength of the Flood Dragon Bandits deters everyone, only allowing them to just gaze at the mountain from afar.” This time, the speaker was the patriarch. His gaze at the mountain contained unconcealed desire.

Jian Chen shot a glance at the patriarch and smiled slightly, “Such a good spirit mountain doesn’t deserve to be in the hands of bandits who only know how to pillage. Otherwise, it’ll just endanger even more people. Since your Tianqin clan is interested in occupying this mountain, I’ll help you out and gift the mountain to you after we take it. It’s not early, we should head up.”

Jian Chen ignored the stupefied gazes of the patriarch and the three great elders. He hurried the Class 4 Magical Beast beneath him towards the only mountain path.

“Brother, did I hear wrong? Jian Chen actually wants to rid the mountain of the bandits and gift the mountain to the Tianqin clan?” The second great elder murmured as he stared at Jian Chen’s back in the distance.

The great elder referred to as ‘brother’ was also stupefied by what Jian Chen has said. He stared at Jian Chen with bewilderment and said softly, “We don’t know what level Jian Chen has reached. Is he really confident enough to handle the boss of the Flood Dragon Bandits? The boss’s strength is so great that he’s basically the strongest beneath Saint Rulers. Perhaps Jian Chen still doesn’t understand the bandit boss’s strength?”

Hearing the discussion between the two, the third great elder hesitated for a while before joining in, “Big brother, second brother, I don’t think Jian Chen is the type to be arrogant and conceited. Perhaps he was something he can rely on. Let’s not discuss anymore and follow and see. We’ll know soon enough if Jian Chen has the strength to fight the bandit boss.”

This time, Jian Chen lead the way with the three great elders following closely while the thousand-man squad from the Tianqin clan followed behind them.

With great vigor, the squad travelled on a winding, three-meter-wide path, heading towards the mountain peak. As for the thicket and thorns beside the path, as well as the quiet forests, roars of beasts could be heard from time to time.

However, Jian Chen knew very well that the roars in the forests were not actually made by wild beasts, but imitated by humans. They used a special method to transmit it throughout the entire mountain.

On top of the mountain, a manor completely composed of marble sat on a patch of flat land. At this very moment, the interior of the manor was covered in red paper and many people in different attires busied themselves inside. With the shouts from the people managing, great red lanterns and firecrackers were constantly hung up around the area, filling the manor with a cheerful atmosphere. It was extremely lively.

Suddenly, a painted-face youth in a wolf-leather jacket hurried in, heading directly towards the deepest part of the manor. Finally, he stopped outside a heavily-guarded hall. He knelt on one knee and said, “To the boss, I have something important to report.”

“Speak!” A heavy, extremely dignified voice echoed from the hall. From the voice, it was rather easy to tell that the speak was a middle-aged man.

“Boss, there’s a group of people at the bottom of the mountain currently heading towards the peak. There’s roughly a thousand people.” The youth said respectfully.

“If I’m not wrong, they should be the Tianqin clan from Walaurent City in the Zhuya Kingdom.” The dignified voice echoed from the hall once again. However, it contained some ridicule this time.

“Boss has incredible foresight, actually guessing it with his first try. Nothing can be hidden from boss.” The message-bearing youth hurried to butter up to the boss.

A cold, unrestrained laughter rang out from the hall, “It’s already been several centuries since outsiders have come to my Coiled Dragon Mountain and right now, the Tianqin clan has the greatest possibility of coming. I just never thought that this Tianqin clan would pluck up some courage and think that they can threaten my Coiled Dragon Mountain with just those three Heaven Saint Masters. Hmph, what a joke. Send a squad with the four Protectors of Heaven and Earth to smash them. Chase them out of my Coiled Dragon Mountain!”

“Yes, boss!” Outside the hall, a loud voice erupted with vigor.

“Wait, it might be bad if we do that. After all, my daughter-in-law is from the Tianqin clan. If I slaughter all the people of the Tianqin clan, it’ll be rather hard to justify. Whatever, since they’ve come, let them participate on my son’s marriage. Send the Protectors of Heaven and Earth to receive the guests.” The boss changed his mind.


Meanwhile, in a warmly-decorated room of the manor, the young lady of the Tianqin clan, Qin Qin, currently sat in front of a dressing table in a red wedding dress. Beside her, two female servants applied makeup for her with great attention.

Qin Qin stared into the mirror with a complicated gaze. She could not help but remember what had happened a few days ago. Back then, she was on an outing and unexpectedly met people from the Flood Dragon Bandits. Not only did they slaughter all the guards accompanying her, they took her as a prisoner to their base, Coiled Dragon Mountain, before having the bandit boss force her into marriage with his son.

Originally, Qin Qin believed that meeting the Flood Dragon Bandits was entirely a coincidence, but she learnt from the boss’s son that everything was planned and not a coincidence at all. As for the reason why everything had happened, it was because the son of the boss had once seen her at Walaurent City and drooled over her beauty.

As for being forced into marriage, Qin Qin did not resist because she knew that any resistance was futile and anything done was just useless. However, she had already made up her mind that she would not marry the boss’s son no matter what. As soon as she entered the hall where the wedding ceremony was held, she would commit suicide by biting her tongue.

She who was clean like jade was unwilling for her body to be contaminated even in the slightest. Even with death, she would protect her sanctity.

“Father, thank you for all those years of raising me. In this life, this body, Qin’er won’t be able to repay you. Qin’er can only repay in her future life. Please forgive Qin’er. Brother, thank you for your care for Qin’er, you will always be a great brother in Qin’er’s mind. Qin’er hopes that in her next life, you will still be Qin’er’s brother.” Two streams of tears flowed from Qin’er’s eyes without any restraint.



Half way up the mountain, everyone in the squad of people from the Tianqin clan completely stopped under Jian Chen’s indication. Shortly afterwards, four Heaven Saint Masters soared quickly from the top of the mountain as they flashed with a special light from the energy of the world. In the end, they floated in front of the squad of people, gazing at the people from above.

All four Heaven Saint Masters were middle-aged men and wore the same long, grey robes. Their expressions were full of arrogance and they did not hide the disdain within their gaze. They completely looked down on the Tianqin clan.

“By the boss’s orders, the Protectors of Heaven and Earth have specially come to receive the Tianqin clan to participate in the young master’s marriage. Please ascend the mountain, the marriage will formally begin at noon today.” One of the Heaven Saint Master said coldly to everyone below.

“The Protectors of Heaven and Earth are the four demonic generals of the Flood Dragon Bandits. They’ve made a name for themselves and their extremely strong. Who would have thought the Flood Dragon Bandits would actually send the four of them.” A great elder whispered into Jian Chen’s ear.

Jian Chen shot an indifferent gaze to the four demonic generals and said, “Let’s go to the top.”

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