Chapter 704: Primordial Godsilk (One)

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Chapter 704: Primordial Godsilk (One)

Under the bandit boss’s forceful gaze, Jian Chen clearly was not disturbed. He stared back at the boss disdainfully and said coldly, “Who I am is not important. I’ve come today for only one purpose, and that’s to take the young lady of the Tianqin clan home safely. Right now, you’re already a peak Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master. Reaching that really isn’t easy, so before I have any intention of killing you, hurry up and release the young lady.”

“Kiddo, you really have the nerve to speak so arrogantly and not be scared about losing your tongue. Who do you think the boss is? He’s the strongest below Saint Rulers, both in name and reality. He once killed several Heaven Saint Masters in a row, a well-renowned man of the surrounding area. You little ignorant brat actually dares to speak like this do our boss. Do you even know how death is spelt?” 

“Arrogant brat, you must be tired of living. Who do you think you are? Actually speaking so arrogantly to our honorable boss. You definitely won’t be alive by the end of the day. Why don’t you hurry up and apologise? We’ll keep your corpse whole.

“You actually dare to be so arrogant with my Flood Dragon Bandits. You definitely won’t be leaving the mountain alive today. Otherwise, would the dignity of my Flood Dragon Bandits still remain?”

“Yeah, we definitely can’t let them leave this mountain. Even if its the Tianqin clan, they have to pay a heavy price for this, so they can learn that our Coiled Dragon Mountain isn’t any old mountain that they can climb.”

As soon as Jian Chen finished speaking, curses immediately arose from the surroundings. The surrounding bandits all swore aloud as they stared at him maliciously. What Jian Chen had said had completely enraged the ill-tempered and arrogant bandits. If it were not for the presence of the boss, perhaps they would have already rushed at Jian Chen like a swarm of bees to slaughter him.

After hearing the cursing from the surroundings, Jian Chen could not help but display an icy-cold smile. His gaze pierced at the boss who stood before the manor gate and said, “Bandit boss, all of the bandits here have hands dyed with blood. Who knows how many people have died under their hands. They must have done many tyrannical things before. They are the cancer of the human world so I can kill them with a clear conscience, so it’s best if you don’t make me move against them.”

“F*ck, this brat’s getting more and more arrogant. Boss, please allow me to fight him and teach this ignorant brat a solid lesson.” One of the elder men beside the boss could not help but ask for permission. He was an elder of the Flood Dragon Bandits and well-known in the bandit group for his hot-headedness and ill temper. He was already a peak Third Cycle Heaven Saint Master.

Jian Chen’s repetitive provocation also caused the boss to reveal an extremely ugly expression. He stared coldly at Jian Chen and a gleam of light flashed across his eyes. With a soft voice, he said, “Elder Luug, bring me the brat’s tongue.”

“Yes boss.” The elder responded excitedly and walked forwards while staring at Jian Chen fiercely. Great battle intent poured from his body without any intention of concealing it and he yelled, “Brat, you’re mouth is too cocky. If you keep it, it’ll drag you to your death some day. Let grandpa Luug handle this problem for you. Leave your tongue behind.” Surging Saint Force appeared from the elderly man’s right hand, quickly forming a half-meter-long, hook-like Saint Weapon. Afterwards, the man leapt up, shooting towards Jian Chen like a lightning bolt. He used the hook-shaped Saint Weapon in his hand to stab at Jian Chen’s mouth.

The three great elders sat calmly on their magical beasts without any intention of getting involved. At the same time, they did not worry at all, as they had already witnessed Jian Chen’s strength. They all knew that the Flood Dragon Bandits, so renowned and dreaded by several of the surrounding kingdoms, were as weak as ants in Jian Chen’s eyes, unable to form any threat to him at all.

“The Flood Dragon Bandits have acted as tyrants for several centuries with no one ever brave enough to provoke them. Now they’ve finally stirred up a hornet’s nest.” The patriarch of the Tianqin clan hid behind Jian Chen. He stared at the Flood Dragon Bandits in delight, unworried about Jian Chen’s safety at all.

Seeing the elderly man who shot towards him, a harsh light flickered in Jian Chen’s eyes. Only when the hook-shaped Saint Weapon approached his body did he raise his right hand unhurriedly. The action seemed to be very slow, but the speed was actually unbelievably fast. It seemed to surpass the distance of space, tightly grasping the old man’s hook-like Saint Weapon with lightning speed.

The old man’s charging body came to a screeching stop. His entire body floated in the air, maintaining his previous posture of lunging at Jian Chen. This was not because Jian Chen had used Spatial Force to bind the man, but a phenomenon caused by the old man’s front lunge.

Seeing how his Saint Weapon was grabbed by the youth in his twenties, the old man was slightly surprised. Afterwards, he sneered and the Saint Force in his body immediately erupted into a surge, gathering in the Saint Weapon. It immediately caused the Saint Weapon to glow brightly, an attempt to heavily injure Jian Chen’s hand with his powerful Saint Force.

Although Jian Chen’s had was tender and slender, it was currently like a huge clamp, tightly trapping the old man’s Saint Weapon. No matter how the old man channelled his Saint Force, he was unable to break free from Jian Chen grasp, much less injure his hand.

“How… How is this possible? Perhaps his hand can neutralise by attacks with Saint Force?” The old man was no longer able to maintain his calmness from before, overcome by shock. The situation before him was completely different from the outcome he had imagined, which made him unable to accept it.

A gleam of light flashed across the bandits boss’s eyes who stood nearby. He said with a soft voice, “This person invited by the Tianqin clan really does have some ability. But if this is all he can do, he won’t be able to leave Coiled Dragon Mountain alive today. The defense of his body might be very tough, but before a Heaven Tier Battle Skill, it’s no different from tofu.”


Suddenly, Jian Chen used some strength, actually forcefully snapping the old man’s Saint Weapon. Saint Weapons were connected to the lives of their owner, so as the Saint Weapon broke, the old man also suffered an extremely great backlash. He felt like as if his heart was suddenly crushed by someone, immediately causing blood to spray from his mouth. In that moment, his complexion paled. He was already heavily injured.

“Elder Luug!” The sudden mishap caused all the people of the Flood Dragon Bandits to be surprised. Two elders immediately leapt up from behind the boss in attempt to same the old man with the broken Saint Weapon.

A sneer formed at the corner of Jian Chen’s lips. He did not plan on letting elder Luug go, so he shot his palm towards the elder’s head with lightning speed.



The two old men who were rushing over both called out. However, Jian Chen ignored their voices and placed his palm onto elder Luug’s forehead with great speed. A sliver of Chaotic Force entered elder Luug’s brain which wiped out his soul.

The elder’s eyes quickly became glazed, before flopping onto the ground.

“Brat, you’re looking to die!”

“I’ll make you pay for elder Luug’s life!”

Two old men clearly had a good relationship with elder Luug. They roared angrily at Jian Chen as they stared at him with bloodshot eyes. Afterwards, they continued Jian Chen without any change in speed, stabbing at the centre of Jian Chen’s eyebrows and throat with their swords.

Jian Chen stared coldly without any mercy. Only when the two swords approached him did he extend his hands forwards. When his hands came in contact with the Saint Weapons, they actually completely disintegrated along with the hilt. In the end, Jian Chen’s two palms landed directly on the chest of the two elders.

Bang! With a muffled sound, the chests of the two Heaven Saint Masters immediately caved in. Jian Chen’s palms did not seem to carry any ripples of energy, but actually hid great power. With just a palm, it had caused all the bones in the two Heaven Saint Masters to be shattered. Even their internal organs turned into mush.

The two Heaven Saint Masters of the Flood Dragon Bandits both flew backwards, directly colliding with the wall of the manor several dozen meters away. They created to great holes in the walls layered with red paper.

The surroundings fell into a deathly silence. Everyone stared at what had happened blankly and the shock within their hearts had already reached the absolute maximum. The three experts of the Flood Dragon Bandits were actually devastated as soon as they began fighting. Such a powerful strength had deeply shocked every member of the Flood Dragon Bandits. With that, there were no longer any people who dared to mention anything along the lines of teaching Jian Chen a lesson. Even the bandits who had surrounded the members of the Tianqin clan began shaking in the knees, all slowly backing off with expressions of fear.

“Sir, you actually possess such strength, then you mustn’t be some unknown person. I wonder just who are you?” The bandits boss’s expression was solemn as he stared tightly at Jian Chen.

“I’ll ask it one last time. Are you going to release the person or not?” Jian Chen did not reply and instead questioned. His tone was icy-cold.

The bandit boss’s expression became gloomy. With that, he really did believe that the four Protectors of Heaven and Earth had died by the hands of Jian Chen. However, he did not fear Jian Chen in the slightest, because he was extremely confident in his strength. He immediately sneered, “First you kill five elders on my Coiled Dragon Mountain, then you heavily injure two elders to the point where I’m not even sure if they’re still alive. And you’re so arrogant. Sir, looks like you’ve made up your mind in having the Flood Dragon Bandits as your enemy. I admit that you are very strong, but if you want to be presumptuous on my Coiled Dragon Mountain, that’s not something that can done by an ordinary person.” A piece of jade had already appeared in the bandit boss’s hand. Afterwards, he crushed it without any hesitation, alerting the experts who were currently in long-term secluded cultivation at the rear mountain.

Not long after, over a dozen power presences appeared in the rear mountain. Fourteen Heaven Saint Masters soared in the sky, quickly flying over from the rear mountain. The fourteen Heaven Saint Masters were the Flood Dragon Bandit’s greatest hidden power.

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