Chapter 710: Changes of the Holy Empire (Two)

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Chapter 710: Changes of the Holy Empire (Two)

“What! The Qinhuang Kingdom is actually a subsidiary of the Holy Empire!” What Qin Yunlong had said greatly shocked Jian Chen.

Qin Yunlong nodded solemnly, “Correct. My Qinhuang Kingdom is indeed a subsidiary of the Holy Empire. Other than my Qinhuang Kingdom, there are two other great kingdoms which was subsidiaries to the Holy Empires, and they are the Fire Dragon Kingdom and the Budis Kingdom. The two great kingdoms possess similar strength, and aren’t much weaker compared to my Qinhuang Kingdom.”

“This is a great secret on the Tian Yuan Continent. Ordinary people have no idea about it, and there aren’t many who know of it even in the ancient clans.” Harry supplemented.

“Then what is the problem the Qinhuang Kingdom is facing? Perhaps it comes from the Holy Empire?” Jian Chen asked curiously.

“Correct!” Qin Yunlong nodded his head seriously, “The Holy Empire is about to change.”

“Change?” Jian Chen was slightly confused and immediately revealed an expression of thought.

Qin Yunlong looked at the pondering Jian Chen and said, “Jian Chen, the Holy Empire is actually not like the way you think it is, that the royal family rules the entire empire. It’s actually controlled by three powerful clans. As for the emperor of the Holy Empire, it’s just a position alternated between the three clans. In other words, the ones who have power over the empire are not the royal family but the three clans.”

“All three clans possess the same strength as ancient clans. Each clan has always been mutually impeded like the legs on a tripod, but the root of the problem this time is that the balance has been broken. The three clans are no longer in balance with one another in terms of strength. The Zaar family currently possesses greater strength than the other two combined, and they’ve already begun to move. I believe they will move against the two other clans, the Kazda clan and the Kara clan to seize power to rule the empire all by themselves.”

“As for my Qinhuang Kingdom, we are subsidiaries of the Kara clan. As subsidiaries of the three clans, they’ve already sucked our Qinhuang Kingdom and the other two great kingdoms into their fight. We’re unable to act independently so our Qinhuang Kingdom will probably encounter problems in the close future.”

Hearing what was said, Jian Chen could not help but think about the moment in the finals of the Gathering of Mercenaries. He could still remember clearly that his powerful opponent came from the Holy Empire, someone called Zaar Ere. In the final match, Zaar Ere and he had a conversation in the arena. Back then, Zaar Ere offered to give up first place in return for Jian Chen agreeing to one of his requests. At that time, Jian Chen understood that Zaar Ere wanted to become close friends with him like he was with Ming Dong, so Jian Chen declined without any hesitation. This was because he could already hear from how Zaar Ere spoke that there was a terrifying power-battle attempting to drag him in.

It was just that Jian Chen had never thought he would be still be dragged into it a few years later. However, his status was rather different from what it was before.

“The Holy Empire holds the only chance for me to become a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master. I have to go there. But now, I, Jian Chen, will have to participate in the fight for power between the three clans. Perhaps this is fate?” Jian Chen thought.

“Jian Chen, originally, the four of us did not want you to get involved, but with our current grim situation, it’s not about us four anymore. This is why our Qinhuang Kingdom needs your help.” Qin Qiuzheng said softly as he stared deeply at Jian Chen. His expression was solemn.

Jian Chen paused for a while before finally speaking again, “Four seniors, as an Imperial Protector of Qinhuang Kingdom, I, Jian Chen, will definitely think for the future and safety of the kingdom. Also, I have some matters to resolve in the Holy Empire, so this time, why don’t I use the identity as an Imperial Protector of Qinhuang Kingdom to go there and do things? Perhaps I’ll encounter fewer troubles.”

The four Imperial Protectors revealed some joy in their expressions. Qin Qiuzheng smiled, “Jian Chen, with you, our Qinhuang Kingdom will rise greatly in strength. Also, the last time I saw you, another Saint Ruler and a Class 7 Magical Beast seemed to follow you. I wonder if you can get them to help out too?”

“I have no right to interfere with what Nubis and Jiede Tai do. When I return, I’ll ask them.” Jian Chen replied. 


After the important discuss, Jian Chen and the four Imperial Protectors talked some more. He gained an even better understanding of the Holy Empire and also brought up the topic of Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters in attempt to learn more about them. However, the answers he received from the four of them were almost exactly the same as the ones he received from Bi Hai, so he did not learn anything new.

When Jian Chen departed from the Qin Heaven Palace, it was already evening. Around a thousand meters from the front of the Qin Heaven Palace, a group of people had already gathered there for a very long time. The person who stood at the very front was the king of Qinhuang Kingdom, and behind him, there were a few members of the royal family, as well as an Heaven Saint Master Imperial Advisor.

Naturally, there was phatic conversation between Jian Chen and the group. After Jian Chen and the king, as well as the third prince, Qin Ji, conversed a little, he was politely invited to a banquet to drink and have a merry time. Perhaps because Jian Chen was now a Saint Ruler, the king’s tone towards Jian Chen beared some respectfulness that was never shown before.

As Jian Chen, the king and the many guests had their merry time, in a small kingdom several hundred kilometers away, there were five elderly people that gather in a small inn, conversing with each other. To others, their mouths opened and closed, but there was no sound at all. It was as if they were doing some unknown lip-reading.

“I’ve already investigated everything. This Jian Chen is a Saint Ruler and he’s not that weak. He’s formed a mercenary group, and it’s called the Flame Mercenaries or something. Other than him, there are another two Saint Rulers there.” An elderly man said.

“Then have you investigated whether Jian Chen carries a winged cub that’s completely white?” An old man beside him asked.

The person who was responsible for the investigations nodded, “I’ve naturally investigated everything important, and the outcome isn’t disappointing. Jian Chen indeed carries a cub like that. The cub should be what the king wants.

“Since Jian Chen is the captain of the Flame Mercenaries, he definitely mut be at the mercenary headquarters. Let’s just go directly to the Flame Mercenaries and after we get the cub, we’ll hand it directly to the king. We can obtain the other two monster cores with that.”

“Okay, let’s go straight to the Flame Mercenaries!”

On the next day, in the headquarters of the Flame Mercenaries, all the central members dined together for breakfast. Ever since the Class 7 Magical Beast Nubis entered the human world, he was deeply attracted to the food of humans. As a result, he would not miss any of the three meals in a day, and every time he ate, he would eat an amount that could feed ten ordinary people, or even beyond that. He currently sat with Ming Dong, You Yue, Bi Lian and others around a large round table, wolfing down his breakfast. In front of him, there was already a large pile of plates.

“This roast meat is pretty good. I, the great Nubis, have never tried something this great. Yes, and this dessert, give me a few serving for every meal every day. The more the better.” Nubis chatttered as he wolfed down the roast meat in the plate.

“Sir Nubis the great, you don’t need to worry. As long as you stay with our Flame Mercenaries, Bi Lian can guarantee that we will treat you with large portions of delicious food everyday.” Bi Lian smiled sweetly at Nubis.”

Nubis raised his hand to glance at Bi Lian and derided, “I, the great Nubis, know exactly what you’re thinking in your silly brain. You want to use these delicious foods that can be bought with purple coins to bribe me. You’re underestimating me, the great Nubis, too much. I am a dignified Class 7 Magical Beast. I would never fall so low.”

The people conversed as they ate on the dining table. After being associated with Nubis for some time, they all knew about Nubis’s temperament. As a result, when they spoke to him, they respected him very much, avoiding his bottom line or making him lose his temper. Also, although Nubis was a Class 7 Magical Beast that had lived for centuries, or even thousands of years, he maintained a youthful mind, which was why he was able to remain so cheerful with a group of people who had a similar age. Although their relationship could not be regarded as close, it was enough for a few conversations.

Just at this moment, a guard ran in from outside. He reported, “There are two people outside who refer themselves as people from the Tianmu clan. They wish to see the captain.”

“What, the Tianmu clan!?” Nubis exclaimed out of surprise. It was possible that the people in the dining hall did not know what the Tianmu clan were, but Nubis who participated in protecting the tungsten alloy mine knew very well.

“Great Nubis, what is this Tianmu clan?” Bi Liang blinked several times and stared curiously at the shocked Nubis.

“Their background is pretty great. They’re people from an ancient clan and seem to have some connections with Jian Chen. Everyone should go receive them together.” Nubis said.

Shortly afterwards, the core members of the Flame Mercenaries did not bother to continue breakfast. They all left the dining hall, walking towards the outside. When they arrived at the main entrance of the palace, they saw a flirtatious-looking girl who seemed to be in her twenties, standing silently outside the entrance. She was Tianmu Ling.

Beside Tianmu Ling, there was a old woman. The old woman had peppered-grey hair and her gaze was deep. She carried a dragon-headed cane and seemed just like an ordinary old person.

Jian Chen had basically let Bi Lian and You Yue who were good at managing things handle all the matters of the Flame Mercenaries. As Jian Chen was not currently present, Bi Lian and You Yue possessed the greatest authority. They had already learnt of their identities from Nubis beforehand so when they met, they immediately escorted the two people into the palace politely.

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