Chapter 713: Family Transformation (Three)

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Chapter 713: Family Transformation (Three)

Old man Mateng’s expression became extremely serious, no longer as calm as before. He exclaimed, “This old woman is just too strong, even if we work together, we’re not her opponent. Retreat!” Old man Mateng could not wipe away the blood from his mouth in time and immediately backed off.

The sudden change in the situation caused the other Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers to be greatly surprised. The two old men who were rushing towards Bi Hai and Jiede Tai also stopped in their tracks and shortly afterwards, all three of them convened mid-air. If the old woman were to move against them, they may not have possessed the strength to be her opponent together, but they could at least block a blow or two. 

After the two Sixth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers quickly backed off, they fused with the surrounding space and used Spatial Force to quickly retreat. As for the three Fifth Heaven Layer old man, their expressions were very solemn, staring extremely cautiously at the old woman with the dragon-headed cane.

“Who are you? What relationship do you have with the Flame Mercenaries?” Old man Situ stared deeply at the old woman as he asked her, in attempt to learn the woman’s identity. His complexion was rather pale.

The old woman was hunchbacked, but she had a pair of eyes brimming with vigor. She said, “The five of you don’t even have the qualifications to hear this old woman’s identity. As for my relationship with these mercenaries, it has nothing to do with you. If you’re sensible, hurry up and leave, otherwise, don’t blame this old woman for being impolite.”

Old man Situ and Mateng’s expressions became rather ugly. They looked at each other, before old man Situ spoke, “Even though the opponent is strong, we aren’t weak. If we all work together, I don’t believe we won’t be able to handle this old woman.”

“Yeah, if we want to finish the mission quickly and easily, we can only defeat this old woman, and then control this place to threaten Jian Chen. As long as we have the Flame Mercenaries as a bargaining chip, Jian Chen’ll obediently hand over what we want.” Old man Mateng sneered.

“Alright, I agree with that suggestion. Let’s work together and fight it out with her.” The thoughts of the five people reached one conclusion very soon. Afterwards, they all rushed at the old woman. They did not hold back at all, using all that they could to battle the old woman.

Jiede Tai and Bi Hai stood pale-faced on the ground. They looked up together, but they both were greatly relieved inside. Although they did not know when the old woman had come, they were familiar with the person. They knew that she was a powerful Eighth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler, and behind her stood a terrifyingly powerful ancient clan.

Nubis also turned back into a human, floating mid-air. He stared at the battle in the distance in front of him and also felt extremely fortunate, “Luckily the expert from the Tianmu clan is here. Otherwise, really wouldn’t know what outcome we’d be facing.”

The old woman was already embroiled in an intense fight high up in the air with the five powerful Saint Rulers. They had already fought their way up to an altitude of a dozen or so kilometers from the initial thousand meters. Their battle was devastating, to a point where even the sun or moon would struggle to shine. In the azure sky, pitch-black cracks in space would appear from time to time.

As the old woman fought against the five Saint Rulers, not only did she battle skillfully and at ease, she also gained the upper-hand, tightly suppressing all five of them.

The battle did not last for very long, only for around ten minutes. Old man Situ and the other four Saint Rulers were all injured by the old woman, spitting out blood as they fell from the sky. They were all heavily-wounded.

The five people were completely shocked. The strength of the old woman had greatly exceeded what they had believed. Originally, they believed that if they worked together, they could triumph over the old woman, but not only did they fail to defeat her, they could not even touch the woman. Instead, the outcome was that they were all heavily injured.

“That old woman’s strength must be at the peak of the Eighth Heavenly Layer, or maybe even in the Ninth Heavenly Layer. God dammit, why do the Flame Mercenaries have such an expert protecting it!?” One of the Fifth Heavenly Layer old man could not help it and cursed aloud.

Old man Situ regained control over his descent mid-air and shot a fierce glance at the old woman. Afterwards, he gnashed his teeth, “Let’s go!” As soon as he finished speaking, old man Situ immediately fled into the distance.

Soon afterwards, old man Mateng and the other three Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler regained control over their descent and chased after old man Situ with their heavily-injured bodies. They fled into the distance, disappearing into the horizon with the blink of an eye.

The old woman slowly descended from the air. Just as her feet touched the ground, the alluring Tianmu Ling arrived next to her and asked with concern, “Grandma Wang, are you okay?”

The old woman’s cold expression completely vanished in that moment. She stared at Tianmu Ling gently and said with a benevolent smile, “Stupid girl, how would anything happen to grandma Wang for fighting them? It’s not like you don’t know grandma Wang’s strength.”

“Ling’er is just caring for grandma!” Tianmu Ling smiled sweetly as she grabbed the old woman’s arm and pouted.

Seeing how Tianmu Ling acted, the old woman could not help but chuckle gently. Tianmu Ling was her most beloved granddaughter after all, someone she loved very dearly.

“Thank you senior for helping out.” Bi Hai and Jiede Tai glided over hurried from the distance. At the same time, they clasped their hands and thanked the old woman. They knew very well that if the old woman did not help out today, the outcome of the situation would have been unimaginable. Not to mention that fact that they would be taken as hostages, even Bi Lian and the others would be in grave danger. 

The old woman looked over Bi Hai and Jiede Tai in an ordinary fashion and said, “Never thought that there’d be people who would come looking for trouble with the Flame Mercenaries. They don’t know about Jian Chen’s relationship with the grand elder. Though, just what has this kid done to cause so many experts to come looking for trouble? Whatever, you should quickly go heal. With me guarding here, you don’t have to worry about safety.”

Bi Hai and Jiede Tai thanked her once again before directly leaving to recover. Afterwards, Bi Lian and You Yue hurried out of the conference hall, thanking the old woman without any signs of stopping.

“You two silly girls don’t need to be so polite. This time, I’ve come to find Jian Chen to discuss some things. I’ve saved you this time, so you can just count it as Jian Chen owing me a favor. He’ll have to return this favor.” The old woman revealed a profound smile.

This time, it caused a great disturbance, unable to be concealed at all. Very soon, the news that the Flame Mercenaries were attacked by five Saint Rulers spread very quickly, causing a great commotion.

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