Chapter 715: Loss of Parents (Two)

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Chapter 715: Loss of Parents (Two)

Within the Changyang Manor at Lore City, Bi Yuntian was currently talking casually with the three other aunts, giggling from time to time. They were all very happy from the conversation. The topic always seemed to be about Jian Chen. The three aunts had tones brimming with unconcealed admiration, along with some envy. They all secretly despised the fact that they could not have such an outstanding son like Jian Chen.

Listening to the three aunts talk about her son, Bi Yuntian smiled so much that she was no longer able to keep her mouth closed. She took great pride in her son’s outstanding talent and also because of her son, her status rose greatly within the Changyang clan. Even the elders of the Changyang clan would treat Bi Yuntian with a respectful tone.

Meanwhile in the conference hall of the Changyang Manor, Changyang Ba was currently conversing with the head of a certain large clan within the Gesun Kingdom.

“Brother Changyang Ba, how do you think about this suggestion? Although the esteemed young master Changyang Xiangtian is engaged with princess Ge Lan, it’s not rare for men to have three or four wives on the Tian Yuan Continent. I am willing to have my second daughter, Kadi Qiuli, marry young master Changyang Xiantian and become a concubine of his.” The clan head said. His tone was gentle and modest, with some intention of request hidden within.

Changyang Ba chuckled and said, “Patriarch Kadi, I’m extremely sorry. Xiang’er’s already become an adult. We, as parents, are unable to make decisions all by ourselves on matters that would affect the rest of his life. It’s best if you discuss it with him after Xiang’er returns. 

“Then I will be troubling brother Changyang Ba to say a few words of praise before the esteemed young master. Although my second daughter Kadi Qiuli is not as outstanding as princess Ge Lan, she is a great beauty that outshines the moon. She’s publically renowned as the second beauty of the Gesun Kingdom.” Patriarch Kadi said proudly.

Changyang Ba nodded with a smile, “Definitely, definitely!”

Just at this moment, a great pressure descended grandly from outside. It enveloped the entire Changyang Manor. Feeling the pressure, everyone within the manor felt like a great boulder was placed on their chest, struggling to breathe.

The sudden change caused everyone within the manor to be great surprised. However, before they could understand what was going on, a voice resounded from outside. It was old, but it was full of vigor.

“Where is Jian Chen?! Hurry up and come out!”

Above the Changyang Manor, five elderly men who seemed to be in their seventies had appeared out of nowhere. They floated at a hundred meter altitude, looking down from above.

All the people within the Changyang clan endured the great pressure as they walked out of the buildings with great difficulty. They all raised their heads and looked at the five old men in the sky with anxiety and doubt. This was because they knew the five old men had come with ill-intentions, but they just could not think of who was willing to openly offend the Changyang clan.

Changyang Ba, Bi Yuntian and the older people all huddled in a square in front of a building. They stared at the five old men in the sky solemnly. After a while, Changyang Ba spoke out, “Who are the five seniors? Just why are the seniors looking for Xiang’er?”

As soon as Changyang Ba spoke out, the gazes of the five elderly men all gathered on him. Shortly afterwards, old man Situ waved his hand gently and Changyang Ba quickly flew into the air, as if his body was enveloped by an invisible force.

“Patriarch!” All the guards and the elder people cried out. They were extremely worried for Changyang Ba’s safety, afraid that something would happen to him.

“Release the patriarch!” Just at this moment, someone yelled out from the crowd. A azure figure quickly soared into the air, attempting to save Changyang Ba.

Seeing the azure figure shooting up from below, one of the Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers could not help but sneer in ridicule, “Hmph, such recklessness!” Soon after, he waved his hand gently. A powerful, invisible force immediately shot violently towards the azure figure, landing firmly on the person’s chest.

“Blargh!” The azure figure spat out a mouthful of blood which turned into mist, falling from the sky. Afterwards, he fell down from above powerlessly, striking the ground heavily.

“Uncle Chang!”

“Head housekeeper!”

All the people of the Changyang clan cried out. They were all struck by fear and trepidation. Uncle Chang was a powerful Heaven Saint Master, yet he was actually struck down so easily by the five old men in the sky. It caused everyone to be drowned in disbelief.

Seeing how housekeeper Chang was injured with just a single blow, the tightly-bound Changyang Ba paled greatly from shock. He looked at the five old men, his gaze filled with stupefaction. The strength of the old man who had just struck out caused him to feel waves of terror. This was because Changyang Ba knew very well that with housekeeper Chang’s strength, even Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Masters would struggle to injure him so easily. As for the old man who had just struck out, it was just a casual wave of his hand.

Shortly afterwards, Changyang Ba seemed to think of something. Two words were choked out of his mouth with great difficulty, “Saint Ruler!”

Old man Situ stared at Changyang Ba with a sneer, “Not bad, not bad at all. You know quite some things to be able to guess our strength. You must be the patriarch of the Changyang clan, as well as Jian Chen’s father. Tell me where Jian Chen is.”

“Patriarch Changyang, as long as you obediently answer our question, we will not harm you. After all, not only does killing you fail to give us any benefits, it’ll increase our sins, allowing Celestial Decay to occur sooner.” Old man Mateng chuckled coldly. With Jian Chen’s father in their control, he did not believe that they would fail to find Jian Chen.

Changyang Ba already understood that the five old men were Jian Chen’s enemies. He said without any extra thought, “Seniors, perhaps you will be disappointed. Xiang’er likes to travel and has left the manor for many days already. Even I, his father, have no idea where he is currently.”

“Looks like you don’t want to tell us.” Old man Situ’s expression became overcast. He extended a hand and held Changyang Ba by the neck as he sneered, “I, Situ Jian, do not want to kill you, so don’t make me do it. I’ll give you another chance. Tell me where Jian Chen is. Otherwise, I can only snap your neck.”

Changyang Ba was a courageous man. He did not fear death. Not only did old man Situ’s threat fail to create any useful effect, it aggravated Changyang Ba’s courage. He said, “If you want to kill me, then kill me. Even if I know where Xiang’er is, I definitely won’t tell you.”

Old man Situ’s gaze suddenly became a glare. Shortly afterwards, he looked down and said, “If you want your patriarch to live, obediently tell us where Jian Chen is. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being merciless.”

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