Chapter 726: Radiant Saint Master Badges

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Chapter 726: Radiant Saint Master Badges

The youth was Jian Chen. Uncle Xiu’s arrival had completely changed Jian Chen’s original plans. Right now, he had already forgone his identity as a fighter, and was ready to go to the City of God and join the Radiant Saint Master Union to become a core member under a different identity.

Fortunately, fighters who were also Radiant Saint Masters never appeared on the Tian Yuan Continent, which provided Jian Chen and additional layer of protection.

Jian Chen did not pay any attention to the small white tiger perched on his head. He also stared into the distance at the vague city wall with great curiosity and mumbled to himself, “So is that one of the seven capitals of the Tian Yuan Continent? It really is big. And from the great twisted city walls, I actually can feel a presence that originates from the ancient times. It’s so vast that it even makes me feel pressured.”

“Hehe, esteemed Radiant Saint Master, this must be the first time you’ve come to the City of God. Your understanding of the city is not as great as us, the natives. It’s said that the seven capitals of the continent originate from the ancient times, and were forcefully pulled from the ground by powerful Saint Emperors. Not only is the city extremely sturdy, it also has the protection of a powerful but mysterious force. Its defensive capabilities are beyond imagination. They say that on the current continent, there is no one who can break through the defence of the seven capitals. When the city-guarding barrier is activated, even Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings can’t enter it.” A mercenary next to the horse-driver on a magical beast said. He was an average-looking, middle-aged man. He seemed to be an honest man, as well as the captain of the small mercenary group. Although he was only an Earth Saint Master, he was a native, born and raised in the Holy Empire, so he had a deep understanding of the City of God.

“Captain Hu Yun, are you saying that the seven capital cities of the continent were plucked from the ground by peerless experts in the ancient times?” Jian Chen’s interest was piqued as he asked the middle-aged man. In the depths of his eyes, there was also a vague silver of disbelief.

Captain Hu Yun chuckled and said, “Yeah, this rumor is nothing secretive in our Holy Empire. Apparently, all the capitals of the Tian Yuan Continent were pulled from the ground, or in other words, grown from the ground, by several Saint Emperors when they used a great technique. Although it’s been countless years since then, the seven capitals still contain a powerful energy. The reinforced walls are basically unbreakable.”

Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath. He stared at the great, towering city wall as he approached it, and struggled to understand just how powerful the technique needed to be to pull the walls up from the ground.

In the next part the journey, no one said anything. Jian Chen sat in the luxurious carriage, and slowly travelled towards the City of God with the accompaniment of the mercenaries.

The city walls were over one hundred meters in height. They were snow-white and reflective like mirrors, with not a single crack in them. The entire city wall seemed to be carved from one rock, as if the world had created it. The snow-white walls actually reflected the sunlight, and created blurry beams of white light. It filled the place with a sense of sacredness.

It was bustling around the sixteen great gates of the city. Countless mercenaries and merchants travelled in both directions, while around the gates, there were many soldiers clad in pale, silver armor. They stared coldly at the people who constantly passed them. With every group that entered the city, they had to cough up a single, shiny gold coin as a fee. This was one of the methods of income for the three great clans of the Holy Empire.

When Jian Chen passed through the city gates, he could not help but become stern. This was because he could clearly feel the extremely pure and great energy hidden within the city walls. This was the first time Jian Chen recognized that he was actually so insignificant, like a skiff floating in the vast ocean. Also, a powerful pressure encapsulated Jian Chen’s entire spirit, which made him feel like he was fighting an invisible foe. Even the thought of resisting failed to cross his mind.

“Is this the power of Saint Emperors? Looks like the rumors are indeed true. The seven capital cities of the continent really were pulled up from the ground by ancient Saint Emperors.” Jian Chen thought to himself.

He entered the City of God without any obstructions, before continuing for another fifty kilometers. Only then did Jian Chen leave the carriage, but not before throwing a bag full of purple coins to captain Hu Yun. He left soon after.

Hu Yun looked at the bag full of glittering purple coins and was immediately astonished. He called out, “Esteemed Radiant Saint Master, it’s not this much, you’ve given too much.”

“Captain Hu Yun, your brothers are all tired from this journey. Just treat the remaining as a bonus to your brothers.” Jian Chen’s voice sounded up ahead. He continued on his way without looking back, quickly disappearing into the large, bustling street.

The streets of the City of God were extremely wide; they could fit several dozen carriages side-by-side. Jian Chen looked around as he walked through the streets, and looked upwards at the sky from time to time. Ever since he entered the City of God, he could clearly feel that the energy of the world was several more times abundant here than outside. Also, the more he approached the city centre, the richer the energy became. Other than that, the Radiant Saint Force in his surroundings was also several times more abundant than outside. If he wanted to use Radiant Saint Force, Jian Chen believed that he would only need a moment to reach his limit in gathering the energy. It could save him a lot of time for charging up.

Apart from that, there were also plenty of powerful people in the City of God. A large portion of the pedestrians and mercenaries on the streets were Earth Saint Masters, and even Heaven Saint Masters were relatively common. It was extremely rare to find Radiant Saint Masters outside, yet they seemed to be extremely common here, present everywhere.

Not only was the City of God, one of the seven capitals of the continent, a place where Radiant Saint Masters gathered, but powerful people were also concentrated here.

However, one aspect that piqued Jian Chen’s interest was that he saw many Radiant Saint Masters on the street, but they, without any exceptions, all wore a badge of varying color; there was brown, orange, yellow, green and so on.

At this moment, the small tiger did not continue to sleep. It stood on Jian Chen’s shoulder while it lay on Jian Chen’s head. It had its head up, looking around with its pair of large, bright eyes, full of curiosity. Everything seemed to carry a freshness to it.

At this moment, a series of uniform gallops could be heard in the distance. Several dozen people on magical beasts travelled towards Jian Chen, and the people leading them were a male and a female who seemed to be in their twenties. The male wore azure robes and had a strong and sturdy stature. As for the female, she wore white robes and seemed rather charming. Her skin seemed soft like lamb fat, and she was rather pretty. She looked at the mercenaries and merchants on the two sides of the road with a slight disdain while she carried an expression that held a sliver of arrogance.

“Hmm?” When the girl inadvertently glanced towards Jian Chen, she immediately saw the small tiger on Jian Chen’s shoulder, the pureness and brilliance of the tiger’s gaze was immediately deeply ingrained in the girl’s mind.

“What a cute little animal!” The girl inadvertently exclaimed aloud. She looked at the tiger in interest, she struggled to conceal the affection on her face.

The young man next to the girl also discovered the small tiger. He then turned to the girl and smiled, “Since, sister likes it, brother’ll buy it for sister as a gift.” With that, the young man steered his magical beast mount to block Jian Chen’s path. He examined Jian Chen and after discovering he was not a member of a large clan in the City of God, he immediately relaxed and said, “This brother, my sister is interested in your animal. Speak your price, I’ll buy it.” Although the young man beared a smile, his tone was extremely cold. He spoke to Jian Chen as if he was commanding him.

Jian Chen furrowed his eyebrows. He did not even look at the young man and said coldly, “Not selling!” With that, he made his way around the young man.

The person’s gaze grew cold. He turned around and stared at Jian Chen’s slender figure and said, “Looks like this brother is also a Radiant Saint Master, so why aren’t you wearing the Radiant Saint Master badge?”

“Badge?” Hearing the word, Jian Chen immediately began thinking. Images of the different colored badges worn by the Radiant Saint Masters he saw on the street flashed through his head.

“Looks like this badge is distributed by the union. It should be a symbol the status as a Radiant Saint Master.” Jian Chen thought to himself.

The girl in white robes arrived in front of Jian Chen on her Class 4 Magical Beast with an arrogant expression. She sized up Jian Chen, but when she saw Jian Chen’s appearance, she was slightly surprised. She said, “You look pretty handsome. With your stature and attire, you really do seem like a Radiant Saint Master. But you don’t have the badge from the Radiant Saint Master Union, so you must’ve only awakened your ability as a Radiant Saint Master and haven’t gone to the union for identification yet.”

“Whatever, even if you’re just Class 1, or not even Class 1, I just happen to find you pleasing to the eye. If you offer up that cub to me as a gift, I’ll make an exception and accept you as a male follower. As long as you follow me, I can teach you Radiant Arts.

Jian Chen looked up and glanced at the girl who sat on the magical beast high up above. He saw that on the chest of the girl, there was actually a green badge.

Jian Chen did not know what the different colored badges represented, but he did know that green badges were rather rare. In the twenty-odd Radiant Saint Masters he had seen, only two or three people had green badges, while the rest all had brown, orange or yellow badges.

“Apologies, I can’t sell this little beast, much less offer it up as a gift.” Jian Chen declined without any hesitation. Afterwards, he continued on his way without even looking back.

“You really don’t know how to appreciate things!” The girl’s complexion immediately became overcast.

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