Chapter 727: Lin Bai

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Chapter 727: Lin Bai

The young man’s expression immediately changed. Instantly, his gaze became a glare and he said coldly, “Hmph, even a low class Radiant Saint Master dares to be so arrogant. You really don’t know what’s good for you. I want to see what abilities you have to stop me from taking this beast cub.” The young man leapt up, quickly and directly flew from his magical beast mount at Jian Chen. Like a lightning flash, his hand shot out toward the white tiger on Jian Chen’s head.

A sliver of cold light flashed across Jian Chen’s eyes. The young man’s actions had completely angered Jian Chen. However, Jian Chen did not react to him; he was now a Radiant Saint Master, so he definitely could not use his powers as a fighter in the public. Otherwise, his secret would just collapse on itself.

The white tiger stared closely at the young man who had grabbed at it with its bright eyes. A look of mockery and disdain appeared in those intelligent-looking eyes. Just when the young man had arrived before the tiger, it suddenly opened its small mouth and bit one of the young man’s fingers.

The young man had never thought that the seemingly harmless beast cub would possess such great speed. So fast that even he was unable to react. As soon as his finger was bitten by the tiger cub, he immediately felt a strong sensation of pain. It caused the young man’s expression to change greatly, before crying out painfully without any control.

“Argh!” The young man gave out a miserable cry of pain. He actually retreated with a greater speed than he had arrived, and retreated to a distance over ten meters away in the blink of an eye. He stared at the harmless-looking tiger cub on Jian Chen’s head, still badly shaken.

The young man bled from his right hand. His finger was broken by the small tiger’s bite, causing his face to twist from the agony.

The unbelieveable scene attracted the attention of bystanders. They were all rather surprised and stared at the tiger cub. No one thought that such a harmless-looking tiger cub could actually bite and break a person’s finger so quickly. Especially a Great Saint Master’s finger, which made it even more unbelievable.

“Just… just what is this magical beast?” The young man forcefully suppressed the pain from his hand and cried out aloud as he stared at the tiger in shock. His calm mental state was no longer existent, because he actually failed to detect how the tiger cub had broken his finger with a bite. All he felt was an agonising pain as soon as he grabbed the cub.

“Who would’ve thought that this cute tiger cub has such a powerful attack. Quite unexpected.” The girl with the green Radiant Saint Master badge on the magical beast stared at the white tiger with even more interest. Her desire for the tiger cub became even stronger.

The young man who had his finger broken stared at the white tiger with glimmering eyes before looking at Jian Chen. He said with a deep voice, “Sir, your tiger cub has broken my finger. Justice must be done for me, Lei Mingao. Leave your tiger cub behind, I’ll take it to my Lei family. If so I can forgive you for being disrespectful towards our Lei family.

Jian Chen gently lifted the small tiger off of his head and gently rubbed its furry head as he carried it. He glared harshly at the young man, before he turned and left without saying another word. With Jian Chen’s current identity, he just could not waste it all here and argue with the young man. If it were not for that fact that he could not use his strength as a fighter, he would have taught the arrogant young man a lesson long ago.

Seeing how he was ignored by a mere low class Radiant Saint Master, Lei Mingao was enraged. He stuck out his hand and pointed at Jian Chen, “Stop him! If justice is not done for me, Lei Mingao, today, none of  you will dare leave. My finger cannot be broken for nothing!”

The dozen or so large men who rode behind Lei Mingao and the girl immediately steered their magical beasts and surrounded Jian Chen. Although Radiant Saint Masters possessed an extremely respectable status in the Holy Empire, the Lei family also possessed some strength in the City of God. A mere Radiant Saint Master who had not even been tested was viewed as nothing to the Lei family.

“Take him down. We’ll judge him in the Lei family later.” Lei Mingao commanded.

“Yes sir!” The dozen or so men replied simultaneously, before lunging at Jian Chen. However, just at this moment, a powerful voice resounded in the surroundings.

“How dare you! Your Lei family actually dares to disrespect a Radiant Saint Master. Perhaps your Lei family is challenging the dignity of the Radiant Saint Master Union!?”

The voice immediately stopped the several men from acting so rashly. Each of them stared towards the origin of the voice.

Even Lei Mingao’s expression changed greatly. There was dread in the depths of his eyes. The Radiant Saint Master Union was an extremely great force in the City of God, and even had connections with the three great clans that controlled the empire. They were an existence that could not be offended no matter what.

A middle-aged man in white, long robes caused the crowd to split into two. He walked in with his head high and chest proud and behind the middle-aged man, there were another two cold-looking middle-aged people. They gave off an icy-cold presence and possessed the strength of Earth Saint Masters.

Lei Mingao stared coldly at the middle-aged man. However, when he discovered the azure badge on the man’s chest, his pupils constricted greatly.

The girl on the magical beast also noticed the azure badge on the man’s chest. Her expression changed slightly and groaned softly. She mumbled to herself with a voice only she could hear, “Aren’t you just a Class 5 Radiant Saint Master? If you give me enough time, I can reach the same level as well.”

The Class 5 Radiant Saint Master looked around, before his gaze landed on the men who surrounded Jian Chen. He snorted and yelled loudly, “How dare you actually move against a Radiant Saint Master? Do you people want to taste the punishment from the union? Hurry up and move away for me!”

The Class 5 Radiant Saint Master’s loud voice immediately deterred the dozen or so large men from the Lei family. They immediately dispersed, and moved far away from Jian Chen without even making a sound.

Lei Mingao stood to one side, unwilling to say another word. The depths of his gaze at the Class 5 Radiant Saint Master was filled with dread. Although Radiant Saint Masters were very fragile, their status in the Holy Empire was even greater than his, the third young master of the Lei family.

Lei Mingao clenched his fist tightly and glared viciously at Jian Chen. He definitely would not let him off so easily for breaking his finger.

The Class 5 Radiant Saint Master arrived in front of Jian Chen under the protection of the two Earth Saint Master. He immediately switched to a smile and said, “Looking at your attire, you must also be a Radiant Saint Master. So why haven’t you gone and got yourself tested at the union?”

Jian Chen clasped his hands at the middle-aged man, “Thank you sir for helping me out. I was on my way to the union to be tested, but who would’ve thought something so troublesome happened.”

The Class 5 Radiant Saint Master clearly seemed extremely friendly. Even though Jian Chen seemed to be a low class Radiant Saint Master in his eyes, he did not look down on him. He smiled, “I’m Lin Bai. If you don’t mind, you can call me uncle Lin Bai. No matter what power you possess, as long as you are a Radiant Saint Master, you can enjoy good treatment wherever you are in the Holy Empire. You have the protection of the Radiant Saint Master Union in the City of God, so you don’t have to fear bullies from clans. If they trouble you, you just need to report it to the union.”

“Thank you for uncle Lin Bai’s advice.” Jian Chen clasped his hands.

:Brother, the union’s not far away and I just happen to have some spare time. Why don’t I accompany you to the union to get tested?” Lin Bai said with a smile.

Soon afterwards, Jian Chen left together with Lin Bai and the white tiger in his hands. All that was left was Lei Mingao, standing with an overcast expression as he watched Jian Chen disappear into the distance. Now that Jian Chen was with a Class 5 Radiant Saint Master, he would not dare to stop him even with all the courage in the world.

“Send two people to spy on that kiddo. Report back to me whenever.” After ordering the group of guards behind him, he hurried away on his magical beast. His broken finger needed to be healed quickly, otherwise, it would become troublesome to heal after too much time. Fortunately, the injury this time was rather small and was not too difficult to heal.

Jian Chen and Lin Bai walked towards the closest branch of the Radiant Saint Master Union and they talked along the way. Lin Bai spoke unceasingly to Jian Chen, and told him about some rules in the City of God as well as some problems encountered by Radiant Saint Masters. It allowed Jian Chen to gain an even better understanding of the City of God.

The two walked around the road for an hour before finally arriving at a branch of the union. Even though it was just a branch, it was rather grand. It was just a mere branch of the union, yet the space it took up was in no aspect smaller than the Changyang Manor. At the main entrance of the union, there were even a few Earth Saint Masters who stood there like statues, guarding the place.

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