Chapter 731: Blue Badge (Three)

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Chapter 731: Blue Badge (Three)

A twenty-four-year-old Class 6 Radiant Saint Master was just too astounding. As a result, Gaethyr’s act of calling the elders could be regarded as extremely quick. Very soon, a series of rapid steps could be heard outside the testing room. Two ruddy old men in luxurious robes rushed in from outside, who beared an exquisitely-crafted purple badge on their chests.

As for Gaethyr, he followed behind the two old men with an expression of courtesy. Within his eyes, there was respect that originated from the bottom of his heart. It was extremely clear that the two old men possessed quite a great status in the union.

As soon as they entered the secret room, Gaethyr arrived before Jian Chen quickly and said courteously, “Esteemed elder, this brother is Yang Yutian. He is the brother Yang Yutian that I spoke of earlier, who has reached Class 6 despite being only twenty-four.”

The two elders stared at Jian Chen with great interest. There was excitement in their eyes that they struggled to conceal, while one of them said hurriedly with a rather husky voice, “Quick, use all you’ve got and channel Radiant Saint Force into the saint bead.”

Jian Chen understood that the saint bead the elder referred to was the bead in his hands. Shortly afterwards, without any hesitation, he became to forcefully pour Radiant Saint Force from the world into the bead with a thought.

In that moment, Jian Chen did not old back at all. This was because if he wanted to obtain the opportunity to become a Class 7 radiant Saint Master, he needed to display his great talent and powerful ability. By totally astounding the elders of the Radiant Saint Master Union elders, his possibility of reaching Class 7 would increase. As a result, Jian Chen completely dropped his low-key behaviour, displaying himself intentionally for the first time.

With Jian Chen giving his all, the Radiant Saint Force in the surrounding space quickly began to coalesce with an unbelievable speed. Afterwards, under Jian Chen’s absolute control, it was forced into the radiant bead.

The saint bead immediately began to glow with dazzling light. It changed rapidly from the original red, actually leaping through orange, yellow, green, azure before arriving at blue in just two breaths. The speed was actually several times faster than the first time he took the test.

The rapidly-changing color caused Lin Bai and Gaethyr to suck in a breath of cold air. They could not help but cry out, “What precise control! Even Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters don’t have such great control!”

“Good good, you’ve actually reached Class 6, with you ability to control Radiant Saint Force extremely close to Class 7. Great, great, great, our Radiant Saint Master Union now has an unprecedented genius! Hahahahaha!” One of the elders laughed from the bottom of his heart. He was extremely excited.

“Child, tell me honestly how old you are.” The other elder asked with his husky voice as he stared fixedly at Jian Chen. Although his expression was rather calm, his slightly-trembling body gave away just exactly how excited the old man was in his heart.

“Esteemed elder, I am twenty-four this year.” Jian Chen said courteously as he clasped his hands at the elder. The Radiant Saint Master Union used the seven colors, red, orange, yellow, green, azure, blue and purple, to categorise radiant Saint Masters. As for the two elders, they had purple badges on their chests, so Jian Chen had already deduced the fact that they were Class 7 Radiant Saint Master.

Even with the entire continent in respect, Class 7 Radiant Saint Master were not plentiful. There were definitely fewer than fifty of them, but almost all the Radiant Saint Masters at such a level gathered in the City of God. As a result, it was of no surprise that Jian Chen could see two of them at the same time.

“Good good good. Child, you’re pretty good. You’re the most outstanding genius of our Radiant Saint Master Union, the most dazzling person of the union. You will definitely become a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master in the future and become one of the elders of the union. Child, come with us first, we’ll take you to the second test.” As the husky old man spoke, he pulled Jian Chen outside by the arm.

“Esteemed elder, there’s a second test?” Jian Chen asked curiously. He revealed an expression of doubt.

The old man nodded with a smile. He looked at Jian Chen as if he was staring at a huge treasure and said kindly, “Child, you can call me the ninth elder. The one beside me in the fourteenth elder. As for the second test, it’s only something that Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters can go through. It’s used to test how talented the Radiant Saint Master is for Radiant Artes. Since you’ve already reached Class 6, you naturally have to take the second test. After you finish the test, you’re allowed to learn any of the Radiant Artes the union has collected.”

“Radiant Artes?” Jian Chen mumbled to himself. He had heard about these Radiant Artes before, from the Radiant Saint Master girl of the Lei family. He had actually heard it again here, which caused him to involuntarily feel extremely curious as to what Radiant Artes were.

The ninth and fourteenth elder did not give any explanations on Radiant Artes. They only pulled Jian Chen along as they went outside.

“What’re you kids doing? You can’t enter the grounds of the second test. Wait till you reach Class 6.” Just when Lin Bai and Jamie intended to follow in, they heard the fourteenth elder’s lecturing. Helplessly, the two were filled with regret and could only stop there.

Jian Chen followed the ninth and fourteenth elder through an impressive corridor. They went directly to the second floor, passing by many Radiant Saint Masters of differing levels. All the Radiant Saint Masters bowed and greeted the two elders without any exceptions, before all staring curiously and doubtfully at Jian Chen.

“Weird, just who is this younger? How is he able to be so close to these two esteemed elders?” Many Radiant Saint Masters mumbled to themselves.

As the two elders lead the way, they talked with Jian Chen. They constantly asked questions about Jian Chen’s origins as well as how he was able to reach Class 6 despite being so young. However, they were all answered with Jian Chen’s false information that he had prepared beforehand.

A stick of incense later, Jian Chen followed the two elders into a secret room. The room was extremely large and rather empty, with no one else except for Jian Chen and the two elders. High up, there was a layer of white fog moving about. It did not disperse, giving off a sacred light which illuminated the room.

“Child, this is the place where the second test for Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters is held. It’s constructed from several Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters of the union along with a few powerful Saint Rulers. The ceiling of the room is condensed from the most pure Radiant Saint Force in the world by the Radiant Saint Masters, before forcefully compressed into fog. Afterwards, a few Saint Rulers worked together to create a powerful and special barrier to lock in the Radiant Saint Force, allowing the Radiant Saint Force to never disperse and last for an extremely great time. Child, you only need to do your best and try draw the Radiant Saint Force from the bindings of the barrier.” The ninth elder said softly to Jian Chen.

“Yang Yutian, this test is extremely crucial. It tests your talent in practising Radiant Artes. Radiant Artes are the only method where Radiant Saint Master can attack, so it’s importance to Radiant Saint Masters in self-evident. You must do your best.” The fourteenth elder said sternly.

Jian Chen’s eyes became lit. He nodded solemnly, before slowly closing his eyes, standing there unmoving.

The ninth and fourteenth elder also looked away from Jian Chen, directing their gazes at the dense Radiant Saint Force at the ceiling of the room.

Suddenly, the barrier close to the ceiling of the room began to ripple violently. Shortly after, the Radiant Saint Force fog sealed within began to move slowly. Gradually, the movement became more and more violent, while the ripples spread further and further out. Very soon, all the Radiant Saint Force sealed within the barrier began to ripple violently.

Seeing that, the ninth and fourteenth elder furrowed their brows at the same time as they thought, “This Yang Yutian is just too reckless. He really does carry the brashness of young people, not looking into the mysteries of the barrier beforehand and instead just going at all the Radiant Saint Force. The barrier is not just for protecting the Radiant Saint Force from dispersing. The real test comes later.”

Jian Chen was a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master after all. Along with the fact that his presence was innately powerful and that he had fused with the sword spirits, he could control all the Radiant Saint Force within the barrier without much effort at all. Afterwards, he immediately tried to get the Radiant Saint Force he controlled to break free from the bindings of the barrier and gather before him.

However, just when the Radiant Saint Force approached the barrier, the barrier immediately gave off a great resistance to prevent the Radiant Saint Force from leaving. It forcefully locked the Radiant Saint Force inside.

A sneer curled up at the corner of Jian Chen’s lips. He immediately increased his power before gritting his teeth. He actually managed to forcefully pull a strand of Radiant Saint Force from the barrier, but in the next moment, a powerful suction suddenly appeared in the barrier, actually sucking the strand of Radiant Saint Force back towards itself.

Jian Chen became stern. He understood that this was the true test, so he did not attempt to hold back anymore. He increased his control of the Radiant Saint Force through his presence once again, slowly drawing and coalescing the Radiant Saint Force in front of him against the powerful suction of the barrier.

The Radiant Saint Force sealed in the barrier of the room was slowly and forcefully drawn out by Jian Chen. Radiant Saint Force gathering before Jian Chen gradually became more and more powerful, while the white light given off became more and more dazzling. In the end, it seemed to be like the sun, glowing with light that could illuminate the world.

The ninth and fourteenth elder both witnessed it with bulging eyes and expressions of disbelief. What Jian Chen had done was just too astounding. It was already an extremely difficult task for normal Class 6 Radiant Saint Master to draw a small portion of Radiant Saint Force from the barrier, yet Jian Chen had pulled out close to half of all the Radiant Saint Force within the barrier. They found it extremely inconceivable because the more Radiant Saint Force was drawn out, the stronger the suction of the barrier became. It was bewildering how Jian Chen, a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master, had drawn forty percent of the Radiant Saint Force from the barrier.

“A prodigy, a prodigy, he really is a prodigy. This kid was basically born powerful.” The fourteenth elder could not help but sigh emotionally.

The ninth elder did not say anything. Though, he had pulled out a jade pendant from his clothes and inserted a sliver of his thought into it. Shortly afterwards, the surroundings of the jade pendant began to ripple. The sliver of thought the ninth elder had inserted was already sent away by a mysterious method.

In the headquarters of the Radiant Saint Union, an old man sat on a cushion in the highest tower. A layer of Radiant Saint Force completely enveloped his body.

Suddenly, the Radiant Saint Force around the old man rippled, before disappearing in the next moment. The old man suddenly snapped open his eyes and mumbled to himself, “Emergency message. What’s happened for them to actually use the emergency message?” An exquisite jade pendant had already appeared in the old man’s hand at a certain moment. Shortly afterwards, a weak thought shot out from the pendant, entering the centre of the old man’s eyebrows.

Suddenly, the old man was greatly terrified, “What!? A twenty-four-year-old Class 6 Radiant Saint Force!? With talent for Radiant Artes approaching Class 7!?” The old man immediately stood up from the cushion. A dense ball of Radiant Saint Force immediately gathered around the bottom of the old man’s feet, like a cloud and with a flash of white light, the old man disappeared.

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