Chapter 734: Radiant Artes (Two)

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Chapter 734: Radiant Artes (Two)

Very soon, a weak presence shot out from the jade pendant, which entered the centre of the old man’s eyebrows.

The old man sat silently with his eyes closed for a little, before they snapped open. He said in surprise, “It’s actually true! There really is a twenty-four-year-old person called Yang Yutian who passed the test for  Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters. Isn’t his talent a little too great? Unbelieveable. Since he’s reached Class 6, he definitely will participate in the fight for Class 7 in a year’s time. Looks like…” The old man’s gaze flickered. Shortly afterwards, he waved his hand and said, “Lei Yin, you can leave.”

“Yes, third grandfather!” Lei Yin departed courteously.

As soon as Lei Yin left, the heavy door closed once again. The old man sat in the closed room pondering. Afterwards, he pulled out the jade pendant and sent another thought into the pendant again, disappearing into it.

Within the City of God, a refined middle-aged man sat on a bed in a luxurious manor. In front of the man was a dagger, half a meter long, radiating with soft light as it floated him air. There were energy ripples from the dagger that indicated an extremely great power was hidden inside.

The man completely focused his attention on the dagger which was completely formed from Radiant Saint Force and sighed softly, “There’s still another year and a half till the next time the saint artifact activates. Though, my Radiant Arte is still stuck at the third level. My improvement in these fifty years is quite unsatisfying. I wonder if I still can place in the top ten during the competition in half a year’s time.”

Suddenly, the man’s expression changed. With a flip of his hand, an ancient jade pendant appeared in his hand. A weak thought flew out from the pendant, and entered the centre of the man’s head.

The man sat in silence with closed eyes, for a while, before slowly opening his eyes. A strange light appeared in his eyes and he sighed, “There’s actually someone who’s reached Class 6 when they’re twenty-four. Is this true? Inconceivable. Doesn’t that mean his speed in improvement is several times greater than fighters? If that’s true, then the Lei family’s done something great.”

The middle-aged man dispersed the Radiant Saint Force gathered before him. He stood up from his bed and paced about the luxurious room, pondering.

Shortly afterwards, the man stopped. He looked towards the door and called out, “Mr Feng!”

The door was opened soundlessly. A sturdy and bald man walked in and clasped his hands at the middle-aged man, “Esteemed Mr Cheng, what are you in need of?”

The middle-aged man said, “Mr Feng, a prodigy appeared in the union today, who reached Class 6 despite being so young. That person’s called Yang Yutian. Go track his movement immediately and after you find him, tell him that I, Chang Duantian, wants to wholeheartedly become friends with him and that in two days, I’ll reserve the most famous floating restuarant on Fragrance River, ten kilometers away from the city. I hope to have a heart to heart conversation with him.”

“Yes, Mr Cheng, I’ll go do it immediately.” The bald man said with a deep voice.

“Mr Feng, I don’t know if Yang Yutian is still at the union. If he’s not there, you can use the entire clan to search for him.” In the moment the bald man left the room, the indifferent voice of the middle-aged man sounded once again.


At the same time, in various locations of the City of God, several important people received the same message. In that moment, almost all powerful clans  in the City of God had learnt that a twenty-four-year-old Class 6 Radiant Saint Master had appeared in the union.

In another luxurious manor in the City of God, an old voice echoed from a small, tightly-guarded courtyard, “A prodigy’s appeared in the union. He’s reached Class 6 despite only being twenty-four. This is an extremely rare genius. Xia Hou, immediately take people to look for this person and invite him as a treasured guest to my Hou Manor. You must remember to never fall out with him.”

“Yes sir!” A cold voice echoed from outside. Shortly afterwards, the black shadow shook slightly, and shot off into the distance at great speeds.

South of the City of God, a simple-looking middle-aged man sat in a dark basement, and practiced his Radiant Artes. The thick, milky-white light illuminated the dark basement, and bleached everything. At the same time, the entire room was blazing hot, as if it was a sea of fire.

The heat completely originated from the Radiant Arte. If there was a Class 6 master present, he would definitely be extremely shocked, because it was only a phenomenon that would appear when the Radiant Arte had been practised to an extremely great level.

Even within all the Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters of the City of God, the amount of people who had reached such a level in a Radiant Arte could be counted on fingers, no more than ten.

Suddenly, the expression of the middle-aged man in the basement changed. The Radiant Saint Force radiating with great heat immediately disappeared. Shortly afterwards, the man pulled out a jade pendant and a sliver of thought shot out from it, into the centre of his eyebrows.

The middle-aged man sat close-eyed in silence. He said with a deep voice to himself, “A twenty-four-year-old Class 6 Radiant Saint Master with talent approaching Class 7 for Radiant Artes, as well as the third disciple of the union president. Yang Yutian, you make me feel a sliver of threat.” A flash of slight coldness flashed across the man’s eyes. He then opened the door of the basement. A ball of thick Radiant Saint Force gathered quickly around his feet like a cloud, and the middle-aged man just left, as if he was flying on a cloud.

After leaving the basement, the man gazed into the night at the dark, starry sky. He said casually, “Shadow, a genius has recently appeared in the union. He’s called Yang Yutian, a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master. Immediately find his whereabouts and invite him to the manor. I want to talk with him.”

“Yes, first young master!” A husky voice sounded from a dark corner behind the middle-aged man. Afterwards, there was a soft breeze, before everything returned to calm again.

The night was late and at this moment, Jian Chen was currently resting in a luxurious inn. He had no clue that his performance that day had raised the attention of several powerful clans in the City of God.

“Sigh, after rushing about for a day, I haven’t even found a single material that is used to craft the Azulet Swords. If this continues, I wonder just when will I collect all the materials.” Jian Chen mumbled to himself as he half-laid on the bed, and felt a little down.

“Radiant Artes, the only method in which Radiant Saint Masters can attack. I wonder how powerful it is. I really do look forwards to the moment I enter the Radiant Saint Tower in three days.” He then thought about the Radiant Artes and immediately became impatient. He was tempted to go to the Radiant Saint Tower right now to see the only way Radiant Saint Masters could attack, Radiant Artes!

Suddenly, a gleam of light flashed across Jian Chen’s eyes. He immediately sat up on his bed and stared in the direction of the door.

The tightly-closed door was opened silently. A person shrouded in black mist walked in from outside. His appearance could not be seen, while only the outline of body was visible. He seemed like a ghost.

Jian Chen stared calmly at the person in the black mist and asked with a deep voice, “Who are you?”

“Are you Yang Yutian?” The person replied with a question with his husky voice.

“Correct, that is me!” Jian Chen did not have any fear. Although the person before him seemed strange, he was only a fighter with darkness-attributed Saint Force and he was only a Heaven Saint Master.

“Yang Yutian, the first young master has invited you to go speak with him. Come with me.” The silhouette’s husky voice was filled with coldness.

“Who’s the first young master?” Jian Chen asked calmly.

“You’ll know when you get there,” said the shadow.

A sneer appeared on Jian Chen’s lips. He leaned comfortably on his pillow and did not pay any attention to the black shadow, “My, apologies, I’m currently resting. I don’t have the time to see your young master. Sir, please leave my room.”

“Yang Yutian, you don’t know what’s good for yourself!” The person’s voice slowly grew cold, and with it, there was a thick killing intent.

“Roar!” Perhaps it was because of the killing intent, the white tiger on the pillow immediately stood up. It stared angrily at the shadow and in its intelligent eyes, there was an extremely personified sliver of defiance.

Although the tiger was still a Class 5 Magical Beast, akin to human Earth Saint Masters, it did not show any fear towards the Heaven Saint Master shadow. It even provoked it purposely, clearly looking down on the Heaven Saint Master.

“Shadow, don’t forget where you are. Perhaps you want to move against the esteemed Class 6 Radiant Saint Master?” Suddenly, a powerful voice echoed from outside. A sturdy, bold man walked in from outside, his feet floating about the ground.

“Hmph, Feng Jianming, you’ve really come at the wrong time.” The shadow sneered. He clearly recognised the big bald man.

The bald Feng Jianming glanced at the shadow with a sneer and said with a mocking tone, “All you know is acting about and scaring people. You scare those people who don’t know you use darkness-attributed Radiant Saint Force. To me, you’re no different from an idiot.”

“What did you say!?” The black mist began to tremble violently. The husky voice was filled with anger.

“Shadow, if you’re unhappy, we can fight it out and see who’s stronger. Though, I’ve got things I gotta do. I don’t have the time to bicker with you. I’ll fight you any time after I complete the mission Mr Cheng’s told me to do.” The big bald man said coldly.

“Hmph!” The shadow snorted and stopped speaking.

Feng Jianming then looked at Jian Chen. The coldness on his face disappeared, changing to a different expression. He bowed courteously to Jian Chen, “Esteemed sir Yang Yutian, I am Feng Jianming. I’ve come to deliver a message from Mr Cheng. Mr Cheng would wholeheartedly like to become friends with you, and has also reserved the most famous floating restaurant on Fragrance River in two days, ten kilometers from the city. He wishes that he can use that time as an opportunity to have a hearty conversation with you.”

“Mr Cheng?” Jian Chen’s interest was piqued. He looked towards the bald man and asked, “Are you from the Cheng family, one of the eight great clans who only stand below the Zaar family?”




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