Chapter 739: Extravagant Invitations from Everywhere

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Chapter 739: Extravagant Invitations from Everywhere

Within the Radiant Saint Tower, Jian Chen had already returned to the room he had originally taken up, and devoted all his attention to the comprehension of Radiant Artes.

After going into seclusion, the man who watched as Jian Chen obtained the three great artes stood obstinately outside Jian Chen’s room, perhaps due to the fact that he was unwilling to let go of his brush with the three artes.

In the blink of an eye, three months had passed. Today, the wooden door to the room that had been tightly shut for three months finally opened slowly. The white-robed Jian Chen walked out and on his shoulder, a small, snow-white tiger lay at ease.

After three months of comprehension, Jian Chen had basically completely grasped the Radiant Artes. Only the three Class 7 artes remained at a beginner stage.

Jian Chen had spent the most time for the three artes. However, no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to cast it completely. Under his full strength, he was able to cast it, but the strength was not as great as it was mentioned in the book, only as strong as a strike from a Heaven Saint Master at most.

Although Jian Chen’s talent in practising Radiant Artes approached Class 7, he was still a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master in the end. Reaching such a step was already quite outstanding. If it was any other Class 6 Radiant Saint Master, they definitely would not be able to do what Jian Chen did.

Jian Chen pushed open the small wooden door. With a single glance, he noticed the middle-aged man at the entrance to the room.

The sounds from the wooden door disturbed the resting middle-aged man. He immediately snapped open his eyes and when he discovered Jian Chen had left the room for seclusion, joy appeared in his eyes. He hurriedly stood up and smiled brightly, greeting Jian Chen in attempt to fawn on him, “Brother, you’ve finally come out. How did the comprehension of the three artes go? You must have benefited from it greatly.”

Jian Chen furrowed his eyebrows and said indifferently, “Sir, perhaps you’re looking for me for something by waiting here?”

“It’s nothing, nothing at all. Brother, this humble one is Quan Youcai. I’ve been deeply moved by the talent and powerful abilities displayed by brother and I feel constant ripples of admiration towards brother. So, I’ve been looking for the opportunity to have a talk with brother. If brother is not busy, brother can give some directions to Quan Youcai. Quan Youcai will be forever grateful.” The man said with a smile.

Jian Chen furrowed his eyebrows once again. The man’s behavior had made Jian Chen doubt whether he was a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master at all, actually without any pride a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master possessed.

“Sir, apologies. I have matters to attend to, so I don’t have the time to talk with you. Farewell!” Jian Chen cupped his fist at Quan Youcai, before leaving immediately. He did not even glance back at Quan Youcai.

“Oi oi oi, brother, don’t leave so hurriedly. For you, I’ve waited outside for the entire three months. I haven’t even left there for food, shits or piss. Even if it’s not meritorious, it’s still hard work. How can you treat me like this?” Quan Youcai immediately chased behind Jian Chen in a fashion that did not suit his status, chattering away beside Jian Chen.

“Brother, you must be new. Otherwise, why haven’t I seen you before? In order to make preparations for reaching Class 7 in a year, I’ve spent a total of twenty years in the Radiant Saint Tower, working hard at the comprehension of Radiant Artes, so I know nothing about what’s happened between these twenty years. So I guess brother must be a new Class 6 Radiant Saint Master who’s broken through in the past twenty years. Am I correct?”

“Brother, how old are you? What should I call you, and what clan are you from?”

“Brother, Radiant Artes are extremely profound, the only method in which Radiant Saint Masters can attack. I’ve lived for over three hundred years. I reached Class 5 when I was in my fifties. Because my talent was not bad, I was taught Radiant Artes by the union in advance, so I’ve spent close to three hundred years in researching Radiant Artes. Although I still haven’t reached the apex, my achievements are quite great. If brother needs anything, I can make an exception and pass on all this experience and insights to you.”

Quan Youcai chattered away patiently by Jian Chen, completely ignoring his cold gaze. His shamelessness made Jian Chen doubt whether he was a revered Class 6 Radiant Saint Master several times.

Jian Chen left the Radiant Saint Tower, completely ignoring Quan Youcai’s pesterings and went down stairs.

“Yang Yutian!” Suddenly, a voice sounded. It was the fifth elder who had held Jian Chen’s core member ceremony, walking over from the distance. Beside the fifth elder was a sturdy middle-aged man.

A wisp of undetectable coldness flashed through Jian Chen’s eyes. However, he expression remained unchanged, purposely clasping his hands at the fifth elder courteously, “Yang Yutian greets the fifth elder!”

“Quan Youcai greets the fifth elder!” Quan Youcai who had followed Jian Chen out of the tower also clasped his hands at the fifth elder. Shortly afterwards, he shot a glance at Jian Chen and laughed, “So you’re called Yang Yutian. Even if you don’t tell me, I know your name.”

The fifth elder arrived in front of Jian Chen and looked at him with a kind smile, “Yang Yutian, every core member of the union can request the union to send a fighter to protect him. The president has paid particular great attention to you, so he’s called on Mr. Yang Ling to protect you. Mr. Yang Ling is a Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master, and also knows a Heaven Tier Battle Skill. He is extremely powerful in battle. If he protects you, no one in the City of God will be able to harm you.

The large man beside the fifth elder clasped his hands at Jian Chen and said with a low voice, “Yang Ling greets Mr. Yang Yutian.”

“I thank the fifth elder and the president for their concern.” Jian Chen said.

The fifth elder chuckled and said, “Yang Yutian, how can you call him president? You should call him master.”

Jian Chen could not help but smile, “The fifth elder is extremely correct.”

“Alright, Yang Yutian, I won’t take up any more of your time. I just happen to have some matters I need to deal with, so I shall be leaving first. Also, there’s still another month until the competition between strong Radiant Saint Masters. When the time comes, you have to participate and win a position in the top ten. Only with that can you obtain an opportunity at breaking through to Class 7.” The fifth elder said to Jian Chen. Afterwards, he turned around and left, without even waiting for Jian Chen’s reply.

As soon as the fifth elder left, Quan Youcai arrived beside Jian Chen and asked, “Oi, Yang Yutian, is it true that the president is actually your master?” Quan Youcai’s gaze was filled with disbelief.

Jian Chen did not pay any attention to Quan Youcai. He stared calmly as the fifth elder’s figure while he thought for a while, before leaving. As for Yang Ling, he remained a step behind, following closely.

Just when Jian Chen left the headquarters of the union, a dozen or so people immediately surrounded him from all directions.

A hint of disdain flashed across Yang Ling’s eyes, who stood behind Jian Chen. However, he soon recovered his composure, as he already identified the people and knew that they did not come to harm Jian Chen.

“Are you perhaps sir Yang Yutian?” The dozen people rushed in front of Yang Yutian, and asked the same question with extremely courteous attitudes.

“I am indeed Yang Yutian. I wonder who you all are?” Jian Chen said calmly.

“Esteemed master Yang Yutian, I am a member of the Zhou family, one of the eight great clans. I have come representing my master to invite master Yang Yutian to visit the estate.”

“Esteemed master Yang Yutian, I am a member of the Hou clan, one of the eight great clans. I have come representing my master to invite master Yang Yutian to visit the estate.”

“Esteemed master Yang Yutian, I am a member of the Saer clan, one of the eight great clans. I have come representing my master to invite master Yang Yutian to visit the estate.”

“Esteemed master Yang Yutian, I am a member of the…”


The dozen people all declared their identities. Other than eight of them who came from the eight great clans of the City of God, the rest of them originated from second-rate clans. Their intentions were all the same, to invite Jian Chen to visit their clan.

“This can’t be, all of the renowned eight clans of the City of God have come. Brother Yang Yutian, so you’re so well received. This is unfair. I, Quan Youcai, am also a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master, but why haven’t I ever been so well received? Perhaps the outside world has changed in the twenty years I stayed in the Radiant Saint Tower?” Quan Youcai said unhappily beside Jian Chen with an resentful expression.

Jian Chen frowned slightly and called out, “Since your master want to see me so much, why haven’t they come personally?”

“This…” All the people began to hesitate, and the eight people from the great clans even furrowed their brows slightly. To them, this Yang Yutian was just too arrogant. The eight great clans could not be compared to the second or third rate clans. It was still not enough for their masters to come personally just for a slightly talented Class 6 Radiant Saint Master.

“Whatever. Since your masters want to see me, I’ll see them. Tell your masters that in three days, I, Yang Yutian, will reserve the most famous floating restaurant on Fragrance River outside the city. If they don’t want to come, I will not force them.” Jian Chen said, completely disregarding the eight great clans.

“Yang Yutian, this isn’t very great. Master Hou is the patriarch of the Hou clan. His status is clearly some else, incomparable to the second-rate clans.” One person said unhappily.

“Then master Hou can choose to not come. I am not forcing anyone.” Jian Chen directly replied coldly, without showing any concern for the person’s dignity. Now that he knew Radiant Artes, he feared nobody unless Saint Rulers personally came.

The person’s face became ugly. He said with a slightly deep voice, “I will report what master Yang Yutian has said exactly as it is to master Hou. Farewell!”

After the person from the Hou clan left, the people from the other seven great clans also bid farewell to Jian Chen. Witnessing Jian Chen’s attitude towards the Hou clan, they all gave up on their resentful thoughts. They would rather return with exactly what Jian Chen had said than take a cold shoulder from Jian Chen and leave in dejection, avoiding taking any more losses.

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