Chapter 740: Fragrance River

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Chapter 740: Fragrance River

After the people of the eight clans left, Quan Youcai said to Jian Chen with an expression of respect, “Brother Yang Yutian, you really are impressive. Not even showing respect to the eight great clans. You’re the most impressive Class 6 Radiant Saint Master I’ve seen. I admire you, I really do.”

Yang Ling stood indifferently behind Jian Chen, carrying out his duty of protecting Jian Chen attentively. As for Jian Chen not showing respect towards the eight clans, he felt that it was entirely logical, as if it should have turned out that way. Ignoring Jian Chen’s talent, his status as the disciple of the union’s president already allowed him to stand on equal ground with Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters. The eight clans really did not have the right to be arrogant before him.

Jian Chen ignored Quan Youcai and found a luxurious carriage on the street. After discussing the price with the driver, he climbed aboard. Yang Ling followed closely behind Jian Chen, and sat quietly with his eyes closed beside Jian Chen. He did not say anything.

“Brother Yang Yutian, wait for me!” Quan Youcai also crawled into the carriage shamelessly, sitting with Jian Chen while he giggled.

Jian Chen furrowed his brows slightly and stared at Quan Youcai unhappily, “Why are you following me?”

Quan Youcai did not even become red-faced. He only chuckled, “Brother Yang Yutian, when we’re together, we can talk at any time. This is an extremely rare opportunity for both of us. Also, in the Radiant Saint Master competition in a month’s time, we’ll definitely both make it into the top ten if we’re together, and we’ll easily obtain a chance for reaching Class 7.”

“Quan Youcai, I know your intentions are for the three Radiant Artes. Though, you should give up on that notion. You should know the rules of the union. Those three artes can only be obtained by yourself. I won’t tell you about them.” Jian Chen slowly closed his eyes and no longer said anymore. He knew that the reason why Quan Youcai followed him was most probably for the three Radiant Artes that could only be practised by Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters.

Quan Youcai chuckled, “Brother Yang Yutian, you see, the competition is getting closer and closer. Also, the rule of the union is only that Radiant Artes cannot be given to outsiders. There’s nothing preventing core members from exchanging it with each other. The competition is getting closer by the day; if we both get a hold of the three artes, we’ll have a greater chance at entering the top ten. So, don’t you see…” Quan Youcai rubbed his hands, staring at Jian Chen enthusiastically.

Jian Chen sat close-eyed in the bumpy carriage, resting, as if he did not hear what Quan Youcai had said at all.

The people of the eight clans returned to their clans very soon, passing on what Jian Chen had said to their owners, without changing a single word of it.

At this moment, the white-robed master Hou slowly stood up from his seat in the Hou estate. The sliver of a cold smile appeared on his face, “Yang Yutian actually wants us, people of the eight great clans, to meet on the floating restaurant of Fragrance River. How pretentious. Whatever, I’ll go to it in three days. Let’s see if this Yang Yutian’s abilities are as exaggerated as the rumors.”

In the Cheng family, one of the eight great clans, a refined, middle-aged man sat on a bed in a luxurious room. He said with a smile, “This Yang Yutian is rather interesting. Originally, it was me who invited him to the most renowned floating restaurant on Fragrance River, and now he’s actually invited me. I just wonder what type of person he is. I hope he does not disappoint me.”

In other luxurious building, a ruddy old man sat cross-legged on a round cushion. He too said with a smile, “This Yang Yutian’s actually invited the people from the eight clans to Fragrance River. It’s a little arrogant, though he indeed has the right. Whatever, I’ll go in three days. Let’s see what the third disciple of the president is like.”

In a beautiful, scenic garden, a white-robed, middle-aged man with an ordinary appearance was currently walking through a sea of flowers. He said with a soft voice, “A meeting in three days, on the floating restaurant of Fragrance River. Yang Yutian, you indeed have this right to invite the people from the eight great clans, though I wonder what level in Radiant Artes you’ve reached, with three months of comprehension and your talent approaching Class 7.

At the same time, different voices sounded in the remaining great clans.


The carriage bolted down the wide street, and stopped outside a branch office of the union in the end. Jian Chen exited the carriage, directly entering the building.

Not only did each branch of the Radiant Saint Master union provide tests for those below Class 4, it provided a safe residency for every single Radiant Saint Master. This was also where Lin Bai temporarily stayed.

Jian Chen strided into the branch in his luxurious white robes and his blue badge. The large Yang Ling followed closely behind Jian Chen, constantly looking about with a stern gaze, ensuring Jian Chen’s safety. As for Quan Youcai, he did not fall behind at all, following up shamelessly and walking beside Jian Chen.

The appearance of two Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters bearing blue badges in a branch office immediately caused a commotion. All the Radiant Saint Masters and fighters Jian Chen passed by looked at the two of them with admiration and respect, but no one dared to go up and talk to them.

An old man with a green badge quickly ran over from the distance. He first bowed courteously towards Jian Chen and Quan Youcai, before opening his mouth to speak, “Esteemed Radiant Saint Masters, this lowly one is the vice-manager of this branch. I wonder if I may be of help to the two sirs.”

“The vice-manager does not need to be so polite. Is Lin Bai here?” Jian Chen said amiably with a smile.

“He’s here, he’s here, he’s here. In the past few years, Lin Bai has always stayed here. Please proceed to the guest room up ahead and wait for a moment, I’ll go call Lin Bai right now.” The vice-manager said, making a gesture for the two to sit down.

“No need, we’ll wait here.” Jian Chen crossed his arms and stood there.

Very soon, Lin Bai in white clothes quickly walked out from inside the branch. Beside Lin Bai were his two personal bodyguards.

“Haha, brother Yang Yutian, I just know you would come and find me. Other than my master, you’re the only other Class 6 Radiant Saint Master I, Lin Bai, know.” From quite far away, Lin Bai laughed aloud, from the bottom of his heart.

Jian Chen revealed a smile. He had favorable opinions towards Lin Bai. Not to mention that fact that Lin Bai was an honest and reliable person, just because he had helped Jian Chen resolve the small problem with the Lei family was enough for Jian Chen to feel grateful.

“Uncle Lin Bai, I haven’t seen you in three months. I hope you’ve been well,” said Jian Chen with a smile.

“Aiya, brother Yang Yutian, it’s better if you just call me Lin Bai and drop the ‘uncle’.” Lin Bai said with a forced smile, before looking at Quan Youcai who was beside Jian Chen soon after. He quickly glanced past the blue badge of Quan Youcai’s chest and a sliver of respect immediately appeared on his face. He asked, “Brother Yang Yutian, I wonder who this esteemed Class 6 Radiant Saint Master is?”

Quan Youcai glanced past the badge on Lin Bai’s chest, and a sliver of arrogance immediately appeared on his face. He said, “I’m Quan Youcai, a friend of brother Yang Yutian. So you’re called Lin Bai? Alright, if you stick with us, we’ll guarantee that you’ll successfully reach Class 6 and if you encounter any problems with Radiant Artes in the future, feel free to come and find me.” Quan Youcai boasted without any shame, as if he had an extremely great accomplishment in Radiant Artes.

Lin Bai chuckled and clasped his hands at Quan Youcai, “When the time comes, perhaps I really will need to trouble master Quan Youcai for some directions.”

Quan Youcai crossed his arms and raised his head slightly, and looked at the ceiling of the building. He carried an air of self-importance and said, “Small matter. If you encounter any difficulties, feel free to come look for me. For Yang Yutian’s sake, I’ll make an exception and help you for free. There is nothing that I, Quan Youcai, cannot handle regarding Radiant Artes.” As soon as he finished speaking, he seemed to remember something. His air of self-important instantly disappeared and glanced carefully at Jian Chen. He added, “Of course, other than the three Radiant Artes that only Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters can practise.”

“Uncle Lin Bai, don’t listen to him talk nonsense. He’s just blathering, trying to trick people. You mustn’t believe him.” Jian Chen could not put up with it any longer and left the branch office with Lin Bai.

“Oi oi oi, Yang Yutian, how can you look down at me. I, Quan Youcai, am extremely famous. I’m not as deplorable as you’ve described.” Quan Youcai was filled with recalcitrance, speaking unhappily next to Jian Chen.

The vice-manager stared dumbfoundedly as the figures of the three people departed, until they had disappeared from his sights. Only then did he return to his senses. He mumbled to himself, “Quan Youcai, that person’s actually Quan Youcai. I heard that a hundred years ago, Quan Youcai once battled the person who placed seventh in the ten great Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters, and the outcome was a draw. Perhaps he’s that Quan Youcai?”

Afterwards, Jian Chen continued to go strolling through the various large stores of the City of God under Lin Bai’s lead, in hopes of finding materials for the Azulet Swords. However, the outcome caused Jian Chen great disappointment in the end. After three consecutive days of rushing about, he did not find anything.

Three days later, Jian Chen bid farewell to Lin Bai. With Yang Ling and Quan Youcai, he arrived at a transportation stop in the city. After spending two Class 4 Monster Cores, he left the city through the Space Gate.

The City of God was one of the seven capitals of the Tian Yuan Continent. It took up an extremely large area, and it would take a day and night’s worth of travel to go to any city gate in any direction from the centre. As a result, there were a few places in the city where Saint Kings of the past had erected Space Gates.

The Space Gates of the City of God were slightly different from the Space Gate of the Qinhuang Kingdom. It was open all year round, and had already existed for countless years. The Space Gates were each powered by a wondrous formation that absorbed the energy of the world, not requiring Class 5 Monster Cores to be activated. As a result, using the Space Gates in the City of God only required a fee of a single Class 4 Monster Core.

Jian Chen and the other two left the City of God through the space gate, before hailing a carriage to go directly to Fragrance River, ten kilometers away.

Fragrance River was an extremely beautiful scenic place, and had already existed for countless years. Apparently, when the City of God was first founded in the ancient times, the river was a chasm split open by a peerless Saint Emperor. The chasm was around thirty meters wide with a bottomless depth, and surrounded the entire city.

Afterwards, due to the accumulation of rain, it slowly filled up the chasm. In the end, the chasm essentially turned into a moat for the City of God, while the river water carried a slight fragrance. As a result, the chasm split open by a Saint Emperor in the ancient times slowly became a beautiful, scenic place outside the City of God, and was named Fragrance River.

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