Chapter 741: Killing Intent on the Ferry (One)

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Chapter 741: Killing Intent on the Ferry (One)

As the setting sun passed down in the sky, dusk was left behind. It was already evening.

Outside the City of God, one of the capitals of the continent, it was yet another lively night by Fragrance River. On the two river banks, thirty meters apart, hung many festive lanterns of yellow and green, while many people strolled leisurely about along the riverbanks. There were plenty of young couples talking about love beside the river.

On the surface of the river, there were various floating restaurants of different sizes, slowly travelling through the water with various colored lanterns strewn over them. Sweet melodies and elegant sounds of zithers originated from the floating restaurants, and echoed across the entire river. Sometimes, the loud conversations of a few aristocrats could be heard from the ferries.

At the largest dock on Fragrance River, there was a huge ferry, around three hundred meters in length. It was docked quietly there, like a huge beast from antiquity. On it were plenty of multi-colored lanterns, dyeing the ferry an assortment of colors. It was extremely entrancing. Near the dock, there were over one hundred sailors and servants in uniforms, who stood sternly in two rows, as if they were waiting for something.

With such a huge ferry docked there and the great formation from the people, it was rather rare. As a result, it caused the passers-by to all glance at it, and point at the giant ferry and discuss it.

“Isn’t that the largest and most luxurious floating restaurant, the Inky Stratus? Why has it stopped there? And why is there such a grand reception? This is quite rare.”

“Tonight, the Inky Stratus’ has been reserved by someone. Otherwise, why would they be wasting time and not making money by stopping here for nothing?”

“The Inky Stratus is the most luxurious, as well as the most expensive floating restaurant. I heard that eating a meal there costs something equivalent to several month’s worth of expenditures for ordinary people. Just which wealthy person reserved the entire Inky Stratus?”

Just when everyone was pointing and discussing the ferry, a luxurious carriage bolted over from the distance. It stopped slowly close to the dock and shortly afterwards, three people got off it.

Of the three people, two of them wore long, white robes with slender statures, and bore a shiny blue badge on their chests. As for the other person, he was a large, built man in tight, black clothing.

The three of them were Jian Chen, Quan Youcai and the Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master that the union had sent to protect Jian Chen, Yang Ling.

With the appearance of the two Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters, Jian Chen and Quan Youcai, an intense hubbub immediately appeared in the crowd that had gathered nearby. They all looked away from the ferry, towards Jian Chen and Quan Youcai. Deep respect and admiration appeared in their eyes, along with some jealousy.

Jian Chen and the other two ignored the sounds of discussions from the surroundings, and directly walked towards the huge ferry docked right ahead.

A beautifully-dressed middle-aged woman immediately walked over slowly to Jian Chen’s group from in front of the ferry, and courteously bowed to them. He said, “Esteemed Radiant Saint Masters, the most famous floating restaurant, the Inky Stratus, has already completed its preparations. Please board the ferry!” With that, the middle-aged beauty stepped to the side and made an inviting gesture towards Jian Chen’s group.

Jian Chen’s gaze paused on the huge ferry. He said calmly, “Other than those who are needed, let the remaining people stay here, to welcome the eight great clans of the City of God, as well as some other renowned clans.

As soon as she heard the eight great clans of the City of God, a shock immediately flashed across the middle-aged woman’s eyes, and her expression became even more courteous. She said, “Esteemed Radiant Saint Master, this servant will definitely carry out your orders!”

Jian Chen’s group of three strided into the ferry. As they passed by the hundred or so people, all of them bowed simultaneously towards Jian Chen and exclaimed, “We invite the Radiant Saint Master to board the ferry!”

Jian Chen paused slightly in his steps, and he furrowed his eyebrows. He who always preferred to keep a low profile clearly was not too used to such a treatment. However, he recovered soon after, he disappeared into the ferry.

Jian Chen had already reserved the most famous and most luxurious ferry, the Inky Stratus, two days ago. It took up quite a lot of money, but compared to his wealth which could rival countries, it was insignificant.

After Jian Chen’s group disappeared into the ferry, there was another hubbub of discussion on the riverbank. However, not long after the hubbub began, the hurried sounds of gallops echoed in the distance once again.

It was a luxurious carriage with over twenty large men on Class 5 Magical Beasts escorting it, quickly galloped over from the city. It stopped at the entrance to the dock very soon and on the carriage, there was a banner waving in the air, and it bore the word ‘Cheng’.

“Isn’t that a carriage from the Cheng family, one of the eight great clans of the City of god? And those guards on the Class 5 Magical Beasts, they must be the elites of the Chang family. Since the person in the carriage requires to be escorted by the elites of the family, his status must be extremely special.” Immediately, several people began to gossip and discuss, and revealed a light of deep interest in their eyes.

At this moment, the carriage door opened. A middle-aged man in long white robes, bearing a similar blue badge, climbed down from the carriage, before entering the ferry along with an old man.

Not long after the middle-aged man entered the ferry, the hurried sounds of another carriage echoed in the distance once again. This time, it was a luxurious carriage escorted by several dozen large men in golden armors. In the end, it too stopped at the entrance to the docks, and an old man in embroidered robes climbed down from the carriage. Under the protection of two large, middle-aged men, he strode into the ferry.

“That’s the carriage of the Zhou family, one of the eight great clans of the City of God. Who would’ve thought that they’ve come too…” Some people recognised the identity of the group of people and immediately cried out softly in surprise.

Suddenly, a scorching wave of heat rolled in from the distance, as if the surrounding air was on fire, and caused the temperature of the river bank to rise.

“It’s the Fire God clan, and the head of the eight great clans. Even the people from the Fire God clan have come.” There were several immediate exclamations of surprise from the crowd.

There seemed to be a burning red cloud in the murky distance. Over twenty people on Class 5 Magical Beasts escorted a carriage. The people wore long, fire-red robes and gave off a scorching, fire-attributed presence. As they approached the lake, the thin vapor over Fragrance River slowly turned to thick mist.

“The Fire God clan is extremely powerful. Not only are they the head of the eight great clans, I heard that their strength is already approaching the rulers of the City of God, the Zaar family.”

“I heard that there is an extremely lengthy history to the Fire God clan. That they are an ancient clan that had survived from the ancient times and they say that in the ancient times, the Fire God clan was one of the most powerful forces on the Tian Yuan Continent. Just that with so many years, the clan’s slowly declined, and fell to such a level today.”

“The Fire God clan always keeps a low profile in the City of God. Who would’ve thought that they’d come to Fragrance River in such a grand scale. I really wonder what will happen tonight!”

“Quick, look, more have come. That’s people from the Saer clan. I never thought that another of the eight great clans would come.”

“Heavens, those people are from the Madison clan. Just what is going on tonight? Half of the eight great clans have actually come…”

“Aren’t they from the Qilong clan? The Qilong clan of the eight great clans have also come…”

“Quick, looks, isn’t that the carriage from the Hou clan? I never thought that even people from the Hou clan would come…”

“And that, isn’t that people of the Decken clan? My god, people from all eight great clans have actually gathered and from the guards that have come, the people clearly possess quite some status in their clans. Just what day is it today?”

As the eight clans gathered, it immediately caused quite a large commotion at Fragrance River. Very soon, the news of the eight great clans gathering at Fragrance River spread like wildfire. Even the smaller ferries floating about in the river could not help themselves but grow slightly closer, and even the zither sounds and sweet songs reverberating on the surface of the river became quieter.

As the people of the eight clans all entered the ferry, the Inky Stratus, which had been docked there for quite some time, it also began to leave slowly. It broke the surface of the water, and slowly floated towards the centre of the river.

On the deck of the Inky Stratus, there were large round tables placed about, all already filled with exotic delicacies.

Jian Chen said a few words to the people of the eight clans, before they all sat down.

“I have long heard that brother Yang Yutian possesses extraordinary talent, and reached Class 6 despite only being twenty four, with talent in practising Radiant Artes approaching Class 7. In the beginning, I didn’t believe it, but after seeing you two, I realised brother Yang Yutian really is a dragon among men. Brother Yang Yutian must have gained much from three months of seclusion in the Radiant Saint Tower.” The speaker was an old man, and a member of the Qilong clan. His status was extremely great, as he was also a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master.

Jian Chen chuckled, “The old senior must be praising me. I’ve indeed made a few slight gains from the Radiant Saint Tower. My trip to the Radiant Saint Tower has overturned my understanding towards Radiant Saint Masters.”

“What slight gains, it’s clearly a huge harvest.” Quan Youcai muttered to himself rather unhappily beside Jian Chen, as he disagreed with what Jian Chen had said very much.

Even though Quan Youcai’s voice was relatively soft, it was heard by everyone there. They all immediately gazed towards Quan Youcai, especially some of the Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters there, they all looked at Quan Youcai with a great jealousy.

“I have long heard master Quan Youcai has raised his abilities of Radiant Artes to an extremely high level, and challenged the expert who ranked seventh of the ten great Radiant Saint Masters, and it ended in a draw. After a hundred years of hard work, master Quan Youcai’s strength surely has increased by quite a lot.” The speaker was an average-looking middle-aged man. His tone was relatively cold. He wore long, white robes with a blue badge on his chest, he was also a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master.

Quan Youcai chuckled, “Of course. A hundred years ago, my strength was equal to Li Moxin, but after a hundred years, Li Moxin definitely is no longer my opponent.” Speaking up to there, Quan Youcai suddenly stared at the middle-aged man with an ill intention and giggled, “Saer Langke, you also hold the position in the ten great Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters, and you’re ranked sixth. When we have time, why don’t we exchange some pointer?”

An undetectable coldness flashed across the middle-aged man’s eyes, but his expression remained unchanged. He said indifferently, “Perfect. When I have the time, we can properly exchange some pointers.”


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