Chapter 747: The Grand Elder

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Chapter 747: The Grand Elder

The next morning, everything that happened at Fragrance River the night before spread throughout the City of God like fire. The news of several unknown Heaven Saint Masters attacking the eight clans reverberated throughout the city; especially the huge pillar of light that descended from the sky in the end, it became a hot topic for discussion.

For some time, no matter if it were the main streets, alleyways, inns or teahouses, the hubbub of people discussing what happened the night before at Fragrance River could be heard everywhere. Many people expressed different views to the topic, which soon created several versions of what happened, spreading about. 

The eight clans who directly caused it did not say anything on the matter, and all remained silent.

Today, a figure shot towards the depths of the City of God like a lightning bolt, arriving outside the Radiant Saint Master Union headquarters, floating in the air.

The person was a white-robed, middle-aged man. He possessed a medium stature, while his head full of long hair was untied. It draped backwards rather casually, gently swaying in the freeze. His facial features were well-defined, vaguely bearing his handsome appearance when he was still young. His eyes were extremely profound, vast like the starry sky, as if it contained a world inside.

His arrival did not alert anybody. Even the people below continued to enter and exit the building, with no one realising his existence. He seemed to be transparent.

The middle-aged man floated before the huge castle of the union. Gazing towards the highest tower, he said, “Adami, I’ve completed what you’ve requested me to do.”

At the highest tower that the man looked towards, an old man flew out on something that seemed like a cloud and arrived before the man. The old man was the president of the union.

The president looked at the man with a smile while a sliver of excitement flickered in the depths of his eyes. He said, “You’ve brought the essence blood of a Soaring Centipede? How’s the quality?”

A palm-sized white jade bottle appeared in the man’s hand. He said with a smile, “Soaring Centipedes are just so rare, especially high class Soaring Centipedes. They’re even less common. In order to find the Soaring Centipede you requested, I travelled the entire continent, before finally finding a Soaring Centipede that matched up to what you wanted on the Arctic Continent, colonised by the Hundred Races. I spent a great effort before finally obtaining some essence blood from them.”

A sliver of shock flashed across the president’s eyes, “Hao Wu, even with your strength, you spent a great effort in obtaining the essence blood? Perhaps there were powerful people who interfered on the Arctic Continent?”

The man chuckled, “I met a few elders of the War God Hall on the continent. Though, we didn’t end up fighting. That Soaring Centipede was rather strong though. It already evolved seven colors, and it was at least as powerful as a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint King, also possessing its bloodline technique. I battled for three days and three nights with it, before finally obtaining some essence blood. This is from a seven-colored Soaring Centipede, so it should be enough for Teirlinck to recover from being poisoned.”

“What!? The essence blood of a seven-colored Soaring Centipede!?” A sliver of joy flashed across the president’s eyes and he hurriedly followed up, “The essence blood from a seven-colored Soaring Centipede is much more potent than that from a six-colored Soaring Centipede. With this bottle of blood, Teirlinck’s poison is no longer a problem. Hao Wu, you’ve really helped us out greatly this time.”

“Adami, don’t put it like that. How can it be compared to saving my daughter’s life? Alright, since the item has been delivered, I shall be leaving first.” As he spoke, he gazed into the distance of the City of God. There was a sliver of complicated emotions in his eyes.

The president hesitated slightly before saying, “Hao Wu, you might not be at the Holy Empire, but you probably understand the situation with the Holy Empire very well. Won’t you show some resistance and prevent what the Zaar family is currently doing? Do you really wish to see the Holy Empire fall into infighting? After all, this once was your home.”

The man sighed gently. His expression was extremely complicated.

“Hao Wu, although so many years have passed, she still loves you dearly. You perhaps may be the only person who can change her decision. You should go talk to her!” The president said earnestly.

The man closed his eyes in some pain and waved his hand, “Adami, you should stop mentioning it. I’m ashamed to see her. It’s me who is unworthy of her.”

The president sighed, “Hao Wu, if you don’t go and intervene, perhaps my Radiant Saint Master Union will change owners after a hundred years. Her intentions are not just swallowing the other two great clans.”

“Adami, if she really moves against the union, I will stop her.” With that, the man did not stay any longer, turning around and flying out of the City of God.

The president gazed deeply at the man as he disappeared into the distance. After a long while, he sighed at the sk. He carried a helpless expression, and entered the tower once again.

At the same time, around fifty kilometers from the union headquarters, a middled-aged beauty in a dark-green dress floated silently at an altitude of several kilometers She stared into the distance with her slender eyes, displaying a complex expression.

“It’s been three thousand years. Three thousand years. A whole three thousand years. Hao Wu, have you really not come to see me, not even once? Do you know that even though you’ve made me heartbroken before, I’ve never hated you? I’ve really never hated you. I only hate the senior members of the clan. They prevented us from being together. If it were not for their interference, I would never do such things.”

“Hao Wu, since you’re unwilling to see me, I can only force you to see me in a hundred years.”


The president directly entered the union headquarter with the jade bottle of seven-colored Soaring Centipede essence blood. He went to a room in the depths of the building and as soon as he opened the large door to the room, a warm, white light immediately poured out from inside.

In the centre of the room, there was a large bed, where a white-haired, wrinkle-faced old man currently slept in. By the side of the bed, there was a white-robed Radiant Saint Master with a purple badge, constantly gathering and pouring Radiant Saint Force into the old man.

Towards the walls in the room, there were another four white-robed Radiant Saint Masters, all sitting on the ground, cross-legged and eyes closed. They all possessed purple badges too, and were actually all Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters.

“Elder Ma, you should stop for now. I’ve brought the essence blood of a Soaring Centipede. The poison in the grand elder’s body can finally be neutralised.” As soon as the president entered the room, he spoke out.

Hearing that, the Radiant Saint Master who constantly gathered Radiant Saint Force stopped. A sliver of exhaustion appeared on his face, but it was soon replaced by joy, “Wonderful, the grand elder finally can be cured now.”

The four other Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters who sat by the walls recovering, all opened their eyes at the same time. They looked at each other, each revealing expressions of joy.

At this moment, the old man who slept in the bed slowly opened his eyes. He said powerlessly, “I, an old bag of bones, has really caused quite a lot of trouble. The Soaring Centipede is a beast of antiquity and the total amount of them present on the Tian Yuan Continent can be counted on one hand, so high class Soaring Centipedes are even rarer. President, you must’ve paid a great price to obtain this essence blood.”

“Grand elder, you are the pillar of support for the union. The union is willing to pay an even greater price to save you. Come, consume the essence blood and let’s purge the poison from your body.” The president opened the bottle lit and slowly fed the grand elder the blood.

As soon as the blood from the bottle came in contact with his mouth, the grand elder’s complexion finally took a turn for the better. The poison in his body was currently receding quickly.

Soon enough, the grand elder drank all the blood in the bottle. The president placed down the jade bottle and formed a weird hand seal in front of him. With a deep voice, he cried out, “Divine Healing!”

A huge, two-meter-wide pillar of light descended from the sky, completely enveloping the grand elder who was on the bed. It worked with the essence blood of the Soaring Centipede, purging the poison in the grand elder’s body.

The situation lasted for an hour, before the giant pillar of light finally disappeared. The president opened his eyes as he would normally and looked towards the grand elder on the bed with concern, “How is it? Has the poison been completely purged?”

At this current moment, the grand elder had a healthy glow. He seemed to be energetic and brimming with vitality, as if he was a completely different person all together when compared to his previous ill complexion.

The grand elder sat up in the end and revealed an expression of joy from recovering from the illness. He said, “The poison that’s bothered me for so many years is finally gone. Soaring Centipede poison really is strong, no wonder it’s ranked second among all the poisons. Unless there was the essence blood, even Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters would not have been able to cure me.”

“Congratulations on the grand elder making a full recovery!” The five other Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters all arrived before him and congratulated him. They all carried unconcealable joy.

Radiant Saint Force was unable to rid of such powerful poison. In the past few years, the poison in the grand elder’s body was forcefully suppressed by five Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters with Radiant Saint Force as they took turns, preventing it from spreading. This was the reason why the grand elder could survive until today.”

“Grand elder, you’ve only just recovered. You should spend a few days to recuperate.” The president said.

The grand elder nodded with a smile, “President, although I’ve spent this period of time in bed, I still know some things about what happened outside. I heard that an unprecedented prodigy appeared in our union not long ago. I have to see him after a few days.”

Mentioning Yang Yutian, the president could not help but reveal a sliver of happiness. Towards his new disciple, he was extremely satisfied, “Last night, Yang Yutian was embroiled in an intense battle. He’s overexerted himself, so he might need a few days to recover. Grand elder, you should first recuperate a little without worrying too much. When Yang Yutian comes out, I’ll personally let you go see him.”

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