Chapter 758: Forming Alliances

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Chapter 758: Forming Alliances

Jian Chen stood on the bank of a wide lake with the small white tiger in his arms. In the quiet world, all he could hear was the constantly gurgle of flowing water.

Jian Chen raised his head and looked around. Deep curiosity appeared in his eyes and he mumbled to himself, “Is this the space inside the saint artifact? It’s actually no different from the real world, though the Radiant Saint Force is several times denser than in the City of God.

The space within the artifact had mountains and rivers, and seemed just like a real world. The only thing different was that it did not have an azure sky like the outside world, and was instead a hazy white, as if a thick layer of clouds had shrouded the sky.

Jian Chen constantly looked around, before expanding his presence. It encased a radius of twenty kilometers, but he did not discover a single person at all.

“Looks like this world in the saint artifact is huge. Thousands of competitors have entered, yet I can’t even find a single one in the radius of twenty kilometers.” Jian Chen mumbled to himself. Afterwards, he used his presence to have a look at the Space Ring on his hand, but to his surprise, it was actually sealed by a mysterious power, unable to be used at all.

“It’s indeed just like how the president’s put it. Once you enter the artifact, all Space Rings are sealed up by the power of the artifact. Not only can you no longer place items into it, you can’t even take things out.” Jian Chen thought.

Suddenly, there was a splash in the river behind Jian Chen. A huge, half-meter-long fish had shot out of the river water, leaping at Jian Chen with extremely fast speed. Its mouth was wide open, revealing its sharp teeth. The fish’s eyes flickered with a cold light.

Jian Chen did not even glance back. He raised his right hand and the surrounding Radiant Saint Force immediately gathered. It condensed into a Radiant Saint Sword instantly, which was shot towards the fish with a swing of his hand.

The sword directly shot into the fish’s mouth and with a boom, it exploded. The powerful energy wreaked havoc in the fish’s mouth, blasting it into pieces.

Beautiful flowers, formed from droplets of blood bloomed in the air. A strong, metallic smell pervaded the air and when that all happened, a thumb-sized crystal fell on the ground, covered in blood.

Jian Chen walked over and grabbed a handful of grass to cover up the crystal. He cleaned off the blood and to no surprise, it was a monster core.

Jian Chen stared at the monster core for a while, before sighing gently. He mumbled to himself, “It’s a pity that the Space Ring doesn’t open. I have nowhere to keep this Class 4 Monster Core so I have to throw it away.” Jian Chen swung his hand and threw away the monster core.

“I need to live here for the next fifteen days. During that time, all the food and water must be handled by myself. If I was a normal Class 6 Radiant Saint Master, this would definitely form a great problem, too bad my body as a fighter is strong. Going fifteen days without food or water shouldn’t affect me much at all.”

As he spoke, surging Radiant Saint Force gathered violently, quickly forming a white, meter-wide cloud under Jian Chen. Jian Chen stepped onto the cloud, and it immediately began to rise, carrying him with it. It disappeared into the distance.

In another region of the artifact, there was a desolate mountain range. Currently, on the tallest peak, there was a white-robed beauty who stood there proudly. Her robes were slightly small, and they fluttered wildly in the wind along with her long hair. It was the young lady of the Kara clan, Kara Liwei.

Behind Kara Liwei stood two quiet, white-robed men. One was an old man in his seventies, and another was a middle-aged man who seemed to be around forty.

The three of them stood there quickly, like statues. No one said anything.

At this moment, a streak of white light appeared in the distance. A handsome middle-aged man on a white cloud flew over, all the way to where the three people stood. Afterwards, he clasped his hands courteously to Kara Liwei, “I greet the first young miss!” With that, the man did not wait for Kara Liwei’s response and walked behind her, standing along with the other two people.

Afterwards, more Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters of different ages flew over from all directions, one after another. Without any exceptions, they all first clasped their hands towards Kara Liwei, before standing behind her silently.

Very soon, the initial group of three turned into eight, forming a small group. These Radiant Saint Masters were all members of the Kara clan and after entering the artifact, they contacted each other through special means and gathered at one place.

Kara Liwei glanced behind her and said indifferently, “Since everyone is here, let’s set off. You must remember to always listen to my instructions in this operation and not go off doing things yourself. The competition this time is different from before; there’s someone who may pose an extremely great danger to us.”

“Yes miss!” The Radiant Saint Masters all called out. Although Kara Liwei was younger than all of them, her strength was ranked first in the ten great Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters, which they all submitted to. Also, Kara Liwei also possessed an extremely great status in the clan; not only was she the beloved daughter of the previous patriarch, she was also beloved by an ancestor of the clan.

A cloud formed from Radiant Saint Force gathered under all of the people. All of them rode the cloud and flew into the distance, following Kara Liwei.

“Miss Liwei, I’ve finally found you. Wait for me.” Suddenly, a joyful voice appeared in the distance. It was the second disciple of the Radiant Saint Master Union president, Yun Tian. He also rode a similar cloud, hurrying over from the distance, catching up with Kara Liwei’s group very soon.

Kara Liwei stopped and furrowed her eyebrows slightly. She looked at Yun Tian with a sliver of impatience, “Yun Tian, Liwei is not a name you should be using. Call me by my full name.”

Yun Tian stared blankly and could not help but feel a sliver of anger inside. However, his expression remained the same and he said with a smile, “It was me who was impolite before. I hope Miss Kara Liwei can forgive me. Miss Kara Liwei, I wonder if you’ve considered my proposal a few days ago?”

“Yun Tian, you want our Kara clan to help you handle Yang Yutian. What would the Kara clan get in return?” Kara Liwei gently played around with her hair and said indifferently.

“Miss Kara Liwei, you must also know that Yang Yutian’s existence greatly obstructs me from becoming president. So, I need to stop him from reaching Class 7. Also, my strength has already reached the peak of Class 6 long ago and I have great confidence in breaking through this time. If I do succeed in reaching Class 7, I’ll become president soon after. Afterwards, I, Yun Tian, will represent the union to form an alliance with your Kara clan, where we stand together. I wonder how Kara Liwei feels?” Yun Tian stared at Kara Liwei with shining eyes.

Kara Liwei’s eyes brightened slightly. Yun Tian’s proposal had indeed interested her. The Radiant Saint Master Union was an organisation not any weaker than the three great clans, and always remained neutral for so many years, without interfering with the battle between the three clans. If the Kara clan could form an alliance with the Radiant Saint Master Union where they stood together, the Kara clan’s strength would rapidly skyrocket, overtaking the Zaar family as the greatest clan in the empire.

However, Kara Liwei was also a smart person. She did not hot-headedly agree to Yun Tian’s proposal and with a slight thought, she said, “Yun Tian, according to what I know, your master still has a century. With your master there, the position as president will not become yours no matter what. Also, it’s not like you don’t know about our relationship with the Zaar family. In a hundred years when you succeed the current president, our three clans would probably be united by the Zaar family already.”

“Miss Kara Liwei does not need to worry. Although my master has said he still has a hundred years left, he won’t be living for that long. The three clans won’t be united by the Zaar family either, because my master already knows about the Zaar family’s wild ambitions. If the Holy Empire really is united by the Zaar family, their strength will reach a terrifying level. At that time, perhaps even the Radiant Saint Master Union will fall into the hands of the Zaar family. So, my master will definitely not let that happen.”

“Once things really start developing, my master will use his life as a price to cast the forbidden arte against the ancestor of the Zaar family. Once he passes away, I will become president. Although the grand elder will still be there, he doesn’t care about the position of president at all. Also, with the grand elder’s friendship with my master, not only will he not compete against me for the position, he’ll even support me. As for the vice-president, he doesn’t have much time either. Also, because of his limited talent, he won’t be able to reach master’s level even at the end of his life, so he won’t be able to become president. As a result, the only person threatens my ascent to president is Yang Yutian.” Yun Tian was confident, as if he was completely in control and that only Yang Yutian was the variable.

Yun Tian had been a disciple of the president for a long time already, so he knew a lot about the inner workings. If he wanted to become the president of the union, he needed two things: one, to reach Class 7 and two, to have overwhelming talent. After all, the position as president in the Radiant Saint Master Union could not fall to people without futures.

Yun Tian had confidence that he could fulfill the first condition in the competition this time. As for the second condition, he had fulfilled it long ago. He was taken in as a disciple by the president, so how would his talent be ordinary?

Kara Liwei hesitated and after some thought, she said, “Yun Tian, I’ll go with you to find Yang Yutian!”

Joy appeared on Yun Tian’s face, “Please do not become impatient, miss Kara Liwei. Although I’ve never personally experienced Yang Yutian’s strength, I know he’s extremely strong, and even possesses an extremely powerful piece of armor. He won’t be easy to handle. Although I have confidence that we can take on Yang Yutian with this group, our strength will also greatly decrease, and we might even be taken advantage of. So please wait for a few more days, miss Kara Liwei. I’ll go find some more helpers.”

After bidding farewell to Kara Liwei, Yun Tian left by himself. He flew on the white cloud in the sky, and an ancient jade pendant appeared in his hand again. A weak thought immediately flew out from the centre of his eyebrows, into the piece of jade. He was currently using a special method to communicate with other people.

Shortly afterwards, a similar, weak thought flew out from the pendant and entered the centre of Yun Tian’s eyebrows. He put the piece of jade away, changed his direction and immediately flew away.

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