Chapter 759: Spirit of the Saint Artifact (One)

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Chapter 759: Spirit of the Saint Artifact (One)

Within the saint artifact, there were currently a dozen or so white-robed people sitting under a huge tree in a forest, resting with their eyes closed. Afterwards, people constantly hurried over from all directions, and soon, the group increased to twenty. They were all of different ages, some old and some young.

If Jian Chen was there, he would definitely find some familiar faces in the group. They were the people that had met Jian Chen on the Fragrance River.

At this moment, a long, white-haired, sage-like old man slowly opened his eyes. He looked around and said, “Since everyone is here, I’ll be announcing something as a representative of the Zaar family. In this competition, placing within the top ten is secondary; we primarily need to find Yang Yutian, and stop him from placing within the top ten no matter what. We can’t give him any chance at reaching Class 7. And if it’s possible, take that treasured mail from him. Make sure you know.”

“Since it’s orders from the grand elder, we will definitely give it our all to complete this mission.” An old man said with a clear voice. He was master Hou from the Hou clan, one of the eight great clans.

Even though he was the patriarch of the Hou clan, he definitely was not the most authoritative person in the clan. So when he was faced with the orders of the Zaar family grand elder, he dared not to fail to abide even more so.

The ruddy old man of the Zaar family nodded in satisfaction. Just when he wanted to say something else, his expression changed. He pulled out an ancient jade pendant from his bosom and a thought immediately flew into the centre of his eyebrows.

The ruddy old man remained with his eyes closed for a while, before a smile slowly formed on his face, “There’ll be a special guest who’ll be meeting us here in a while. Looks like the certainty for the completion of this mission is only increasing.”

“I think I’ve already guessed who this special guest is. He must be the second disciple of the president. This Yang Yutian appeared out of nowhere, and basically became the strongest Radiant Saint Master below Class 7 with his unprecedented talent. He even learnt the forbidden arte. Other than posing as an obstacle to the Zaar family, his appearance also threatens Yun Tian greatly. He’s basically stolen Yun Tian’s future position. I believe that this Yun Tian’s determination to eliminate Yang Yutian is countless times more powerful than the Zaar family’s.” A wrinkly old man said with a soft voice, while a faint sneer formed on his face. He was the Class 6 Radiant Saint Master of the Fire God clan.

The old man of the Zaar family did not say anything more, and instead slowly closed his eyes, waiting quietly for the special guest.

An hour later, a streak of white light appeared in the horizon, quickly approaching the area.

The twenty-odd Radiant Saint Masters resting below the large tree all opened their eyes and looked towards the figure who flew over from the distance.

“It really is Yun Tian!” A deep smile appeared on the old man’s face from the Fire God clan. Even around him, several other Radiant Saint Masters smiled oddly.

“Ai, the Radiant Saint Master Union is doomed.” The refined middle-aged man from the Cheng family, Cheng Jian, sighed in his heart. He thought, “The president of the union is about to pass away from old age, while the Zaar family has wild ambitions towards the union. Perhaps Yang Yutian is the only person who can protect the union. If he fails, the union will no longer have the power to resist the Zaar family.”

Yun Tian slowly descended from the sky. At first, he clasped his hands at all the people with a smile, before looking towards the old man from the Zaar family, “Elder Zaar Tilos, you must’ve guessed why Yun Tian has come. Yun Tian wonders if you’re willing to work together with me to face Yang Yutian together?”

Zaar Tilos agreed to Yun Tian’s proposal without a second thought, “I’m extremely willing. This time in the saint artifact, everyone has one enemy, and that’s Yang Yutian!” Zaar Tilos personally preferred for Yun Tian to become the future president of the union over Yang Yutian. Although Yun Tian had decent talent, he was unable to threaten the Zaar family in a short amount of time. Also, Yun Tian was easier to control for the Zaar family.

Seeing how straightforwardly the Zaar family agreed to his proposal, Yun Tian was not surprised at all, because he knew that they both had a common enemy. Although it was impossible to kill anyone in this space due to the artifact’s powers, making Yang Yutian lose his chance at reaching Class 7 was enough. This was because the next time the artifact would open was in fifty years and at that time, Yun Tian probably would have already become the president of the union.

“Elder Zaar Tilos, in order to face Yang Yutian, Yun Tian has already made plenty of preparations. Miss Kara Liwei of the Kara clan has also agreed to help out. With the three of us working together, no matter how strong Yang Yutian is, he definitely isn’t our opponent.” Yun Tian said confidently.

“Yun Tian is indeed impressive to even pull Kara Liwei that girl to your side. With this, it’ll be impossible for Yang Yutian to escape.” A sliver of joy flashed across the elder’s eyes. He felt that the mission from the grand elder was already becoming easier and easier.

“Right now, the space in the artifact has only just opened. There’s plenty of time, so we don’t need to hurry and face Yang Yutian. We should clear out some people in here first, just in case something unexpected happens in the crucial moment…”

“This space really is big. It’s probably several times bigger than the territory of the Gesun Kingdom.” Jian Chen flew in the sky on a cloud, sighing emotionally as he looked at the ground below. He had already flown for fifty kilometers, but he had yet found another person.

Suddenly, a gleam of light flashed across Jian Chen’s eyes, “I’ve finally found some people, and there’s three of them.” The white cloud under Jian Chen immediately sped up, flying into the distance.

Very soon, a wisp of curling smoke appeared before Jian Chen. It wa a group of three white-robed Radiant Saint Masters, sitting around a fire and roasting the magical beast meat that they had just hunted.

The bodies of Radiant Saint Masters were not innately as strong as fighters, even when Class 6. Once they ran out of food and water, they would starve and suffer from thirst just like ordinary people. As a result, the first thing the three Radiant Saint Masters did when they entered the artifact was not to find and fight other Radiant Saint Masters for points, but rather to first prepare food while they still had the energy.

Jian Chen’s arrival was naturally noticed by the three people. They immediately stood up from their cross-legged sitting postures, staring at Jian Chen in caution.

Jian Chen descended from the sky and landed over a hundred meters away from the three Radiant Saint Masters. Afterwards, he began striding towards them, “The three of you really are smart to be roasting meat here.”

Other than the middle-aged man, the rest of them were old men. Hearing what Jian Chen had said, the middle-aged man chuckled, “If there isn’t food, how do you survive for fifteen days? Sir seems to be all alone; why not join us? If we move together, there’ll be a greater chance at placing within the top ten.” The man’s gaze towards Jian Chen was still filled with caution. To him, most of those who dared to travel alone possessed extremely great strength, and have at least reached level three in Radiant Artes.

Jian Chen gently shook his head, “I thank sir’s good intentions, but I am used to travelling alone, so I won’t be going with the three of you.” Jian Chen paused slightly before continuing, “Also, my intention is to get points. Do you want me to do it personally, or will the three of you forfeit yourselves?”

The complexions of the three people slightly darkened. Suddenly, their gazes became glares and without any hesitation, they immediately used Radiant Saint Force to condense a meter-long Radiant Saint Sword before them, pointing the tip at Jian Chen.

“If you wants to obtain our points, don’t blame us for showing no mercy.” An old man said with a deep voice and immediately shot his Radiant Saint Sword towards Jian Chen.

At the same time, the other two people did not hesitate either, shooting their swords at Jian Chen.

Jian Chen’s lips curled into a sneer that carried a sliver of disdain. He extended his hand and with a soft gesture, the surrounding Radiant Saint Force suddenly and immediately began to gather around him at an unbelievable rate. In that very moment, three Radiant Saint Swords condensed before him, each rippling with vast energy.

The expressions of the three people were all overwhelmed by shock. They were also Radiant Saint Masters, so they naturally could clearly feel that the three swords condensed by Jian Chen was much stronger than theirs. Also, the speed at which Jian Chen gathered Radiant Saint Force stunned the three of them.

“His Radiant Artes have reached at least level four!” An old man cried out, while his complexion because extremely ugly. The battle capabilities of Radiant Saint Masters had nothing to do with class, because Radiant Artes was determined by levels, while the artes were the only method in which Radiant Saint Masters could attack. Only Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters could reach level five in Radiant Artes, which was not something Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters could reach. As a result, once a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master reached level four, he would become a rare expert, as most Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters could only reach level two or three in Radiant Artes. There were even some people, though very few, who had mediocre talent with Radiant Artes, and were still stuck on level one.

“Goddamn it, why are we so unlucky!? It’s only the first day since we entered the artifact and we’ve already encountered someone at level four in Radiant Artes.” The other old man swore in anger. 


The six Radiant Saint Swords collided and produced a violent sound. The Radiant Saint Sword condensed by the three people immediately shattered, turning into balls of Radiant Saint Force and disappearing. Jian Chen’s three swords did not decrease in power at all, continuing towards the three people. In the end, the swords flew towards their chests under their unwilling, shocked gazes.

In that very moment, three huge, two-meter-wide pillars of light descended from the sky, blocking the swords for them. Afterwards, it disappeared with the three of them, only leaving behind three thumb-sized balls of light, floating mid-air.

Jian Chen knew that they had already been taken away by the power of the artifact and had been removed from the competition. The energy of the artifact would only appear when the person truly was facing death. If they were just injured or heavily wounded, it was not enough for the artifact’s energy to appear, so once it did in fact appear, it meant that the person faced death.

Jian Chen shook his head and sighed gently, “Although they were all Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters, equal to Heaven Saint Masters, they clearly haven’t fought against people before. They were without any awareness for danger. With the fragile bodies of Radiant Saint Masters, the first thing to do when facing an opponent is not to attack, but to find a way to protect yourself. Otherwise, it doesn’t even have to be a Heaven Saint Master; even Earth Saint Masters, or even an experienced Great Saint Master can deal life-threatening damage to you.” As a mumbled to himself, Jian Chen had already arrived before the three thumb-sized balls of light. He pulled out the ancient jade pendant from his bosom and gently touched it to the lights. Immediately, they disappeared into the jade pendant.

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