Chapter 760: Spirit of the Saint Artifact (Two)

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Chapter 760: Spirit of the Saint Artifact (Two)

After absorbing the three thumb-sized balls of light, Jian Chen returned the ancient jade pendant to his bosom and mumbled to himself, “I killed three people and obtained three points. There’s at least four or five thousand Class 6 Radiant Saint Masters who are competing so if I want to truly get into the top ten without any room for worry, I need to kill five hundred people and get five hundred points. I’ll continue my massacre next. The only difference with the Gathering of Mercenaries is that it’s Radiant Saint Masters and not fighters.”

With a thought, a large amount of Radiant Saint Force quickly condensed into a cloud under him. Just when he wanted to ride the cloud away, he froze.

“It’s the presence of a similar existence. I’ve actually sensed the presence of something similar to us…” In Jian Chen’s head, the voices of the sword spirits suddenly appeared.

“It really is the presence of something similar. It can’t be wrong, master. Where is this place and why is there the presence of something similar to us?” Zi Ying’s voice appeared in Jian Chen’s head once again, bearing with it a tone of disbelief.

“Aiya, there’s actually another artifact spirit here. Unbelieveable. Why would such a high level artifact spirit appear in a world like this? This spirit seems to have already reached the immortal level.” Qing Suo said in Jian Chen’s head in shock. His lark-like voice sounded like the loveliest melody in the world, which caused Jian Chen to become shocked.

“We’re currently inside the space of a saint artifact. Zi Ying, Qing Suo, perhaps this artifact’s given birth to a spirit similar to you?” Jian Chen was utterly astounded.

“Who would’ve thought that when we were asleep, absorbing the energy of the Multicolored Stone to recover, master’s actually entered the space of an artifact. Yes, there indeed exists a spirit, and this spirit is not weak. At least when measured with this world’s standards, this spirit is already extremely powerful. The only thing is that because of how its designed, it’s can’t become an offensive artifact. Looking at it, it seems to be a auxiliary artifact.” Zi Ying said.

“Who would’ve thought that the saint artifact has actually given birth to a spirit. Quite unexpecting.” Jian Chen sighed emotionally.

At the same time, purple and azure Qi appeared from Jian Chen’s head. Above his head, it formed a boy and a girl. The boy was handsome, while the girl was pretty. Standing together, they seemed like a natural-born couple.

This was not the first time Jian Chen had seen the appearance of Zi Ying and Qing Suo. However, he could clearly feel that Zi Ying and Qing Suo’s ethereal bodies had become much more tangible than before. Clearly, they had spent this period of time constantly recovering with the help of the Multi-colored Stone.

After Zi Ying and Qing Suo had materialized above Jian Chen, they stared into the distant sky together. Shortly afterwards, Zi Ying gently raised his right hand and surging purple light immediately flowed from his body. It quickly condensed into a purple divine sword in his right hand.

The purple sword was 1.3 meters long, and three fingers wide. The hazy sword seemed to be covered in a layer of complicated patterning, which formed a weird image, covering the entire sword. It seemed to contain the truths of the world and the mysteries of the universe, giving off a mysterious presence.

As soon as the purple sword condensed, it turned into a purple streak of light, flying into the distance at an unbelievable speed. It disappeared in the next moment, completely exceeding the speed of lightning.

Jian Chen’s pupils constricted suddenly, while he was secretly shocked. The purple sword’s speed absolutely stunned him. It was a speed in which no one could dodge. He just struggled to imagine that there was anyone in the world who could dodge the attack of the sword.

In the centre of the space within the artifact, there was a region isolated by powerful energy. There was a huge palace and current within it, a handsome, middle-aged man in white robes currently sat cross-legged on the ground.

Suddenly, the man’s eyes snapped open. In the very moment he opened his eyes, the surrounding space began to warp violently. Even the entire palace began to tremble slightly.

“This… this… this is the presence of something similar to me. Has something similar come here?” Shock overwhelmed the man’s face, before disappearing soon after.

In the other region where Jian Chen was, Zi Ying stared at the direction where the purple sword had disappeared off to. He said, “Although this artifact spirit is quite strong, he’s still far from us, unable to sense Qing Suo’s or my presence at all. But I’ve already contacted him. He should arrive soon.”

“Who are you? Where have you come from?” As soon as Zi Ying finished talking, a heavy voice appeared out of nowhere. With the voice, a white-robed man appeared, looking down at the three of them. It was as if he was looking at insignificant ants.

He was the spirit of the origin saint artifact. Within the artifact, he was the lifeform that ruled over all. He could control all the energy within the artifact as he wished, so he was naturally arrogant.

The man’s arrogance made Zi Ying furrow his eyebrows slightly. Zi Ying immediately sneered and said in disdain, “Even a mere immortal level artifact spirit dares to be so arrogant before me? You’re looking to die!” An absolute sword Qi radiated from Zi Ying. It turned to something like a shapeless storm in the sky, rampaging in the space of the artifact brazenly.

The man’s expression changed greatly and his cold gaze was instantly replaced with great fear. He quickly retreated, while his gaze towards Zi Ying was filled with terror.

The middle-aged man was the spirit of the saint artifact; his each and every move could influence a change on the space within the artifact. Currently, the entire space trembled violently, as if there was a huge earthquake. Several mountain ranges began to collapse, greatly alarming all the competitors. They had no idea what was going on.

In the City of God, there was a huge, ten-meter-wide ball of white light at the very peak of the castle headquarters. The white ball was completely condensed from the surrounding Radiant Saint Force, and it was extremely pure. In the centre of the ball was the powerful saint artifact that almost all the people in the City of God knew about.

The saint artifact was called the origin saint artifact by the people of the Radiant Saint Master Union. It had existed since the ancient times, silently accompanying the Radiant Saint Master Union for countless years. It was kept like this since the very start, without any changes over the years whatsoever.

However, at this very moment, the ball of white light that enveloped the artifact began to tremble violently. A golden light could be vaguely seen inside, constantly leaping about, causing the surrounding Radiant Saint Force to become extremely unstable. Even the headquarters of the union was effected, where the huge castle trembled slightly. It caused a large amount of dust to fall.

The trembling of the castle alarmed everyone inside it. Immediately, a large number of white-robed Radiant Saint Masters ran out of the castle, staring at the shaking saint artifact at the very top. No one knew what was happening.

At this moment, a dozen or so streaks of white light flew out from the top of the castle. It was the president of the union and the dozen or so elders, all floating on white clouds and staring at the shaking artifact in shock.

Soon afterwards, a few people appeared beside the president without any sound. They all stared sternly at the shaking saint artifact and along with their gazes, there was deep doubt. None of them understood what was going on before them. They had no idea as to what happened at all.

“Just what has happened? Why is the saint artifact, something that’s never changed before, suddenly trembling?” The person who asked this was an extremely old man. His voice was husky, and he seemed powerless. If Jian Chen was here, he would definitely recognise the old man as the person who used the cloth to wipe the chairs and tables inside the Radiant Saint Tower.

“Perhaps something happened within the artifact?” The president of the union asked with a deep voice. The light within his eyes flickered, while his complexion varied.

No one replied to the president, because none of them were sure about what was going on. The saint artifact had already existed for countless years, and nothing like this had ever occurred.

The artifact did not tremble for long, slowly settling down after a few seconds and returning to how it was before. However, the effect it had brought to all the people within the union was irremovable.

Within the saint artifact, the middle-aged man had already retreated to a place five hundred meters away. He stare at Zi Ying in horror, not because of how strong Zi Ying was, but because he felt a vast pressure that originated from the spirit from Zi Ying. This pressure caused him to become scared, it caused him to become cowardly, and it even gave him the notion that he could not resist at all.

The middle-aged man even felt a misperception, where it seemed as if Zi Ying only needed a single thought for his spirit to disperse and for his consciousness to disappear, making the origin saint artifact return to something without a spirit. The purple-robed young man seemed like a monarch, while he was only a subject. If the monarch wanted the subject to die, the subject could only die.

“Who… who… who… who are you!? Why are you so powerful!?” The man was extremely shocked, clearly quite terrified too. He was no longer as arrogant as before.

Zi Ying glared at the man and yelled loudly, “Even a mere immortal level artifact spirit dares to be disrespectful towards me?” With that, an even greater pressure radiated from Zi Ying’s body. It only focused on the spirit, a pressure that only the spirit could feel.

The originally-pale face of the man became even whiter. He stumbled a few steps backwards, while his entire body began to shake. The pressure had already deeply infiltrated his spirit, causing him to feel terror in the very depths of his spirit. He felt like his spiritual body was about to collapse.

Meanwhile, in the man’s head, a few extremely unfamiliar images appeared. He saw two divine swords, one purple and one azure, standing erect between the earth and the heavens, radiating with dazzling light. They split the heavens and cut open the earth, destroying plenty of stars and slaughtering countless immortals. The corpses left behind radiated with a powerful pressure, floating about in the infinite starry sky. To the man, each corpse was an existence unimaginable in strength; just a casual wave of their hand possessed the power to destroy worlds. Even the droplets of golden blood, floating in the void, seemed to possess a great energy, capable of easily wiping himself out.

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